The Clever Dismantling Of Social Security and Medicare (w/Guest Alex Lawson)

Thom is joined by Alex Lawson of Social Security Works to discuss the Republican's clever plan to dismantle social security and medicare.

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The Clever Dismantling Of Social Security and Medicare (w/Guest Alex Lawson)

47 thoughts on “The Clever Dismantling Of Social Security and Medicare (w/Guest Alex Lawson)

  1. I got a very out of the ordinary letter from Social Security setting up a phone interview with me on January 16. The subject was not given. I can only think that they may very well be looking for reasons to kick people off benefits…

  2. The Social Security Administration is already backlogged. Their website doesnt currently work to report earnings etc. They have gotten rid of the workers so when you call them you talk to the person who answers the phone and who doesnt know you at all.

    • jfsfrnd Also why would the SSA need to report earnings if there are none? we should feel good knowing there are none it’s all going on benefits.

    • Somethingwicked1x The HSD (Welfare) offices are doing the same thing. There is no longer a worker assigned to your case but when you call them you have to talk to random people who dont know you. It creates frustration and long hours on the phone arguing with people. Not once have I ever thought these offices should be privatized but I have thought that all of these programs and their huge bureaucracies should be scrapped and replaced with a Basic Income.

  3. We should first and foremost protect Social Security and lynch anyone who votes against it. Paul Ryan should be run out of government on a rail and locked up and his family needs to be shunned and spit on.

  4. There is an answer: NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER REPUBLICAN. The Republican party has fought Social Security from the very beginning! This is OUR money!

    • Ronald Bendixen What do you suggest, then? Storm Washington? (BTW, it should be “You’re, not Your.” Grammar police.)

    • there are three kinds of dems but only one of rebs. Come back when you learn something. Sry ain’t got time to teach.

    • You have a SHORT MEMORY! Bill Clinton and OBAMA has SS on the table! So please, the Establishment Dems WILL DO what the reTHUGS WANTS, and that’s because they ARE Under Cover Republicans!!!!

      In addition, its obviously you’ve forgotten too, that Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA, KILLED OFF GLASS STEAGAL, gave our MEDIA to the 1% with his 1996 TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT, and the CRIME BILL! Now tell me, what is the difference between these ESTABLISHMENT DEM’S, and the reTHUGS? We desperately need a true 3rd Party, so that the current Dem Undercover Party can GO HOME to their Republican Party for GOOD! They are only there to ENSURE the Democratic Base, STAY SCREWED OVER!

  5. Cut wages on senators, congressmen, and the president to 30k a year and they go back to work when out. Term limits of 6 years and they collect social security and Medicare at 65 like the rest of us. Oh , and take the money out of politics period.

    • buckpasser55
      You and I know that won’t happen till the vast majority of Americans vote both parties out of office. That’s the only way this ends peacefully.
      Divisiveness needs to end, eliminate the right and the left. Majority of Americans are humanitarian by nature. We want everyone to have a good education, we want everyone to have good health care, we want everyone to have a reasonably secure life from the cradle to the grave. It doesn’t matter if you’re views lean right or left, your you and you have the right to see the world in your own way, no one needs to be criticized or shunned for their beliefs or have those beliefs tampered with. If you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else—go for it !

  6. YouTube and Google want to replace alternative media news with corporate media fake news that does not talk about the struggles of the working class. .

  7. Nothing about this is clever,
    It’s text book stealing 101!
    If anybody was paying attention you can see this coming 100 miles away.
    If you voted Republican you just assted in robbery of the middle class!

  8. Wow he’s right we do pay for social security and Medicare, SSI. I see that it comes out every pay check. So everyone pays into it until their mid to late sixties or when they retire…essentially they’re trying to take it all away wether you’re older or younger and disabled. I guess they want to give everyone a voucher. Wow the greed of these people , they have no regard for anyone and live in their cocktail bubble like Thom said.

    • Paul Ryan and David Koch want the $2 TRILLION that businesses pay in FICA – they pay 50% and then 50% deducted from paychecks. Or maybe they just want it all.

  9. I’ve worked since I was 15yrs. 3mos.! And I’ve already paid a ton of money into this NOT FOR PROFIT PUBLIC SERVICE RETIREMENT FOR PEOPLE WHO DIDN’T GET AN INHERITANCE!
    Only ignorant and spoiled rich kids vote republican. …that’s why they STEAL every election they’ve won since REAGAN! Voting is rigged even without Russia! Hard times ahead until we can weed out the corrupt preachers, radio show hosts, and propagandized wing-nut TV! Lots to do folks. ……let’s go!

    • theresa terry
      Can we start with p Ryan, I’m a peaceful man but I wouldn’t mind punching him squarely in the face, several times. Especially when he says that awful lie of a word “entitlements” , No Paul, it’s OUR MONEY

  10. And most perversely Paul Ryan’s college was funded by his SS survivor benefit which he received beginning at age 16 when his father died. He banked this money to pay for college since his family is wealthy.

  11. I hate dems every bit as much because unlike progressive radio and video wus corporate machines like Schumer have as much fight in them as a tree sloth  If you aren’t fighting the GOP tooth N Nail you are useless so get out and retire

  12. this is a good thing, the best thing people over 45 can do is die or commit suicide, let the future generations survive, dont take the whole world with you, your unending consumer greed has likely already destroyed the rest of us, so do the right thing.

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