The GENIUS Idea For Medicare For All

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We are one step closer to getting Medicare for all! Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Become a TYT member at:

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"Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) is founding a political action committee to contribute money to congressional candidates who support single-payer health care, commonly known as Medicare for all.

The PAC’s website, where donors can contribute online, went live Wednesday morning at

“The goal is really to lift up and support candidates who are excited about and supporting the idea of Medicare for all,” Jayapal, a first-term former activist, told HuffPost in an interview. “It’s really that simple.”

Medicare for all, which would provide health insurance to all Americans through one federal program, was considered a left-wing pipe dream as recently as three years ago.

The idea has gained traction since the 2016 presidential run of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). It now has the support of more than one-third of the Senate Democratic Caucus; a majority of House Democrats; and former President Barack Obama. Jayapal is a founding co-chair of the Medicare for All Caucus, a bloc of House Democrats who support the proposal and seek to leverage their collective power to advance it."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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The GENIUS Idea For Medicare For All

66 thoughts on “The GENIUS Idea For Medicare For All

  1. Big Pharma is running scared, because of the medic-care for all platform. Imagine if adopted ,that the government can negotiate and set medication fees.

    • LaQuisha Jones
      You’re ignoring things that actually have proven to work, so as to maintain a system that has proven themselves a failure. Conservative polices don’t work. America’s healthcare and education situations are proof of that.

    • Sally Jackson
      Every other First World nation has affordable healthcare and education, and they all spend less per capita than the US. This isn’t neurosurgery. Just drop the failed conservative policies.

    • +scotaloo7 7g7 so your point is cutting costs will make the military disappear. That’s not what i said. Cutting the military budget means that there will still be a military. You’re the dumbass

    • Dicita, do your jobs pay more? When you include cost of living how much do you really earn?

      We don’t spend trillions in defense.

    • TYT is ultra left. They completely dismiss the political right to the point they don’t want to have a civil discussion with them.

    • +Dicita Lore You’re acting as if governments ever stop spending money on defense. Our military would be nothing in 20 years if stop funding them as Russia and China increase their spending.

  2. I know how the USA can have a single health payer system. Millennial’s, tell your parents they will have zero grandchildren until a single health payer system is in place.

  3. We can’t have Medicare for all. That money must go to defense , so people in the military can travel thousands of miles abroad, to other countries so they can protect Americans who are dying at home due to the lack of proper health care.

    • +Mr Brownstone The study never said such thing. That’s why the author came out to correct liars like Bernie Sanders. The study shows Medicare for All is so expensive the US can’t pay for it even after doubling taxes.

    • +juan gomez guessing you didn’t serve in the military to be talking crap about how the military gets funded.

      Medicare for all is a plot to push us towards a socialist society

      Also Medicare for all would be a required tax on everyone(including those that can’t afford it). so they would drown in debt for a service that they don’t use if they are already healthy, and for those of us that are healthy we are basically paying for the people that don’t know how to stay healthy.

  4. WE WANT BERNIE SANDERS’ COMPLETE VERSION OF MEDICARE FOR ALL …. not some watered down version designed by establishment. DETAILS MATTER!

    • +Burg Skeletal so… I wasn’t expecting that statement to be taken as personal.
      Which leads me to wonder: which of these camps are you prejudging me to be in?

    • goldilox369 I didnt take it personally. It’s just annoying how some on the left are acting like Tea Partiers by refusing to accept anything that isnt 100% like the thing they wanted.

      I want single payer too, but we can still make progress on healthcare until we are able to do that after we replace all of the corporate Dems.

  5. Has anybody else been getting the “Impeach Trump” commercial before TYT videos?
    If so, have you signed the petition like I did?

    • +Kyla Johnston None of those countries have Medicare for all. We’re talking about a specific bill not healthcare systems from European countries. Learn the difference.

    • +Kyla Johnston The study didn’t say that and that’s why the author had to clarify that the study shows Medicare for all is more expensive after dishonest people willfully misrepresented what the study says.

  6. CANADIAN here… Universal Health Care is amazing. I can’t imagine working for forty years, retiring then losing EVERYTHING I OWN due to an illness, maybe even dying and leaving NOTHING to a loved one. Yuck… if you do it properly it’s cheaper (as Koch brothers now know) for many reasons including PREVENTION being cheaper in most cases. Much better to catch a disease early because of proper access to health care than to burden the system later at a far greater cost (not to mention the pain and suffering)… USA also needs to get drug prices under control but frankly a lot of problems are due to donor corruption which is why Elizabeth Warren’s anti-corruption bill is so important.

    • I love your comment. I totally support medicare for all. My favorite part is how you alluded to the study by the libertarian think tank which is funded by the Koch bro’s dark money.

    • But how do you guys pay for it? LMFAO! Yes, the common citizen seem to know all this, but the politicians, for some reason, can’t imagine why… just don’t seem smart enough to understand that. It’s pretty pathetic when the average citizen in smarter than your average politician in the country.

    • scotaloo7 7g7  Try doing some research and see how every modern nation on the planet (except the USA) has universal health care. Maybe you’ll get it then.

    • Randy Pederson exactly. Cory booker Liz Warren and Jamal Harris all claim to support Med4All but they’re corporate democrats that are never around when you need them to take action. This is a bad move.

    • Frankie B The problem is that once they’re in they’ll stay in. There is no way that they’d ever be punished in any meaningful way. The Dems. after Dumpster would never go against a corporatist Dem. no matter what.

    • +1Lifeonearth If you can’t spot the difference between a superhero movie and politics then yeah, you might need to learn a bit about politics ; )
      Apparently conceding a point won’t prove you right.

    • He was being sarcastic. Either way, 100% of republicans and 80% of democrats vote in the way that best benefits their donors. That’s on the federal level. The majority of republican voters want medicare for all.

    • +PhiliChez The last sentence of my comment made it pretty clear that I understood he was being sarcastic.
      And no, they’re not voting based on donors. People donate to politicians they agree with. They’re not acting based on donations just like Bernie isn’t out there spreading Medicare for All JUST because pro-M4A people donated to him.
      Politicians take stances and donors fund them based on whether they agree with them or not. They’re not being bought by donors.
      Also Medicare for All won’t work as multiple studies have said.

  7. It’s a sign of how out of control capitalism has become in the United States when companies seem to be trying to kill their customers. And not just the pharmas. I wonder how many people have taken their own lives after being hit by a huge hospital bill?

    • Many I’m sure. Trump promised cheap and tremendous healthcare for all. Another whopper. Meds are free in my country. All healthcare is free at the point of delivery. 70yrs of the NHS.

  8. I live in Bologna Italy;  I had a prostate cancer at 33. Had I been in the USA , I would have been bankrupt or dead as at the time I was a post grad student. Instead I spent less than 500 US$ in 5 years trough the Sistema Sanitario Nazionale which can be construed as medicare for all. Obviously we have a lot of problems but I have never met anyone who went broke for health care and stats back my impressions

  9. There are literally +40 industrialized modern nations that have offered universal healthcare to all their citizens for more than half a century. Why would the Americans have to ‘invent’ a genius idea for something that has already existed and been practiced outside the US for decades? 🙂

    • And still maintain our responsibilities around the world? How? As I said, in the last 90’s the U.S. considered closing our based in many nations in Europe, Germany started crying how these small towns would dry up and die if the U.S. was not there spending money! But no one appeared to have any issues with then that was done to many small town in the America south west!

      So again how do we pay for it?

    • I do not know? You have already borrowed money from us for military purposes. So no money for health care. Perhaps the time to repay debt? Because we are not the one who owed money!

    • You know that Norway buys 52 f35 aircraft from the United States. And we do not get a discount. Do you think these planes are free. Stop offending US Allies.

    • +95% of all military hardware that the US army, navy and air force has at their disposal, will never see military action during their +30 year long lifespan. Plenty of tanks, armored personal carriers etc etc drive straight off the production line and into storage. The US defense it the largest job program ever known to man. President Eisenhower warned the nation against trending towards what he called the military-industrial complex. Obviously, his warning was ignored.

    • Several of the nation that own U.S. debt (which out foreign owned dept represent less then 25% of our total debt), are, by a percentage of GDP< more in debt then the United States. Since I don't know what nation you are from I cannot say about your nation. I am one of a number of American who would like to see our over seas military expenditures go to nearly zero (keep the base in Cuba), and bring our foreign aid to zero (one should not be concerned about the junk in their neighbors yard when there house if on fire). Then create a internal U.S. Economy that make it better to build in the U.S., thus to employ Americans, and via that provide healthcare without it being from taxes.

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