USAA Medicare Supplement (2018 – Plans F and N)

Medicare open enrollment will soon be upon us. Are you prepared? Do you know what this means for you?

In this video we'll run some numbers on the USAA medicare supplemental plans F and N. We'll also share with you an example of how a supplemental plan works in terms of coverage.

We'll dive deep into an explanation of both Plan F and N. And even offer some understanding to you of Plan G

So, strap yourself in, because when it comes to Medicare planning, it's a rocky road indeed!


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USAA Medicare Supplement (2018 – Plans F and N)

11 thoughts on “USAA Medicare Supplement (2018 – Plans F and N)

    • that’s about right, my friend. Could be 30 bucks on either side. But I think that’s a good place to start indeed.

      Did the Iggles win?

  1. Was chatting with a friend who lives in Canada and he said when he hit 65 government health care kicks in and if you don’t have a private health plan it covers most of the costs.

    • Well, our own system, Medicare, covers most of our costs too at 65. But what it doesn’t a Supplemental plan makes sense.

  2. If I continue to work which is most likely if my health is good and my wife retires, am I able to continue to keep her on my health benefits when she becomes eligible for Medicare etc?

    • Definitely want to inquire with your employer, Marc. Part A is “free” so really won’t make sense to at least have her sign up for Part A. In fact, I imagine your employer tell you the same. Part B while not free, in that you have a monthly premium, may be a different story.

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