Trump Keeps Lying About Medicare for All

Not only is Trump lying about Medicare for All. This president, who fought to throw 32 million Americans off of health insurance, is acting like he cares about health care for seniors or anyone else.

Trump Keeps Lying About Medicare for All

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    • People in the US should probably also get properly educated about socialism. Not to say we need to completely replace capitalism with socialism at all. But this knee jerk stigmatization of a couple of previously poorly implemented socialist ideas doesn’t make it logical to dismiss the whole bunch of it. Stamping out socialism completely is madness, and would lead to some oligarchic fascist plutocracy. Which I would argue is not that far ahead of how things are in the US at the moment.

      “Dr. Richard D. Wolff – A Critic Of Capitalism. Marxist economist Richard Wolff points out many of the negative consequences of capitalist disease and offers a cure. Democratize the Enterprise, in other words give rights and power to workers and move to a more socially responsible economy that doesn’t leave over half of the people in America (The richest country in the history of the world) either poor or low income with historic levels of wealth and income inequality among other cruel and inhuman aspects of capitalism.”

  1. Get all the Dems on board, Bernie. Pelosi, Perez, Schumer, get them ALL on board
    Shame them if you have to. Just like you did to Jeff Bezos.
    Republicans AND Democrats who are not on board, GET THEM ON BOARD.
    Shame the Hell out of them.

    • Democratic party Representatives HAD BETTER START REPRESENTING their voters and stop kissing Wal streets special interest butt, or their gonna find themselves in the middle of an all out war… These young folks are waking up to what’s been going on and they’re already pissed off… Vote for the people’s interest Dems… We hate Hippocrates…

    • the right wing Democrats you mentioned may not be capable of doing anything moral or decent.
      it’s all about money, selfishness, and fear with the right.

    • Are you kidding me? The Dems will never give Bernie a fair chance in the primaries. They have a long list of preferred candidates like Harris, Booker, Biden, Oprah, and possibly Hillary again.

    • Well remember, a lot of people are blind to Trump’s bullshit and tell *US* to educate ourselves when we do the actual research and Trump supporters only use the same arguments every time… or they change the topic when they know that you’re right. So to them… this would be shocking, so they would obviously deny this as well.

    • +Harry Mann Jr there are probably two hundred videos about single payer health care
      If not a thousand.
      The civilized world’s been doing well for decades.
      No one goes bankrupt.
      No copays.
      No referrals.
      But you know I’ll this , right?
      And still think it a bad idea?

    • +Harry Mann Jr but you don’t care your team giving tax breaks to Corp. At your expense?
      You don’t care we spend more on war and private prison than on schools ?
      I love the uneducated.
      They are so easily conned.

  2. Problem is the people that only watch Fox news that tells them everything anyone else says is a lie. Fox news is a disease to democracy.

  3. “Republicans want to protect medicare.” hahahahahahahahaha! Notice how none of his supporters started clapping. They know he is lying!

    • I Crush Alt-right Skulls
      Or some Americans dont want to bankrupt the nation with socialism and big govt welfare. Oops too late. The New Deal is bankrupt, now you want a New New Deal. More subsidy from the govt, yay!

    • +J P actually social security is solvent for the foreseeable future. Look it up its true. Politicians lie even when they are easily proven wrong. More so now that trump declared war on the truth.

    • craven moorhead
      You cant read apparently. We have over 130 TRILLION in debt. You could tax all the rich at 100% and it wouldn’t be enough.

    • +Recovering New Yorker well I know enough about economics to tell you save it because artificially stimulated economic growth resulting from unpaid for tax scams result in a bubble. What do bubbles do? Saw it with Reagan voodoo economics and its the same scam brought to you by the same party only the salesman changed. Yes I’m old enough to remember Reagan unfortunately✌

    • +craven moorhead I too am old enough to remember Ronald Reagan. In fact I voted for him in 1984. I voted for Carter in 1980. And yes we are headed for an economic downturn, eventually. But that is like saying there’s going to be another earthquake, there’s going to be another hurricane, there’s going to be another tornado Etc. Even if Mr. Trump manages to bring all of the factories back to the United States (he won’t) and even if every product you buy is made in USA (they won’t be) we are still going to have recessions and depressions. The trick is to save enough during the good times to get you through the lean times. I have done this my entire working life. Most people when it comes to money are morons. Although I could well afford to buy an Acura, Lexus, or some other luxury car I’m happy with my 3 Hyundais and pickup truck.

    • +Recovering New Yorker that’s great, but you should really buy American cars. That being said your respectful tone is very refreshing✌

    • +craven moorhead I’m a retired auto mechanic. And I have very good reasons for not buying American cars. I’ve been into every system of them (practically). I then switched from servicing vehicles to building them. Conversion vans to be exact. I did that for three and a half years. After that I spent 21 years building fire trucks. I can honestly tell you a good share of the people that I worked with on the assembly line(s) were potheads, drunks, and General near do Wells. These were the people who would show up to work 5 minutes late and leave 2 minutes early. They were the ones who went to lunch a minute early and came back a minute late. They were the ones who showed up to work drunk, stoned, or hungover. When I was a junior mechanic working at two American car dealerships one of my jobs was PDI, pre-delivery inspection. It took me on average 2 and 1/2 hours to correct everything that was wrong with the average American car. I was then recruited away from those two dealerships to work at a dealer that sold three popular brands of Japanese cars. They were generally in a Flawless condition and it only took me a half an hour to check those out. The only time I ever worked on a Japanese car for 3 hours when it was brand new was when I installed an air conditioner. But if it makes you feel any better my 2000 Chevrolet S10 was built in Shreveport Louisiana. It was a scrapyard rescue that I fixed up and have been driving for seven years. My 2013 Hyundai Sonata was built in Alabama. I bought my 1999 Hyundai Accent stick shift no power steering air conditioning of course brand new and I’m still driving it on the same engine, transmission, and clutch. It has 173,000 miles on it and is on its third timing belt and first replacement water pump. And the only reason I replace the water pump the last time I did the timing belt was it was 17 years old. I’m going to come right out and say it, for the longest time the Asians built better cars. Now sadly several Asian brands have gone down in quality due to too much American and European influence. .

  4. Bernie 2020! The only guy who beats Drumpf in all opinion polls…don’t let republicans and conservatives fear monger and outright lie, vote them out! Thoughtfully vote your interests!

  5. These republicans keep on lying to the American people about Medicare. They want to cut Medicare they’re not trying to protect Medicare they are destroying the Medicare for all.

    • It’s NOT all about YOU Harry! Millions of American’s are suffering at the hands of yet another greedy, antisocial moron – in a suit & supported by grasping minions who only care about themselves. Stop being so damned self absorbed!

    • Wendy Lady I’m sorry about that guy @J P is a complete moron. He doesn’t understand Medicare or Medicaid or social security stuff. He’s cares nothing but cut Medicare.

    • +J P WOW! You’re really stupid! Dependent on the government!? The government is a dependant of the taxpayer’s, whose money they steal for themselves. No, I am dependent on my fellow man, who want to live in a world without the greed & tyranny, which you clearly support, you brainwashed serf!

  6. Trump is a complete idiot. I don’t believe a single word he says. He’s a stain upon the office of President. Thank you senator Sanders for everything you are doing. I have supported you and your ideas from the first time I saw you speak. God bless you #voteblue

  7. If it’s not the TRUTH …
    it’s not the NEWS.
    It’s propaganda.

    We need Medicare for ALL!

    In the event of a pandemic of flu,
    there won’t be adequate vaccines OR labs to produce adequate vaccines.

    Australia has set up labs for this purpose because they care about their citizens getting access to healthcare.

    Not to mention … will available vaccines be affordable?

    Or will the price be jacked up like epi-pens were?

    The TRUTH will set you free from ALL the lies AND from all the LIARS.

    Thank you for telling the TRUTH, Bernie!

    • OMG

      Now an equally snarky comment but THIS time with denigrating and vulgar name calling … typical of Trump supporters!

      There is ONE thing that IS NOT
      **variable** and that is in the event of a PANDEMIC (you might want to google the definition of that word as it is apparent you don’t comprehend the meaning) in the event of a pandemic the PATHOGEN doesn’t give one hoot about “culture” or “different population” or “geopolitical situation” because THOSE variables don’t enter the equation!

      What enters the equation is the pathogen and the human body…unless, of course, Australia is solely populated with aliens from another world.

      You must be one of those Alex Jones fans …in which case it is pointless to attempt to explain ANYTHING to you.

  8. Americans are being taken for a ride because leaders know the US is geographically isolated and so the average American has no idea what’s going on in other countries.We usually believe whatever the news says,whereas European countries have friends and family in neighbouring major countries, who can say “What the hell are you talking about saying single payer is bad?Single payer healthcare works well and the quality is good.”

    No system is perfect, but it’s no coincidence that every major country has one form or another of single payer healthcare, except the US, the only major country where we allow corporations to legally bribe our politicians (campaign donations).

    What’s more likely?: the US’ current non-single payer system is the most cost effective way for quality care, OR, single payer,used by every major country except the US, is the most cost effective system?

    • Liberal Larry if the average American knew how the average European has guaranteed 5 week paid vacations and higher living standards than them they’d not be chanting USA USA USA like trained chimpanzees– they’d be kicking the bums out in DC.

  9. Buy how can we play for it? How can we pay for it? HOW CAN WE PAY FOR IT? HOW CAN WE PAY FOR IT? HOW DO WE AFFORD IT?? *Passes trillion dollar tax cut* HOW CAN WE PAY FOR MEDICARE FOR ALL?

    • Ed Silmon
      Sounds nice. Now make the British govt pay trillions on security and trade markets like the US does.
      Then when thats done, raise taxes to pay for 300 million Brits education, housing, and unemployment checks. Then add in, that the US has States larger than all of Britain. So add in transport costs. Then add in the US demographics of retiring baby boomers. Then add in every other cost that and circumstance that Brits dont desl with. Then consider American diets. Then consider drug use. Them add anything im not consideringn that affects a budget or socieyy. THEN, come to me telling me how great it is.

    • J P IT. WILL COST LESS THAN WHAT YOU PAY NOW FOR A BETTER SERVICE. It will cover everyone and YOU WILL STILL SAVE MONEY. There will still be people to employ on zero hours contracts for less than minimum wage but they will all be physically and mentally much healthier! Why don’t you want this?! Do you think Britain doesn’t have drugs anywhere? Most heroin travels through Northern Europe before crossing the Atlantic. We have guns and knives and bombs and criminals. Rural and urban areas. Your spare trillion dollars could be invested in infrastructure projects like better transport links. What the deuce is your problem with having more for less?!

    • if you guys followed a more efficient model of the nhs (take your pick, though the nhs does have some good elements too) and even factoring an extra 20% cost vs the current UK nhs budget *x5* for population, the cost could be covered entirely by what the government now pays for medicaid only. the 1/5th without any cover or adequate cover would now be covered and more healthy by default. And there’s an extra 2 trillion dollars that you guys don’t have to pay out to insurance companies, or in co-pays, or just directly for treatments/medications. Every year. The 1 trillion $$ already allocated by the government for partial healthcare would now cover everyone and not just the fortunate disenfranchised (and I think medicare also covers the elderly?)… The you could actually pave the streets with gold and freedom and jesus would be proud to pound the pavements anywhere…

    • Do you still inexplicably think that the entire population of a country with universal healthcare won’t work or pay any taxes and will all need “education, housing, and unemployment checks”?

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