WATCH: Trump’s Biggest Fans Weigh In On ‘Medicare For All’

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WATCH: Trump's Biggest Fans Weigh In On 'Medicare For All'

90 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump’s Biggest Fans Weigh In On ‘Medicare For All’

    • If it is truly an issue that ‘doesn’t affect me’, you should not care, in fact you could not care.
      It is very simple, there are overwhelming issues in the universe that ‘doesn’t affect me’, but you only have limited focus and energy to care things that affect you.

    • Yeah the older people are on TennCare (Medicaid), and the rest of us either get insurance from work or simply don’t have it. When I’m too old to be on my mom’s policy (22 currently), I’m SOL. My workplace does not offer anything and other private options SUCK and are expensive. We need single payer BADLY.

  1. I lived in Johnson City for years. Tennessee could really use single payer. But the older people there are pretty fckn dumb. There’s hope with Millenials though in my experience.

    • I’m also a Tennessean. A lot of the older people are stuck in rural 1960. The ignorance here at all age groups bothers me. I can’t even have a conversation with someone about Medicare for all or climate change. You can always tell by their arguments exactly which news channel they watch. The buzzwords start spilling out and that’s when I declare them a lost cause.
      Pretty fckn dumb is an understatement.

    • I was born and raised in Knoxville, TN and you’re spot on. These people never vote in their best interest and it’s very sad.

  2. It seems to me that even most Trump supporters want universal healthcare to one extent or another, they’re just too scared of the buzzwords to straight up say so.

    • Federal government should stay away from everything … sums it up , how stupid can they be ? … was those all school drop outs ?
      Would like to ask those people how do they think they would have been able to get to that T-Rump rally if there was no federal government ?
      We should start taking away the federal government secret service from president and that plane that federal government provides to president .
      Then that airport that is financed by federal government money is gone and all interstates , goods are transported with horses when that was so fun in 1940s
      Military , yeah scrap that its paid by federal government , we dont need that stupid hurricane warning system either , people was totally OK in 1940s without it .
      Lot of those were old people , dont they know their pensions most likely are paid by federal government social security system , remove that pronto !

    • castro619a Well, it would help if more people understood that neoliberal centrists like the ones who you mentioned are NOT “leftists” smfh.

    • Just let the local mafias deal with it, I am sure they have plenty of money to spend on the roads and schools thanks to their businesses.

  3. Illegal immigrants pay taxes but do not get a check in the mail every April or the benefits that other citizens take for granted.

    • *Illegals don’t pay taxes not income tax or property*
      Actually, they may. Reporters have investigated the phenomenon of undocumented inhabitants of the US using fake SI numbers to pay taxes, in the hopes that it will look more favorable on their records when they finally apply for citizenship.

    • +theguruofreason well I have family memebers who are here illegally. If you believe that free schooling isn’t a privilege than your California is showing. If you don’t think free school lunches, Food Stamps, WIC, and if your kids are eligible, Federal Tax Returns than you’re just an entitled human being. Some of those benefits some American Citizens aren’t eligible for but illegals are immediately eligible, why???

    • +Luis Alejandro illegal immigrants are not eligible for SNAP (aka food stamps), social security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Unemployment, any government loan programs, etc, despite paying into them. Why are you lying? WIC is a California program to help keep children from starving to death or being homeless, yet I still see immigrant women and children begging for money, homeless everywhere I go.

    • +Luis Alejandro also, you’re right that I don’t think free education is a privilege. Education, and for that matter food, housing, water, and medical care are rights of the human race no matter what country they reside in or where they came from. Jeff Bezos can be worth over $150,000,000,000 and people like you think we shouldn’t provide good and housing and education for poor children? It’s sickening.

    • +Ben they pay taxes through working -.- That’s how taxes work. But since they cannot apply for any social security programs or get any of the benefits a regular working class citizen is entitled to, they produce a net benefit for the system.

    • +Ken93 wtf, how is that even supposed to work? Cali and other states are having huge problems employing people in places such as farms. How can people doing jobs that nobody else wants to do (even when offered 12 $ wage+ Healthcare and benefits) and are not entitled to any programs the government may offer, produce a net loss? You sir/madame are just a bonified xenophobic idiot.

    • krillin6 – It is doubtful that there is a basis for declaring Medicare for All unconstitutional, assuming it is paid for by the federal government (as in Bernie’s plan) and does not require cooperation of the states as with the ACA Medicaid expansion. The ACA was a big cluster fudge piece of legislation that invited all kinds of legal challenges; whereas, if Medicare for All is unconstitutional, then so is Social Security and traditional Medicare and Medicaid, etc. The legal basis is probably the broadly interpreted Commerce Clause, as with many federal programs.

  4. How can someone with a functioning brain be against medicare for all? There is literally no argument against it, if you are not a bought politician…

    • whyamimrpink78 Of course. A trumptarded cherry-picker like yourself would never admit that the glaringly obvious fallacy that we have MORE than enough tax-revenue to whimsically have over a half a dozen prolonged conflicts on the megadonor’s plates…But, not enough for BASIC healthcare smh; is clearly not a valid argument.
      As usual, you’re completely full of crap.

    • well i had to wait 6 or 7 months at 17 (22 now) years old in canada for an mri on my back to find out i had a couple herniated discs. Missed out on senior year sports not knowing what was wrong and had to deal with minor depression because of that and the pain. If i knew i had a herniated disc i would have just played through the pain but my mother forced me not to play since we didnt know what was wrong and they made me fucking wait 6 months.

    • MJJ I can relate. I was rear-ended by a drunk driver that left me with 4 severely ruputured discs in my lower back and 3 in my neck. I had not had insurance since I was a teenager because there was no real need for it as far as I was concerned.
      However, after that “accident” happened, I was without adequate means to afford to pay for the ever rising cost of my numerous medical expenses. And, as I then came to understand, there are millions of us who are in far worse circumstances than I am.
      At any rate, the people who are so shamefully being financially devastated by avarice of the health insurance industry literally have years (even decades…if ever at all) before they can even BEGIN to get the treatment which did eventually come to you. Just saying, I would have taken a six month wait over the almost three years that I had to wait to get on disability alone.
      Nevertheless, I certainly get your point about six months being too long to sit on the matter. Well, that’s all I got. Peace.

    • Will medicare be free? I pay $155 a years for my deductible- finding a doctor that will take only medicare is the problem. Now if you have cash to go along with medicare that’s another thing. Medicare also doesn’t cover a lot of things.

  5. “The part i didn’t like about the medicare is the Obamacare” a.k.a I didn’t like Obama, ergo anything he did must’ve been completely wrong.

    • Jen Dark Energy 384400 YASSSS Queen preach! That was his biggest mistake. The risk was not spread to the entire population, just to those that were ill or severely ill, so of course the premiums went up. That’s how insurance works.

    • +Jesus Our Savior I do not deny it. Obama was a corporate democrat that served the interests of corporations more than the people. Even with the affordable healthcare act(Obamacare), he left loopholes that allowed for insurance companies to increase premiums that resulted in preexisting healthcare customers paying more. With that said it cannot be denied that Obamacare was better than the healthcare system that preceded it. Most of these Trump supporters hated Obama as a person(most likely thought him to be a muslim..etc) and just made up their mind that everything he ever did was wrong. This is the reason why you find people cheering when Trump dismantled Dodd Frank,CFPB and the Iran deal, even though they were good things set up by Obama

    • We Are Rip City, I agree. She treats them respectfully which many do not do. We need more people with such patience and objectivity.

    • A truly great journalist. Her amazing ability to maintain her composure in the face of so much stupidity is quite remarkable to say the very least.

    • +VC we can have different opinions but the money we would save is not an opinion. Our military budget is disgustingly high and totally unnecessarily. So if that’s the problem there’s an easy fix. We’re talking about providing healthcare because we want to be a decent society. It still is none of your business how people live their lives. There is no contradiction between those two things.

    • VC hate to break it to you, but I have eaten a healthy vegetarian diet for ten years and I still have health issues lmao. I agree, there are a number of ways to make it easier to live well, but that is not an answer to the healthcare crisis. Besides, food deserts exist and not everyone has ACCESS to healthy food.

    • +VC If your doctor is only giving you drugs and not helping you figure out how to live a healthier lifestyle they’re not a good Doctor… doctors aren’t only for prescriptions.

  6. The first lady explained what she didn’t like about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in response to a question about Medicare for All. She clearly thinks that Medicare for All and Obamacare are interchangeable policies. So, in effect, she’s against Medicare for All because she doesn’t understand it. Which neatly sums up nearly all of the push back against it.

    • She was also just flat wrong. She in no way has to provide her son healthcare if he is 22. She only has to if she claims him as a dependent which means she gets a tax deduction

    • medicare is taken out of peoples checks, it’s not free, medicare needs $$$ to continue , just like social security, congress has spent most of the money- Why should it be the governments responsibility to provide health care? Government can’t even do a good job with the VA

    • James Schrader
      The people pay taxes to the nation, the nation is supposed to be in some way looking after their interests, for the future continuance of the nation, its population and the longevity of its hopefully good and evolving institutions as much, if not more for its people(s) who are its bedrock and constitute the members of the nation itself and its work-forces and et cetera;

      ..Surely some governmental regulations regarding who and what accreditation is required to be a doctor/police and medical/security staff is just & accepted (as currently are by many), just as well as some regulations, stipulations & requirements for the standards of drugs, ointments etc are too, so in concept, what is wrong with the concept of taking the next step – assuming it, the proposed American National Health Care/Service is kept apolitical for Hippocratic* reasons?

      Of course *’how the next step’* in the national medical way is taken & decided upon, is perhaps more the problem and not the concept of it parse, certainly, I think so for the more aware, astute & intelligent American, of political persuasion or flavor.

    • Hippocratic reasons no longer exist here anymore. If you have a poor insurance but can come up with cash to supplement the cost a doctor will probably take you.

    • I have partially edited my above ‘essay’ to be clearer I hope, plus below…
      *Clarification of the asterisked part of my earlier post 2 up:
      After P.M.Thatcher introduced an amount of greater political control & politicized the U.K.s NHS; which since then it has been successively farther politicized and to have what would be called today ‘weaponized’ it, and has had more & more imposed ‘political goals/quotas’ upon it that has eaten away staff morale, increasing staff burnout/turnover rates & demoralizing students from prospective future medical careers.
      To keep this clarification in topic, I largely ignored the increasing number of aging ‘baby-boomers’ adding extra strains, costs, stresses and workloads on to the medical staff of the UK-NHS, on top of those weaponizing strains already – which does not discount the effect of them in combination upon burnout and the induced medical morale & individual staff stresses. I include some things about the UK-NHS as an example that political partisanism should be kept away from a organisation that is for the health the nation’s peoples.

      Medicine should not/nor ever become a political football to be passed between political teams for their own (individual or party) merits or to gain future political position by using it to create some negative effect upon the/a rivals; unless their is a criminal or criminally negligent scandal, that upon investigation, shows that political action/shenanigans/person(s) was in-part to blame directly for their act or decision – as accountability should not be ‘only for some’.
      When I speak of a nation, or of or for the people, I DO NOT mean it in a communistic way or manner; personally I have some conservative & some centralistic liberal views while being hawkish and optimistic in ethos, with a love of civility & demos – although of which, I do feel monarchism can be a good balance against a political/governmental/parliamentary despotism that develops from political partisanism that has gone to an ultra extreme level of public abuse against its own nation’s populace.

      Apologies for another wall of text essay, I tried to break it up into paragraphs for breathing space.

  7. “Getting paid to go to college” I don’t think that woman understand how loans work…….. So am I “Getting paid” to drive my car? Is she getting paid to live in her house, assuming she owns a home?

    • My wife was straight A student, deans list- honor role- Phi Theta Kappa Society, has a AS for general Business, and Accounting Technician – from a 2 year college- she was offer many offers to other colleges but none of them offered to pay tuition – room and board- so she works for the state- has retirement and excellent benifits

    • +0urmunchk1n No prob bob. Yup they tried to make it look like they were doing something waaaaaay bigger than they are. I thought I was getting it and I was denied last minute because I only went full time to my previous semesters of college. If you never started yet you’re good but if you want to use their scholarship to finish school you started already you have to have taken 5 or more classes each semester in the past. I would have done that if I had any clue it would matter now…!!! It’s such bullshit

  8. Bernie wants to spend 35 trillion over 10 years to give everyone healthcare.

    How can we afford it?

    We currently spend 49 trillion.

    Yeah but how can we afford cheaper and better healthcare?

    • noble1 wpb Eliminate tax loopholes and breaks for large corporations, cut down the amount of taxpayers money heading to the military, Increase percentage of taxes taken by each person up to 40%+, The list goes on

    • 35 trillion on top of the 20 trillion that the previous administration did, like the dems do here in Nevada – raise taxes,

    • Then explain it. Everyone’s pays and everyone gets healthcare. They don’t know what Medicare for all means and the moral argument doesn’t win the argument.

    •’re dealing with boomers who have been brainwashed their whole life with out an alternative source of information to go to like the internet…Add a lot of peoples lack of empathy and its down right depressing…This is a good tutorial on how cretin politicians are elected…and you’re looking at the people who elect them..

    • so don’t just spew words, show where the people are getting this information, and why they are not understanding basic things?

  9. What pissed me off was when the one old guy said “I don’t agree with medicare for all because its suppose to be only for old people”. SO many old people feel this entitled. They feel as if since they had hard shitty lives younger generations should have just as hard shitty lives and don’t want anyone else to have an better easier life. No your suppose to WANT people to have it better than you yourself did. This entitlement issue with the elderly really needs to stop because it just makes them look like puritan idiots that think working till the day you die or get super old is ok

    • Artaneius I agree I can fondly remember my grandma saying you walk to school in the negative teens because I did and when I did it it was -40 and bears were snatching children she didn’t say it like that but due to you being dealt a shitty hand as a youth doesn’t mean people should live through the same hardships I thought we as adults would make the most helpful system. Sadly ignorance can’t be changed that simply.

    • Artaneius: I hate to say it, but a part of me feels like these old out of touch “puritans” as you called them shouldn’t even be allowed to vote. Every election cycle young people stay home and leave these crusty old senile fucks to decide elections, and by extension, the future of the subsequent generations.

  10. Why do ALL Republiturds believe with their heart and soul that undocumented workers, the ones they incorrectly call “illegals,” qualify for, and RECEIVE, Medicaid, SNAP and welfare? They don’t qualify for ANY of those programs! I can’t even talk to any Republiturds any more. They are willfully STUPID. They flat REFUSE to educate themselves on any topic! Yet they go around with all of their misinformation on BLAST, 24/7/365. It’s insane! THEY are insane!

    • calichef1962 I’m uber progressive (see my photo), but we should not delude ourselves. Go to any government office in So Cal, you’ll see 90+% of the people there fit the exact profile of an “illegal.” They benefit ENORMOUSLY from (and are the PRIMARY beneficiaries of) public services.

    • DontNeedToKnow84 says:
      “I’m uber progressive (see my photo)”
      I don’t see how the photo makes you a uber progressive.

      Maybe you have a different definition of the word?

      Please explain to me, what’s “progressive”?

    • DontNeedToKnow84 says:
      “allgoo19 Google is your friend. Maybe spend less time watching videos of volleyball girls?”
      How can I google a photograph?

      I wasn’t aware of that.

      How hard for you to explain it?

    • DontNeedToKnow84 says:
      “allgoo19 Google is your friend. Maybe spend less time watching videos of volleyball girls?”
      What’s in your photo?

      Is that a soviet military parade?

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