Separating Fact From Fiction In President Donald Trump’s Medicare Op-Ed | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

President Trump is not being honest about health care in his latest op-ed, claiming that premiums are going down under his watch. For Fact’s Sake, Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi break down what was said – and what is true.
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Separating Fact From Fiction In President Donald Trump’s Medicare Op-Ed | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Separating Fact From Fiction In President Donald Trump’s Medicare Op-Ed | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

65 thoughts on “Separating Fact From Fiction In President Donald Trump’s Medicare Op-Ed | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. There are estimated to be 44 million donkeys in the world, almost all of which are maintained for work. China has the highest population (eleven million) followed by Ethiopia (five million). For the past thirty years (and more) there has been a gradual but consistent growth in donkey numbers.
    Regional and world trends in donkey populations – ATNESA Trump and Kanye are 2 new breed of donkeys

  2. Remember last year when t’rump said that he’d fix healthcare, and then he failed, so he just gave up trying to do anything about it? Now *that’s* leadership!

  3. I still don’t understand why USA Today allowed him to publish anything. Sure, they’re not a source of hard-hitting journalism, but they do have a very broad readership, many of whom are going to take his words seriously.

    • +Diane Oaktown well said Diane, I’d like to add a small point to your excellent comment. The dems didn’t campaign for 8 years on replacing obamacare and spent 0 hrs coming up with a plan. They whined, b¡tched, and cried about it and had *NOTHING* after 7 years. Incompetent buffoonery!

    • Exactly…No benefit of the doubt… Assume EVERYTHING he says is a lie.
      You will find you are right far more often than not by doing this.

    • So true, so sad, but it does prove that today’s church is not worth supporting. They endorse an outright liar, adulterer and racist, not exactly the “christian values” expressed in the ten commandments!

  4. Medicare’s administrative costs are significantly lower than private insurance and it would have tremendous bargaining power.

  5. Trump is the last person anyone should look to for truth. That’s just an objective fact (you shouldn’t look to Trump for those either)

    • Thank God the Demoncrats are not in the WH…8 years and they did nothing!They were good at being the slave masters and keeping blacks suppressed. Press Trump is working g with all people.

    • Gotta love how these fools talk about dems keeping people down, but which party was it that put a brown man in the White House? Which party said women aren’t on their judicial committee because “it’s an awful lot of work”! what is the party of the racist south? What party is trying to subvert minority votes? What party put an outspoken racist in the White house? What party has as part of its base white nationalists and whines about “cultural preservation” when wailing about minorities? Guess you fools don’t know your own party! Or you’re a hypocrite!

    • Speaking of not doing anything for 8 years, which party campaigned on and screamed about replacing obamacare? Which party had nothing to offer except empty words after 8 years? The only thing that republicans are good for is taking credit for others’ accomplishments, hatred and transparent hypocrisy!

    • +truth troll This is just one of many reasons why I’m a Democrat even though I was raised in a Republican household wthin a Republican state…

    • +Billis Lopez I was Repugnicant until bush jr, I could no longer stand the hypocrisy and fanaticism! They are no more than a cult now and I don’t mean that as hyperbole, they are truly brainwashed zaelots who have surrendered their intellectual freedom! Keep spreading the truth billis, a few are waking up!

  6. Trumpcare is literally a junk policy. I went to the website and tried to apply for it. For one, it’s temporary coverage and secondly, if you have a pre-existing condition, you can forget it. The majority of America has some type of pre-existing condition. Even if it’s migraine headaches. smh

  7. 45s Power is based on the pretense of wealth, given to him by his GOP enablers and supporters, who were hoping for a stroke of his Faked Midas Touch. However, admitting “The Emperor has no clothes” would imply flaws in the core beliefs of the GOP and his supporters. This is something they refuse to admit because 45 speaks their inner bias voices, regardless of cost to Country. However, even FOX is starting to realizes he is as Fake as they are.

  8. Who is going to make the unpopular decision to cap what can be charged for services? A couple of hundred bucks for the privilege of waiting an hour to talk to a guy who usually doesn’t listen and only wants to send you to someone else to pay more is absurd! Nobody is worth $200-$300 for 15 minutes of talk!

    • It works in every Western Country in the World but the Republicans have lied to you so often you now believe their BS …Medical is free in Australia and we saved a ton of money. The people making money in the US are the Insurance companies and why on Earth a country would want their medical in the hands of Insurance companies is beyond me. It’s blatant scamming of the citizens of the country.

    • +Ed Kelly ummmmmm, Ed? I’m on the side of universal health care buddy! Maybe you misunderstood me, my comment was directed at the providers who are bankrupting America by over pricing any procedure associated with health care. Capping these costs is the first step for the government to be able to afford to provide health care for all! Peace buddy, I’m on your side 🙂

  9. Problem is donnie’s supporters only believe his lies. He doesn’t care what happens to their health as long as they vote Republican.

    • I do not think that they believe his lies. They do not care. Why? It’s very strange. Racism would be a perfect reason for lying but it cannot be only racism. I mean it definitely is but there must be something else.

    • You are right . I am a Trump supporter and I don’t believe his lies I just don’t care . And I will be voting for him next election

    • +Carlos: unchecked lying always leads to deterioration, decline and eventually the ‘Untergang’. So voting for Donnie is a vote for the ‘Untergang’. Why? Why do you want America to fail? I know why Putin wants to. But an American? Why?

  10. Trump wants to destroy Obama care.

    Trump wants to destroy everything Obama has done, no matter what the consequences are for Americans …

  11. Trump hasn’t built the wall yet.
    He hasn’t relaxed federal laws on marijuana yet.
    He hasn’t locked Hillary up yet.
    But he’ll get to those in due time. More pain coming in the coming weeks.

  12. The problem some people have is “taxes will have to go up”. They don’t appear to grasp that while their taxes go up, their outgoings for medical insurance will go down to zero. So if they’re paying $100/month for medical and their taxes go up by $45/month for universal Medicare, they’ll be $55 better off each month. Even if their taxes go up by $100/ month, they are neither worse off or better off than before.

    The problem is that some folks don’t want to pay taxes towards Medicare because if they are healthy, their money is going to help other, sick people.

    And yet, if they ever fell ill or needed surgery, it wouldn’t cost them any more to get that treatment.

    “Medical Insurance, better to have it and not need it than not have it and need it.”

    • That’s not the only problem. Now put on your thinking cap and really analyze what happens, from patient through doctor and medical businesses. This elementary thinking wouldn’t cut it in the simplest think tank.

    • MatchstalkMan… what would happen if Medicare and the VA were to merge trustfunds and budget?
      With Medicare for All, we would no longer need the VA specifically for Vets, so that funding could go directly to Medicare…
      I am a Veteran…Marine DAV (70-71)

  13. If Trump could bring Bin Laden back from the dead he would. Trump wants to destroy everything with Obama finger prints on it. Except for Obama’s economy.. because without Obama’s economy.. Trump and the GOP doesn’t have anything to feed their base with.
    Trump, GOP in congress, Trump’s base, the majority of everyday regular Republican voters and Putin are all driven by the same agenda.
    In every Conservatives and Republicans, a Fascist is dying to get out.

  14. OK so it’s okay for Trump to give a giant tax break to the rich but won’t give everyone health care? I think we should tax the rich and give all Americans healthcare. I don’t care if I have to pay more. Do you?

    • As an Australian I’m proud that I pay an extra $5 a week so that I and other people can go to the Dr. for free and receive Dental, Optical, Surgery, specialists in all areas, Emergency care, heavily subsidised Pharmaceuticals.
      The resouces dug out of the ground in america are not owned just by the rich they are owned by everyone. YOU are entitled to some of that and Medical should be a given. A rich nation not giving medical to it’s people is wrong. No ifs or buts

  15. it’s not an alternative fact, misstatement, misrepresentation, … or miscalculations, they are LIES! . . . call them what they are!

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