Trump: “Why Can’t Medicare Cover Everybody?”

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"Michael Wolff writes in "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" that the president "probably preferred the notion of more people having health insurance than fewer people having it."

"He was even, when push came to shove, rather more for ObamaCare than for repealing ObamaCare," Wolff writes in his book, which was released midnight Thursday and has been attacked and dismissed as "fake news" by the White House.

Wolff wrote that Trump was disinterested in the details of the GOP's repeal-and-replace legislation and went along with the plan so he could move on to other issues.
Trump frequently lamented in public that he wished he started with tax reform before ObamaCare repeal and often expressed his impatience with repeal efforts, which took up nearly a year before Republicans threw in the towel after a failed Senate vote. "

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Trump: "Why Can't Medicare Cover Everybody?"

36 thoughts on “Trump: “Why Can’t Medicare Cover Everybody?”

    • Richie Salhin

      that was the regulations and business confidence
      that TRUMP wouldn’t commie screw private business’s out of they’re hard earned capital like Obama..

      Obama looked at black people like pets just like all elite liberals

    • I don’t know but around 60% of main street Republicans want it a sooo yeah bro! The majority of the country wants it! Majority and thats not just registered Dems. Democrats.

  1. Ok Jeff I give in. I like the Medicare For All idea. And I won`t lose any money right ? So it`s a win win right ? OK good. Give me a week, I`ll just go and check to see what Ryan thinks…..and Mike…………and……I think I`ll give Bannon a call. He`s still on my team, right ?

  2. With the Republican elites and corporate Democrats in charge of government. The chance of Medicare for All happening is zero. It’ll take Progressive Democrats to get it done. But the American people are to stupid to understand that. The American people wants Medicare for All but they keep re-electing the same Republican elites and corporate Democrats. You can’t keep making the same mistake over and over and expect a different outcome.

  3. Every other country has single payer for a reason. But I think the Republicans would suddenly be very interested in the 25th amendment if Trump went rogue and talked about medicare for all…

  4. Trump is just not into anything that will not affect him personally…That’s it, he is just a simpleton that stumble into the presidency in a PR campaign gone completely wrong (according to Wolff book anyway)

  5. If the Democrats managed to achieve world peace and develop a cure for cancer, Fox News viewers would be rooting for the Republicans to bring back war and cancer.

    • Nah, the Republican party would jack the prices so high the majority couldn’t afford it, and Fox would blame the cancer patients for “leechin off the government tit” by asking for financial assistance for it.

    • Tim M, you’re prolly right. Plus, ending war would put the multi-trillion dollar armaments industry pretty much out of business, so they wouldn’t have any money to donate to the Republican party.

    • Bill E. Bobb Wrong – the Republicans’ motto is “internalize the profits, externalize the costs”. The Republican Party was founded as the party of northern industrialists who didn’t like to see the south competing with them by using cheaper labor than they could, so the result was history. Today, they are still the same party, but they operate a little differently. Not a whole lot differently, though.

    • Bill E. Bobb I’m a lifetime Democratic, own my own business, never have taken a government handout. Cutting taxes and giving more to the rich only makes more poor people. BTW Republicans put in the earned income credit into taxes. Ford signed it into law and Reagan strengthened it. FYI is the program that gives people more money back from their taxes than they paid in. The 47% that Romney talked about were created by the Republicans. The EITC was designed to encourage low income people to work low paying jobs and not to stay on welfare. What it has done is given employers the incentive to keep wages low and not pay a living wage. It also put people that were willing to work just above the line that would allow them any other government help. The end result is welfare is a easier route for a lot of people. Raise the minimum wage to a livable wage, do away with the EITC, reform the welfare program, quit reducing taxes on business and rich individuals, make health care a Medicare for all program, make education a right to all that are qualified, increase vocational education for those that aren’t qualified for higher education.
      In other words, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.To have a strong country you have to have strong individuals. No individual has ever became great without help from others.

  6. So your saying that our president is only interested in being popular? He changes with the wind and that’s not good for the country, waiting for 2020!!!!

  7. There ARE premiums under Medicare, and the gaps in coverage in Medicare forces the purchase of a supplemental policy, the premiums for which have gone up nearly 10% each year.

  8. If Trump went Medicare for all, I would still think he is an idiot but that he ACCIDENTALLY did something right

    I still wouldn’t vote for him in 2020 though…

  9. In Germany, healthcare is about 16% from you’re brutto wage. Nearly everything is covered, even plastic surgery if you’re “Problem“ is effecting you’re mental health. Btw, mental health treatments are also covered. You’re healthcare pays Days off work if you are ill, even if it last longer. You can’t get refused by an public insurence. Children, unemployed people, retired people and Students DON’T have to pay anything. You never get any Bills from your Doctor or a Hospital. You are able to choose you’re favorite public insurence or if you want a private insurence (but most don’t cause it is much more expensiv)

  10. Because the parasitic insurance companies have been given free reign to make health care more expensive than any other country. Otherwise medicare for everyone is single payer.

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