New York CITY Workers SCREWED from Medicare Supplement Plans!

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New York CITY Workers are being SCREWED from Medicare Supplement Plans and being put into a medicare advantage plan in 2023. Who is next?
New York Medicare offers various options for beneficiaries to choose from, including Medicare Supplement Plan G, Medicare Advantage Plans, Aetna Medicare, AARP Medicare, and UnitedHealthcare. These plans differ in terms of coverage and cost, and it's important for beneficiaries to consider their healthcare needs and budget when selecting a plan. Aetna Medicare and UnitedHealthcare are popular options in New York, as they offer a range of plans with varying levels of coverage. AARP Medicare is also a well-known provider that offers competitive rates and comprehensive coverage. When it comes to finding the best Medicare plans in New York, it's important to compare plans and benefits to find the one that best fits individual needs. I cover Medicare advantage vs Medicare supplement plans in this video.

Disclaimer: This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you want advice on Medicare or any of its plans, please speak to a licensed agent, whether it is me or another licensed agent. No advice should be taken from this video. If you don't speak to me about your individual concerns, I can't give you my 100% opinion. Brian Monahan and Medicare 365 are not responsible for any actions that you take without consulting with a licensed insurance agent.

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New York CITY Workers SCREWED from Medicare Supplement Plans!

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