Candidate Vows to Cosponsor H.R. 676 and Fight for ‘Medicare for All’

Mike speaks with congressional candidate Ben Frank about his platform, and he's vowing to not only cosponsor H.R. 676—The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act—but will fight for single-payer healthcare in Congress. He's additionally committed to campaign finance reform, and maintains a strong non-interventionist foreign policy. He's a grassroots Berniecrat that is the ideal candidate for progressives.

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Candidate Vows to Cosponsor H.R. 676 and Fight for 'Medicare for All'

61 thoughts on “Candidate Vows to Cosponsor H.R. 676 and Fight for ‘Medicare for All’

    • I looked on his website and he worked with WOLF PAC so he should try to become a Justice Democrat. He would get a lot more support I think.

  1. I have met Ben and he is a down to earth, knowledgeable guy, and his platform is awesome. Good luck Ben!!!! We’re rooting for you in UT. #utpol #FlipThe3rd

    • Peter Perfect Nope our “Up the Bottom of Modern Med” Democratic Party will NOT allow us to be like the rest of the civilized world. Nope, we in America must be the cash cow to the rich.

    • Angel Roderda JR No one gets their news on cable tv anyway, do they? Unless they’re, like, 90 and probably don’t even vote anymore.

    • +Lee Alexander Not as much no, still a good idea to get the message out there. It is Utah we’re talking about here.

    • Peter Perfect and expect Elizabeth Warren to fight you as well, because she belives that the DNCs preferred candidate should be the only choice.

    • Absolutely! There’s basically a media blackout on my campaign, where Kathie Allen does get mainstream media attention. I’m grateful for independent media like The Humanist Report for bringing multiple voices to the table.

  2. I’m going to run for POTUS in 2020. I fully support Universal Medicaid for all. It would save us 100’s of billions of dollars a year! let’s cut the military budget in half & invest in ppl, not imperialism & Bombs all over the world! if you agree with that then please take a second to subscribe to my channel! thanks!

    • ratatatuff I have a website being made, it’s going to be
      I think the way we’ve treated native Americans in the past has been awful & immoral. we need to respect any treaties we have with them and stop allowing corporations to do whatever they want to their land. it’s disgraceful what happened at DAPL

    • @Cathie Hardy: I’m talking to Anthony. He’s constantly posting about running for president in the comments section of progressive news videos I watch: Jimmy Dore, Secular Talk, HR, etc. It’s annoying and spammy, IMO.

    • Dave D
      Thank you for responding. Now that I know who he is and something about his history, your comment makes perfect sense.

    • Cathie Hardy I’m not spamming anything. and I don’t just post comments on YouTube thinking I’ll be elected that way =) I have much more a ground game being prepared then just this

  3. I’m all for Ben…this guy is awesome ! He has a VERY hard uphill battle though, running in Utah. Have they EVER elected a Democrat in anything ?

    • +Robert Greenhouse when you’re not taking any corporate donations, you better believe that any individual donations are pretty valuable!

    • Adrien Lea
      I agree. Ben needs to go on TYT, David Packman, Ring of fire, etc. He needs as much publicity as he can get. I live in Utah, in the 3rd district, and this is the first I have heard of him!

    • Dan Worth – No, American taxpayers do not pay for Israel’s health care. America doesn’t need to raise taxes to afford healthcare or free colledge, we can afford it now. We need to raise taxes on the wealthy to reduce their power, plain and simple. The argument “we can’t afford it” is a lie.

    • What you want is proportional voting and paper ballot as we have in Canada. Here in the Province of British Columbia, Canada we just elected the left wing New Democrat Party which, by creating a coalition with the Green Party (which won a historic 3 seats!) will form a minority government.
      Their platform? Get big money out of politics, stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline, and institute proportional representation. We have had single payer since 1978. It was started by Tommy Douglas, the New Democrat Premier of Saskatchewan and spread to the Federal level from there.
      Stick to a progressive agenda at the State level, and you can do it. Despite the blind eye the Democrats are turning towards you, the popular vote is behind the progressive populist movement. Stay strong!

    • Shelora Fitzgerald I’ve been following the BC election very closely for some reason and I have to inform you that they are not forming a coalition. The Greens only agreed to give them full support on any vote of confidence. Anything else is the Greens to decide. Also they’re only banning corporate and union donations outside their province. (This is probably because the NDP took huge union donations and you know what happens when big money is involved.)

    • Whatever excuse politicians give to be against single payer healthcare is a dishonest pretense. We all know the real reason is because they need to appease their insurance and pharmaceutical donors.

    • Aubrey Dana If he’s a typical Republican or Democrat, the DNC & DCCC would back him. That’s a pretty good clue, but what do I know…
      ; )

    • “Very left wing?” Usually, it’s phrased, “I’ve been on the left” … or more currently, “I’ve been a progressive…” Just an odd choice of words. But if you say so… Ultimately, what matters is the policies you’re advocating. And if you can undermine a corporate Democrat, more power to you!

  4. i like this dude. straight to the point, bright individual. he had my curiousity, but now he has my attention.

    remember guys, we have to support people like this even if they arent exactly perfect, but as long as they do not take corporate money, they should have our support.

  5. Ben Frank should run for POTUS for 2020. I think he’ll definitely give people who don’t typically vote a reason to vote if that happens.

    • Thank you! A presidential run is plausible for the future if I do get into congress. I hope strong progressives run in 2020. If the DNC has a fair primary, we can have a real progressive in the White House.

  6. So refreshing to see someone asked if they would support HR 676 and have the first words out of their mouth be “yes absolutely, I 100% support single payer.” No waffling, no caveats, not “well, first I think we need to defend Obamacare but…”

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