California Senate Passes Medicare For All

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California Senate Passes Medicare For All

54 thoughts on “California Senate Passes Medicare For All

    • @Tony C You seem to think universal healthcare is a liberal issue. Why do you think, most conservatives in other developed countries, and even parties further to the right support universal healthcare?

    • MRM 70 it’s a liberal issue here in the U.S you gotta learn that conservatives in other places are not the same as conservatives here. Conservatism here is so far off the political spectrum it doesn’t even fucking register Conservatism in other places like European countries works similarly to the Democratic Party here.

    • I’m terrified, imagining the onslaught of insurance industry lobbying and ads that could still derail this thing. I still remember when CA had a chance to eliminate car insurance, by adding a *tiny* gasoline tax. The insurance industry managed to dupe the voters into voting it down. Never count that industry out, they’re vicious.

    • Darrin Bell, damn! I was a kid in the 80’s living in CA! I had no idea! Can you imagine, in a state with more cars than people, how much money we could have saved!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

    • you may be right, some of them can and do work.

      the pay grade it’s no where near what a normal person needs to survive, much less so, for one with a disability.

      the bottom line is the same, we have and we will continue to have individuals in need of this social programs.

      Autism is a good example. Seeing the alarming rate in which children are being diagnosed, I would dare say it’s nearing an epidemic status.

    • Midnight Blue But when they attempt to work they have to report it, fill out complicated forms, go into several offices and then they receive huge benefit cuts the very next month. Thats why many quit and dont try anymore.

    • jfsfrnd , I wonder. Are you desable? Do you know anyone with a disability? Are you speaking from first hand experience.

      I’m honestly curious.

    • Midnight Blue Yes we have disabled people in our family plus we know a lot of low income disabled people most who are trying to get educated and get jobs that accommodate their disabilities.

  1. I’m so happy about this and I live in NZ! Go California! Woohoo! BTW here in NZ I pay $17.50 and my son, who is 9yo, is free – thank god because he’s been sick for a year and has been to the drs about 20 times – he’s recovering now.

    • +mreshadow Unfortunately, I have to disagree somewhat. Only slightly less than sixty percent of eligible voters voted in 2016 (among industrialized nations, the U.S. has one of the lowest voter turnouts) and I doubt that active attempts to roll back voting rights and disenfranchise voters can fully account for the remaining forty. A number of people are enamored of the concept that not voting is somehow making a statement, a statement which is apparently, “Anything is okay with me.”

    • The tide is turning though and it’s exciting to watch the people of America standing up and saying no.

    • +usernamehi1993 I hope so. I hope that this incident wakes people up, makes them take their civic duties more seriously, and leads to the implementation of very simple things like automatic voter enrollment for any U.S. citizen who’s eighteen years of age.

  2. John Moorlach, … sounds like Morlock.
    Morlocks are a fictional subterranean development of the human species which kill the surface dwelling humans for food. Created by H. G. Wells for his 1895 novel, The Time Machine.


    • Jack Daniels to be honest, if California seceded it would still he one of the biggest economies in the world. Same for Texas. most of the 200 or so countries in the world are actually very small, or struggling.

  4. my governor is in china right now guaranteeing california is on the front lines of the renewable energy industry. And now my state is going to make sure I’m healthy. My heart was breaking and i cried while I watched my country kill, abandon, starve and steal from all of us in press conferences and news clip after news clip. Then I stopped here

    MY GAWD DAMN STATE IS THE SHIIIIIIIT i FEEL REALLY GOOD. i’M PROUD OF CALIFORNIA AND i KNOW OTHERS CAN DO THIS IF WE CAN. Its ok to pay taxes no matter what they are when people can reap these types of rewards. living healthy and longer and happier.

    • kudoos Fiona. As a Canadian I am glad that some Americans will be able to share in a single payer system like we do. Hopeful this is just the beginning.

      Also I appreciate the candor about your emotions over problems, it is very refreshing finding someone expressing concern over their fellow people. Take care.

    • Thank you! canadians are awesome and super chill ,I lived in seattle for a long time . . I’m a bit surprised that they aren’t working on a bill right now. I got used to paying high taxes on liquor and higher property taxes etc. its the way you pay for good transportation and good roads and many other things. if you want something you will have to pay for it. given the option almost everyone will agree and pass it. its the scummy politicians running a racket and passing bad information or the idea that any higher taxes will blow up this or crash that. three cents extra tax on gassoline or soda or move to reusable plastic bags costing 10 cents each. and voila! you can build a build a skate park or fund a farmers market with music. I really hope the west will lead the way once again by example. People are paying attention like never before. if we have to drag people kicking and screaming into the 21st century so be it. America first lol

    • Also Canadian…there are so many cost savings from a single payer system. It’s going to take some time to get it set up but you’ll soon be reaping the benefits.

      The truth is most people don’t go to the doctor every month, but you pay for private health insurance every month whether you get sick or not. And in general your whole population will be healthier because people will go to the doctor before a condition gets out of control and care becomes expensive eg. complications from diabetes. Then you’re going to see your costs drop to the same level as other developed countries instead of paying double.

  5. Private health insurance will not pull out of California, this is more stick shaking by a for-profit industry that will lose money from the scheme. There will still be a profitable market in California for private health operators and rest assured you will still be able to take out a policy, visit a private hospital and see the doctors you want to treat you.

    I live in Australia, which has had a national single payer health scheme since the mid 1970’s. It is currently funded mainly through income tax with an additional levy making up the rest of the funding. When it was introduced, the private health insurance companies survived just fine. You can still take out private health insurance here if you want and a lot of people do.

    Single payer is not socialism, it is merely a safety net to ensure all people have a minimum standard of health care. I can’t understand why anybody would agree to a health care system that is expensive to operate for given outcomes and leaves certain people with little to no coverage, which is what the USA has now in the 21st century.

    • we have hate towards the poor and disenfranchised. we’re easily manipulated to hate those that we see are being mistreated. its economic victim blaming.
      tbh this is only happening because of the heroin crisis.

  6. If I have to be stuck in the USA with Donald Trump, at least I have the State of California to rely on. Not prtfect, but a lot better then most other states.

  7. Think of this You pay 5,000.00 dollars now you could pay 5.00 dollars after single payer is implemented and I am being moderate

  8. It’s funny how the rich bad-mouth socialism, until it benefits them. I’m looking at you Bank Bailout. Or you, taxes.

  9. I live in Texas and I support single payer. Please Be prepared for the backlash of the insurance company and the uninformed though. One more thing, please add provision to allow idiots to opt out, so they can have their freedom to die. Go Cali, good on you!!!

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