Trump Floated Medicare For All But Was Instantly Talked Out Of It

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Trump Floated Medicare For All But Was Instantly Talked Out Of It


79 thoughts on “Trump Floated Medicare For All But Was Instantly Talked Out Of It

  1. If you just surround this nincompoop with social democrats, he would instantly become a progressive. He has no ideological center.

    • I FUCKING KNEW THIS WAS GONNA HAPPEN People were like but he is to the left of Hillary on some things and I was like but LOOK AT WHO IS GOING TO BE IN HIS CABINET THAT IS THE MAJOR ISSUE THEY ARE GOING TO BE RUNNING THE COUNTRY. I feel vindicated by this. lol

    • Like any conman/salesman, he has no ideology, other than making money for himself and loving anyone who will praise him. Shallow, self-centered, egotistical. Your typical sociopath leader.There’s a lot in Washington.

    • John O’Malley I think it would definitely be an interesting experiment but I wouldn’t get my hopes up about surrounding Trump with social democrats accomplishing anything. Him being right wing ideologically isn’t something he invented to run for President, you can trace his racism and sexism back decades.

    • Same, I used to agree with a lot of what Sargon had to say, especially when he talked about SJWs, but then he started shilling for Trump and then became an apologist for the Alt-Right.

    • Lance Shield

      Did you hear, he managed to lose a debate to Richard Spencer, how the hell do you fall into that trap.

    • markolwins That’s his own fault, he shouldn’t have been a complete fucking moron. The truth is he’s just an opportunist hack exploiting a cult for money. You only have to observe the comment section of his latest videos and you see nothing, but Trump worship. As soon as he talked back to the Alt-Right he was bombarded with dislikes, proving that he was in fact gaining a far right audience with his content.

      This is what happens when you play the partisan hack for money for 2 years straight and then try to push back against a cult that you ultimately had a hand in helping to create.

    • Sargon should’ve just stuck to tackling SJWs and religious extremism. At least then he would’ve retained some of his dignity.

    • In light of the disaster this presidency has been has Sargon even made a single video criticizing and calling out Trump for his bullshit? Or is he afraid of the 90+% dislike ratio such a video would get? He knows who his audience is by now.

  2. Trump is a puppet for Republicans in Congress/the Senate. They rode his coattails to power. And are now using him to advance their radical right-wing agenda. They will continue to pull him around on strings until he is no longer needed. Then they will turn on him.

    • Pyroman / True, you make a good point. Even if Bernie Sanders won the presidency, the republicans owned the house and senate, so it would have been impossible to pass. Look at what they did to weak half measures that Obama wanted, almost nothing passed. This means that Republicans are in the very essence problem #1.

    • hmmmmm yeah im not so sure… thats a toughy!
      I get that medicare would still be there when hes gone argument… but what about all the other things he could implement that would be bad? Really bad! I dont know man, i really dont lol

    • 27dollars – Progressive Speeches Its extremely unlikely and I would expect more good things than just that one good thing.

    • Doesn’t change anything? If he had done it, I would have health insurance. Unless you mean he wouldn’t have gotten such a bill through congress/house. No, he wouldn’t have. Even many dems would probably spin a way to be against it…

    • Not Lame youre projecting. The only one glued to a party is YOU with the republican party. Youre either really young or really dumb.

  3. Dear god, he is so stupid he doesn’t even understand the republican party is corrupt.

    And it is really, really, really obvious the republican party is corrupt.

  4. Maybe if a vast majority of us leave Trump a tweet on the fact that we all want Medicare for All, he’ll change his mind?

  5. Thats the real problem with trump he wants to challenge the establishment but knows nothing about policy so he just ends up agreeing with establishment to bot expose himself as a know nothing

    • +Shawn Brink “It can work if corporations don’t buy out politicians. If jobs aren’t outsourced.” There in lies the problem. In order for the free market to work you need certain people to fulfill certain obligations. But like the great Lord Acton said “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” You can try to twist their wrists but they are the ones with all the power.

    • MartianManHunter2258 Yes but I have hope and a belief in people that you seem to have lost or may have never had at all.

    • Shawn Brink The only way free markets can work is if workers have control over the economy. By that, I’m not saying full communism, but something along the lines of mutualism (socialized labor, but not necessarily collectivized means of production).

      No right winger on earth supports workers control of the economy; not even some left wingers.

    • The real issue that keeps a free market from existing is that it fundamentally exist on the premise that success in the market would be based on merit. It’s a delusion because it cannot exist when one can gain from something other than merit, like inheritance or manipulation. Manipulation is the part that is hardly ever mentioned properly in the free market discussion. It’s normally only addressed by the supporters of free market in terms of government, criticizing how government is manipulated by moneyed interests. However, those same influencers who used their money to manipulate the government would still exist in the market, even if the government does not. In reality, this merely removes a necessary step in order for them to manipulate the market for their own advantage. Then, instead of needing to stifle information about their own failings and their opponents merit (to prevent/lessen resistance such as they do with anti-marijuana ads) while paying off politicians, they need only stifle the information. In doing so, they succeed in a market not because they performed well, but because they had already accumulated wealth by another means, beating superior products and services and stifling improvements in the field/market.

      This is why the free market is a delusion, because each individual field or market does not exist in a vacuum, preventing the merit of the product or service from being the true deciding factor.

  6. Rule number one: Never underestimate your opponent. We keep underestimating the guy who won against Everyone in 2016, the same guy that will win in 2020 if we don’t get smarter an less arrogant

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