It Turns Out, Medicare IS Socialized Medicine.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott tries to scare voters by claiming that Democrats are going to undertake socialist experiments with Medicare, which is in itself a socialized medicine program. Also, a surprising entrant into the opioid addiction treatment market, and in a surprise twist, the ACA marketplaces are showing signs of stabilizing. It's Healthcare Triage news.

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It Turns Out, Medicare IS Socialized Medicine.

24 thoughts on “It Turns Out, Medicare IS Socialized Medicine.

  1. I am glad Germany got that covered before Hitler was even born let a lone got his balls shot of (parts of his brain unaccounted for in WWI)

  2. I really struggle to see how the companies that created the opioid crisis are any different from your average drug lord. Their ethics and morality seem to be identical.

    • The difference is the average drug lord started needing to pay the rent or feed their kids. These pharma companies were doing largely fine before Oxy.

  3. Hey Healthcare Triage, thanks for making these informative videos.
    I’ve only seen people argue in the comments and wanted to leave something positive.

  4. Americans reaction to the word socialism is so childish. On both sides of the political divide.
    Dudes! It’s the reason so many Europeans are and have been so happy with their lives and their governments!
    Turn Government into a force for good and take control. It’s really that easy.

  5. 1:44 To be fair, wouldn’t this drug company, more than anyone else, have the most responsibility to fix this problem? Although I do agree it’s messed up that there seems to be no legal repercussions and they’re financially benefitting from causing the problem and finding a solution

  6. So long as our society allows the rampant exploitation of the population by profit mongers in pharma, hospitals, insurance, and practically EVERYTHIGN else, there will be an increasingly loud voice calling for more socialism. Why? Because the exploitation of the working class (the largest class in this country) has gotten to the point that even a good wage can barely support a dog, let alone a human. This causes people to be unable to afford basic needs, which, in turn, overtaxes the social safety nets to the breaking point. As suffering increases, workers grow increasingly angry (though they lack cohesion on who to blame), and unrest grows while trust in the government plummets. This is a cycle as old as civilization and typically precedes scenes of violence and upheaval. That said, the problem CAN be fixed before that happens. Capitalism, like anything else, has to be controlled or it will run wild and destroy everything in it’s path. You have to set limits on profits and insulate governing bodies from the effects of excess wealth, which needs to be redistributed to the lower levels to provide food for this whole Capitalist money cycle. We, however, live in an age when our politicians are puppets put in place by billionaires, and who make laws based on the “donor’ preferences with no regard for the people. This causes the working people to start asking whether or not they REALLY feel that healthcare is a privilege only the rich should enjoy or a right that must be guaranteed to everyone.

    That said, the only way Medicare for all will actually help anyone is if it comes with a requirement that doctor’s offices and hospitals ALL accept it. Otherwise, it’s useless. So few doctors take Medicare in some areas that wait times may exceed two months for just a doctor’s visit, if you can get one at all. That, however, isn’t socialism’s fault. It’s the fault of doctors who have to turn a large profit to pay student loans and inflated insurance rates so insurance companies can make huge profits, even after the horribly inflated prices charged by hospitals so they can make a profit on medical procedures that require both surgeons (who also need to make a profit to pay their for-profit student loans and malpractice insurance) and specialized medical hardware (that is made by companies who want to make big profits)… You get the idea. Every hand wants to make huge profits (nay, is “entitled” to make profits, according to the rhetoric of many in power), and all that Capitalism drives the price through the roof. True, insurance started the snowball rolling, but once it did, nothing in our society put a stop to it. Now, it’s grown into such a massive beast that no one is sure what to do, and any course of action would devastate multi-billion dollar companies (that became multi-billion dollar companies in the first place by exploiting our citizens, I might add). This is what happens when you let Capitalism run roughshod over people and rights and think that sprinkling a little coating of socialism on top fixes things. It bandaids the problem, sure, but the sucking chest wound that is the US medical system is far beyond the range of aid provided by a mere bandaid. Leash the beast of Capitalism. Restrict profit mongering in necessary services, especially ones wherein people CANNOT make bargaining choices because you have no power to negotiate on the cost of care when you’ve been shot and have minutes to live if you do not receive care. To insinuate that someone should be bargaining for medical care is utterly ridiculous.

    The exploitation HAS to stop! If it doesn’t, no amount of socialism will save us, I fear. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against socialism. I’m just against socialism enacted with NO thought for the consequences or whether or not it will help anyone. Our political parties today, corrupt and detestable as they BOTH are, would never, EVER, put socialist policies in place unless they’d corrupted the program to serve their rich paymasters. Trust me. If they are implementing socialism, they’ve found a way for their ‘donors’ to make ever-more money in all of it. Without profiteering controls, this snowball will continue crushing American families until our whole country implodes socially. It has happened MANY times before. It will happen again, if we don’t change our ways.

  7. Health insurance has to be expensive. Doctors are expensive, and allowing a middleman to touch every dollar that pays for doctors drives up costs.

  8. I support Universal healthcare and Medicare for all, and I have done a lot of research in healthcare and business. I think it will be good for the country! Let’s support it!!!

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