Nancy Pelosi: Americans Aren’t Ready For Medicare For All

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Nancy Pelosi: Americans Aren't Ready For Medicare For All

58 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi: Americans Aren’t Ready For Medicare For All

    • classic287 Exactly. You can’t really be a liberal and not be progressive. If you’re not progressive, then you’re not a liberal. Progressives want positive change in the country, while conservatives want things to stay the way they are or go back to the way they were. This means that all the people who don’t want single payer healthcare are actually conservative. Being progressive is the best way to see if someone is truly a liberal or whether they just call themselves liberal to garner support.

    • Thanks “Syrup Forever”.:) Thanks, Secular Talk.:) When ‘Puhleasy’ Caves, it will be truly sweet.:D

  1. they aren’t ready for it because you won’t publicly acknowledge that insurance companies are pretty much inherently evil.

    • Carolyn Mackey-Coots thanks for the name calling, but you missed my point. I understand how insurance works; the point here is that if I want to get an insurance policy, it should be my personal choice, not by the government forcing me to buy an insurance policy that I may not want or need, or taking my earnings from me directly.

      The government should have nothing to do with any of this. Government pretty much sucks at everything, and should be doing as little as possible. When governments get involved, premiums rise, which is where the US healthcare system is today

  2. “We are not ready for single payer because we are the richest country and every other poorer modern nation has it and my donors bribe me to say this because they are pharmaceutical companies that want to make profits of people´s urgencies to be medically aided. I´m a corrupt politician that lies to its voters.”

    Nancy Pelosi on truth pills.

    • Chris Call the whole point of me mentioning bernie doing obamacare was to point out that the socialist fools have no clue of what they are trying to do. bernie also admitted obamacare was a failure and decietful but yet still some of you guys wanna listen to him. they like yapping ” every other first world nation does it”. the US is NOT every other first world nation. not by a longshot. bernies own state would not even implement his single payer healthcare plan they said it would be disaterous.

  3. In other news
    “Blacks aren’t ready for an end to slavery”
    “Women aren’t ready for the right to vote”
    “My partner isn’t ready for me to stop abusing them”

    • You could actually argue that it’s crazy, that Muslims and Christians argue that each other’s crazy books are crazy… they are also often so xenophobic and provincial that they don’t realize that most people are good and extremists are just as disliked by the “normal people” from both sides!

    • Sha Dow Did you even read the second half of my comment? Clearly these people do not apply reason to their ideology, but few do. I don’t know you but I’d be willing to bet that I can find a few if not many areas where you have left reason to the wayside. I’m sure you could find some on me, too.

    • “United States forces played a direct role in defeating Germany, but also
      forced Hitler to keep huge military forces in Western Europe rather
      than sending them to reinforce his armies fighting against the Soviet
      Union, where they would likely have been a decisive factor against the
      Soviets. Instead, the German invasion of Russia failed after the effort
      that culminated at Stalingrad, and the German forces in Western Europe
      were eventually pushed back anyway, beginning with the landings at
      Normandy.”–says historian John Buescher.
      Nothing amusing about it. I wasn’t trying to minimize any of the Allies’ contribution to Germany’s defeat… btw,
      one of my uncles was in the D-Day invasion. Another was at Anzio. Another was in the British Navy, and my father was in the US Navy in the Pacific.

    • robb the united states played a significant role in WW2, but the fact is that the UK was pretty much fortified from invasion and the attack on the Soviet union failed. If the Americans hadnt been involved, it’s impossible to say what happened. but I believe the war would have eventually been won, with additional troops from the commonwealth trying to compensate for the lack of Americans. the Soviets would have slowly repelled the attack, and overall it would be much longer and bloodier than the one in our history. The Americans didn’t “defeat Hitler” on behalf of Europe, they joined in at the end when we were about to start pushing back.

    • Okay so this French person, in a somewhat superior manner (I felt), pointed out to an American that the French have had government health care since 1945, while we have not. My point was that, without us, the French may have had nothing. I wasn’t actually trying to take credit for America as the sole savior of Europe, sorry if it came across that way.

  4. Pelosi has a primary challenger in 2018. He isn’t a JD, but he is a Bernie delegate and a lawyer who helped Californians with legal issues around the primary. His name is Steve Jaffe

    • Mike Jones it don’t matter if he’s a signed on JD or not. That’s not what JD is about. Just don’t have JD with Koch.

  5. To me, a citizen of a civilized country  – Sweden  –  by the way, please bear with me for my agreeably not perfect use of the English language. My country could just as well be Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, the UK or quite a few othe rwestwern countries) it is uncomprehensible that USA has No, none,  whatsoever, universal medicare system paid , directly, by the government via taxes and – indirectly by the habitants , the taxpayers,  i.e. by me.  The contibution to our universal healt care is based on income – the more you earn, the more you pay. This including all: Billionaires as well as senior Citizens, of which I am one.  The result: I was permitted to hospital two years ago  and paid  two USD per night,  all included. I have to visit my doctor and occationally       need to visit other clinics for special treatment. All in all, that COSTs  around 150 USD per annum.y y just about 250 USD per twelve mo I need quite a few drugs – medicines. I pay, per annum, SEK 2 000 – USD 260, for ALL my medicaments. So, What’s the problem? Cut  Big Buisness out, let the Citizens in, and do it right, for once. Hans Stromberg senior Citizen (qiute a happy one)Sweden

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