Trump Swore He Wouldn’t Cut Social Security And Medicare…

Guess what… he lied. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"THE WHITE HOUSE’S proposed Fiscal Year 2018 budget violates Donald Trump’s promise not to cut Social Security benefits.

It includes a $72.5 billion reduction over 10 years for spending on the disabled, including by decreasing spending on the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program.

SSDI has been administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) since Congress authorized it in 1956, and has long been a central component of the popular social insurance program.

So cutting it is a cut to Social Security benefits. But that’s not how many in the major media are reporting on Trump’s budget proposal.

For instance, on CNN, host Wolf Blitzer asked CNNMoney senior writer Tami Luhby if the budget cuts Social Security. “No. He is saving Social Security, or he’s not touching Social Security,” Luhby replied.”*

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Trump Swore He Wouldn't Cut Social Security And Medicare…

61 thoughts on “Trump Swore He Wouldn’t Cut Social Security And Medicare…

    • +macharius39 when you defend a traitorous, obviously crooked politician like Dump so much that you don’t care if his actions endanger you friends, family, AND countrymen – even if you disagree with them – then you are not only mentally sick and terminally stupid, you’re also an intentional traitor.

    • Oh yeah. Anyone with half of a brain at this point knows that Trump and his family colluded with Putin. The evidence is overwhelming. From Trump’s point of view, he probably didn’t see it as treason but a smart business move. That’s just how his addled brain works. While Russia may not officially be an enemy of the US, they definitely are not your friends at all. They would love to see the US lose its allies and influence so they can expand their own.

    • I am a Trumpian mad cow and Trumpzilla is the rich dad I always wanted! Hillary is not rich nor dad! Lock her up! Lock her up!

    • ”trump supporters as they die with no insurance” .This is already the case
      Middle-class Americans do not receive insurance by the government and many have no insurance even with Obama those who benefit more are immigrants. Nothing changes here even most people want tax cuts and re-issue debt to get jobs, so it’s certain that most of them want cuts in the welfare state, it’s a right-handed NOT a leftist. It’s up to you to do your job to amend the budget.

  1. His loyal supporters will find a way to move the goal post further to defend him.
    You can’t fix stupid!

    • There is not such things as reality. There is only OUR reality vs yours. We won. We own reality now. We own you too. Stop whining.

    • Topp Dogg But you see most people care about the issues, not winning, that’s just ego and partisan politics you have

  2. I hope he cuts it drastically, so by the time 2020 comes, more than half of his supporters would have died off from losing their Social Security and Medicaid, and of course for being so gatdamn stupid for voting for this orange animal

    • +mac churl Well I didn’t mean to sound so cruel to the ones who didn’t vote for this animal, but I really hope his policies damage the lively hood of whoever did because of their hidden racism that he so happily exposed, and imo the red states would suffer more than blue states anyway, so let’s get to cutting

    • Victor Lopez    I sensed more frustration and anger in your comment than cruelty , Victor . And , yes , anyone that voted for him thinking he was an honorable and decent man , will reap what they’ve bitterly sown .

    • Troy Goldberg   Exactly my point . People that rely on their meager benefits to survive .  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all of them .

    • +mac churl​ Yes you might be right, I’m angry we have a conman representing the United States, I’m angry the Russians have infiltrated our democracy, and I’m angry about the cuts they’re proposing to do to our education and environment, an I’m also angry at president Obama for giving the republicans and olive branch by keeping Comey as the head of the FBI, there are so many things I’m angry about, but hey I still feel americas future will still be a bright place to live if we work harder than ever to remove these cancerous people from our government, I realize I’m ranting again so I’ll quit while I’m a head lol

    • Victor Lopez    But you’re right . When the plague called Trump is but a dim and sour memory , the need to rebuild will be priority , and the road back could be a long one . That said , I’m outta here !

    • Kart and Cynthia: you’re also wishing death on non-racists of all ethnicities who are elderly or disabled. I’m 60, permanently disabled, white, and PASSIONATELY against all kinds of bigotry (including yours). You probably would laugh at the danger of death for my 80 yr old parents because they’re white, rural, and in a red state so to your tiny mind they must be racist. Wrong. Like me, my folks miss Obama and despise Trump. Plenty of other people don’t fit your bigoted stereotypes. I hope you both grow up to become wiser and more compassionate. Right now you’re cold-blooded jelly donuts, and stale donuts at that.

    • +Margaret Peeler Save that sob story for David Duke, Richard Spencer and everyone else on the Alt Right that are planning the extermination of my people.

    • Kart2454, wise up and grow up. Those alt-right slime-bags aren’t my friends – despite my skin color, they want to eliminate me because I believe in liberty and justice for ALL. Also, most of them are Dominionists and I’m not Christian. Apparently you’re just like the Alt-Right slime-bags on the inside, because you’re happy for the extermination of anyone different. You’ll spit on potential allies for their ethnicity alone. Fortunately hateful bigots like you and David Duke are outnumbered by those of us who want to get along together. When you meet some of “your people” who aren’t as bigoted as you are, do you call them race traitors like the Alt-Right creeps do? You’re so saturated with hate that it doesn’t bother you that these cuts will harm non-whites who’re elderly or disabled. Go have a conversation with your grandparents, maybe they can educate you. Speak to them respectfully if you can manage it.

  3. I’m on disability and if it’s taken away they might as well take me out back and shoot me… O wait that’s probably their plan.

    • B King I’m loading up the shot right now….. thank you for your assistance and your years of hard work. -America

    • B King woho hold on there.. bullet? That’d be to expensive and we are trying to cut the waste. I’m loading up a shot with bleach it’s going to be a slow painfully brutal savage death done with this here reused syringe I got off the ground. litterlly only cost penny’s so your welcome

  4. I pity all the poor people of America who fell for this schmuck…you should only vote Republican if you are in the top 1% wealth bracket…

  5. If he actually cuts both Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid and is STILL President after that …..Then we can loudly declare that we are a complete joke of a democracy.

  6. The ridiculous part about all this is that all these cuts hurt Trump voters the most! The average trump voter isn’t some guy with a fat paycheck in the valley. These are hard working middle class who depend on benefits such as Medicaid and Social Security.

    Can Trump voters atleast acknowledge that? You don’t need to agree to everything he’s doing just because you voted for him. Start talking to your representatives about how you’re dissatisfied with the bill. They’re anyway playing a disgusting game of splitting the crowd up and dissing any negative criticism as democrats interfering with their policies.

    • “Can Trump voters atleast acknowledge that?”

      No. They’re a psychotic cult. They’ll set the entire country on fire if it means they get to think that their “team” won.

  7. Cutting disability is unethical, immoral, and just plain insane! I’d like to go a day without worrying about how my family and millions of others are going to be hurt, big time.

    • What people don’t seem to understand is how these things stack for poor seniors and the disabled. Firstly, to put it in perspective, you are more likely to become disabled than to retire from your job. Disability and retirement Social Security, even at its highest, is not enough to live on alone if you have to have any kind of medications that aren’t subsidized in some way…and that’s where Medicaid comes in. Medicaid allows both the disabled and seniors to get the (often expensive) medications that they need for little cost. While there are Supplemental insurances that can be purchased, meds are on a tier program that makes it hard to afford even generics, and not all supplements offer drug coverage. Then there is the reduction of meals on wheels and SNAP, also known as food stamps. (This benefit is on a debit card now, so fraud is tiny). Both of these are invaluable programs to make sure that the disabled and seniors can get groceries or at least one hot meal per day. You can argue semantics all you want. Underfunding is still a cut, because people who need these things to survive are cut off from essential benefits. These are benefits designed to keep people from living in abject poverty. We were doing slightly better with just plain poverty…he is adding that abject back in.

  8. Trump’s base were so eaten up with their hatred of muslims, Mexicans , immigrants, Obama and Hilary that they closed their eyes to everything else Trumpsaid. Well, now he’s gonna take your healthcare and social security and cut education and give massive tax breaks to the top one percent of the population. Suck it up losers because you voted for this mess. #i love the poorly educated

    • Poorly educated …..not to be confused with the indoctrinated….those “poorly educated” understand that they can do just fine all by themselves. They dont need the help that comes with the strings attached. sure things wont be perfect but they never are . at least they get to keep their freedom /self respect and wont become slaves by buying into a subsidy that is designed to trap ppl into voting for the political party that provides it .
      liberals are inherently weak ppl who have created an ideology to cover for their inabilities.
      you have no ambition so you demonize those who do.
      you cant provide for yourselves so you demand others help.
      you wont fight to protect yourself so you turn cowardice into a virtue
      you characterize the succesful American culture as “white privilege”

    • Christopher G I suppose I’m guilty of judging Trump by what he promised rather than what he actually does. Has trickle down economics ever worked? Perhaps you can give an example. The poor will always be with us, you can’t just throw them under the bus the way Trump wants to. That’s the quick route to civil unrest in a nation awash with weapons.In about a year from now Robert Mueller will present the findings of his investigations and I think it’s going to break your heart.

  9. I worked most of my 56 years and didn’t have to leave the physical workforce until two years ago. . My body is breaking down now.I’m not able for stand for long periods of time. All my joints hurt. I have degenerative disk disease and Rheumatoid arthritis. I paid into social security out of my pay checks. This is totally unfair. I want to thank everyone who voted for this jerk off for this.. I hope it affects you. When I was in college, I learned that a lot of governments let their people starve to put the money into the military. I sure looks like Trumpty Dumpty doing the same thing.

  10. So people who voted for Trump, when your Social Security is gone, when your elderly family members go homeless because they can’t work due to disability or whatever aliment they have, when your family members or YOU can’t afford healthcare then will you realize that you fucked up? That’s the only question that needs to be asked right now. Because if you thought for one second this man would give an iota of a crap about you let me tell you idiots that you’re in for a real rude awakening

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