Trump Hilariously Claims Republicans Want to Save Medicare. LOL!

USA Today published a barrage of lies from Donald Trump the funniest one being that medicare for all will eliminate medicare? Hasan Piker breaks down why the time for medicare for all is now!!

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Trump Hilariously Claims Republicans Want to Save Medicare. LOL!

41 thoughts on “Trump Hilariously Claims Republicans Want to Save Medicare. LOL!

    • The orange man was supposed to destroy the economy according to leftists but look at jobs and the economy just 1 1/2 years later. Remember that Trump always wins and when he wins, we win too!

  1. He makes fun of his own followers! What idiots. Between 400-500 billion in cuts But, he saving medicare. Useful Idiots grow a brain

  2. Republicans act like they don’t want healthcare for anyone. Look at how they try to destroy the Affordable Care Act with no replacement and view Medicare For All like it’s the fall of society, even though like every other developed country has something similar and many runs circles around us concerning health. I saw a video a while back called “Obamacare in Trump country” that has over two million views. And a Republican wants to try and make us believe that Republicans want to save healthcare. lol

  3. Hard to understand from the U.K. We’ve had the National Health Service (NHS) since 1948. ‘Free at the point of delivery ‘ and a right of all citizens ‘from cradle to grave’. Why wouldn’t the wealthiest nation on earth want this for all its own citizens?

    • jai pennycuick I don’t know where you even get the idea of health tourists filling up the hospital from. I have been on placements at several hospitals for the last few years, and the vast majority of patients are local residents, so STOP LYING.

  4. What Trump says is one thing. Understand and everyone should know that whatever he says is almost certainly a blatant lie and he means the exact opposite. When he says Red, he always means Green. Healthcare means No Care. That’s a fact and anyone reasonably intelligent should know that. But Trump Freaks are not even reasonably intelligent. Sub human just like Trump. Brain like mash basically.

    • +~Ito~ (糸) At this point? They’re not, but they have a lot of pride on the line. Some of them had been lied to, or misunderstood the problem, but at this point it’s self selective.

      They don’t want to hear ill about the terrible decision they made, and so they are going to deny the evidence of their senses right up until it’s far too late.

      The only way to deal with them properly is to slowly and carefully deprogram them, and that will take longer than we have.

  5. Right wingers DONT like government services if they have to share with black and brown folk. If America was 99 % white…”Medicare for all” would get a 1000 % approval rating !!

    • +Kyle Ruth hahaha, europeans countries laughing at your bullshit.. If I get sick tomorrow, I will only pay 1 euro from my pocket for the doctor and maybe less than 5 euros for pills.. And it’s been more than 50 years it works in most of european countries.. But I guess health is not that important for some people..

  6. It’s an expansion of Medicare. Trump is a complete moron but then again trump probably thinks declaring bankruptcy is the height of his business prowess.

    • Andy Tihonow Actually he does claim your last sentence repeatedly! On his tax fraud and bilking the American people by not paying his share in taxes, his followers say that it is okay cause he is just a savvy business man. Or on him earning $200,000 a year since he was a little guy and his Dad constantly bailing him out after SO many failures in business; it is okay. I don’t care how he earned his money. But they bragged about him being a self made man right up until the NYT report came out. See they don’t care if he lies or robs them, to them he is uneducated, moronic, lies, etc., but it is okay because they can relate to that, some one way, some all the way and that literally is all that matters to them.

  7. Currently living outside the US in japan which provides universal healthcare. They do charge to offset the lower cost of their healthcare, but I’ve had ACL and meniscus surgeries and almost a year of rehab. The total cost for just the ACL surgeries in the US would be close to 50k. In japan I paid about 2000.00 for everything. Pre Op rehab, meniscus surgery, ACL replacement surgery, two week hospital stay (Japanese hospitals are overly cautious), medication, year long rehab, crutches, ambulance ride, operation to remove bolts in my leg, and post op visits. I pay for a pretty expensive national healthcare insurance program but the rewards from just that are astronomical.

  8. He’s setting his cult followers up so when Medicaid, Medicare and social security all implode specifically because of his tax cuts they all automatically light their torches and bust out the pitchforks for the democrats

  9. More lies from rumptard & the gop they have been trying to get rid of medicare & ssi ever since those programs were put into effect by the dems. I say let them do it and then you will see how long they last in their jobs.

  10. The party that has outright said they want to cut Medicare and social security, is somehow magically going to save Medicare. Only the cult of orange would believe it.

    • Trump supporters is our countries least educated demographic, and they go out of their way to prove it to us. They thrive on debunked conspiracy theories. Hell, 15% of Trump supporters are also ‘Flat Earthers’, per recent polls.

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