Paul Ryan Blatantly Lies To Fight Against Bernie And Medicare For All

Paul Ryan is already known as a habitual liar…but when he's defending his right to bury America's right to healthcare, don't even get him started! Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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Paul Ryan Blatantly Lies To Fight Against Bernie And Medicare For All

69 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Blatantly Lies To Fight Against Bernie And Medicare For All

  1. If the Democrats made Medicare for all the selling point of the midterms we could win in leagues. Don’t just turn over and let them lie. Call them out on them!

    • they would need every single seat to hammer that lot through s soon as possible. there’s essentially 500,000 superfluous health insurance jobs once medicare for all is enacted. they won’t go down singing happy songs…

    • The corporate dems ain’t gunna do it. We the people need to support and educate each other. Even drumpf people will go for it. It’s the establish politicians that work with insurance companies, aka the mob

    • Justin S : Medicare for All would Take Insurance Companies Out of the Middle! We pay a small amount out of Each Paycheck Already, so another 15-30 dollars a paycheck is alot less than $300 dollar premiums a Month and a $10,000 deductible that We Can not pay out of Pocket each year!
      American Citizens could Afford Healthcare Finally and Not Worry about Insurance Companies taking their Money and Not providing any services or limitations! That in itself Would be a huge Tax break for The American tax payer!
      Great Idea! Senator Sanders (Democrat)! Flip the House and Vote out Every Republican you can in the Election 2018 and Every American can live a better life!
      At 7.25- 10 dollars an hour wages
      We need a Tax Break, and get Affordable Healthcare on top of it!

    • I’ve been watching old Noam Chomsky videos and even in the 80s and 90s he says the polling consistently has single-payer as the preferred system by about 70% of the population, but that hasn’t gotten it anywhere, because it has 0% support among the ruling class.

  2. The corporate death panels have stuffed a lot of money in the pockets of corrupt politicians like Paul Ryan. If there was any justice in the world somebody who lost a child to a heartless insurance company’s delaying tactics would take out Paul Ryan permanently.

  3. How can the Republicans defend our current system for health care? This is one of the worst systems out there. We gotta change something about it

    • +illuminati Trump hate to break it to you, but the military and tax cuts for millionaires are what is bankrupting the country. And guess what? Who did all that? Your side. So don’t act like you care about America, or Americans. Since you love totalitarian dictatorships so much, why don’t you move to Saudi Arabia? You’d be closer to our tax dollars over there than if you stayed in the States anyway. What a dumb republicuck.

    • Yes illuminati Trump, the US is behind Sweden and Japan but you did a typical right wing slight of hand there in not pointing out that it really isn’t right after those two countries, the US is 31st *not* third highest but I guess on a positive note, the US is 31st and *Cuba* is 32nd.
      BTW, the US spends more on the military than the next seven countries *combined* , who in hell are you expecting to attack the US, *nobody* would have a military to compete with the US if the US cut it’s military budget in half.

    • +illuminati Trump Facts Matter — The U.S. has spends more on healthcare than any high-income country, yet Americans have poor health outcomes and a worsening life expectancy when compared with other countries, according to a report from the The Commonwealth Fund.
      For the study, The Commonwealth Fund assessed the healthcare systems of 11 countries, including the U.S., based on these five areas: care process, access, administrative efficiency, equity and healthcare outcomes. Data was collected using international surveys of public and physicians, from 2015-2017.
      There are the three things to know:

      1. The U.S. ranked last place among the 11 countries for health outcomes, equity and quality, despite having the highest per capita health earnings.

      2. The U.S. also had the highest rate of mortality amenable to healthcare, meaning more Americans die from poor care quality than any other country involved in the study.

      3. Poor access to primary care in the U.S. has contributed to inadequate chronic disease prevention and management, delayed diagnoses and safety concerns, among other issues.

      Life expectancy — Australia 82.45yrs; Canada 82.14 yrs; UK 81.6 yrs; US 78.7 yrs; Just google US life expectancy, US in not #1 The Us ranks 31st, just behind Costa Rica and ahead of Cuba.

  4. 32 trillion 32 trillion… They seem 2know that number very well but they don’t seem 2know what the number is right now…lol
    These are nothing more than lying clowns in suits

    • It actually doesn’t end private insurance entirely – in Britain, everyone has free-at-point-of-use healthcare but, if anyone wants to, they can buy health insurance. A few years ago, I spent over a year in hospital(s) and it didn’t cost me anything – the treatment I received was brilliant, and it didn’t cost me a penny.

    • If insurance companies don’t have everyone by the balls anymore… Ya, it would end private insurance as we know it

  5. I’d say the real reason Paul Ryan is trying to stop Medicare for All becoming a reality is because more than likely he has a job lined up with the Health Insurance Companies after he retires from congress at the end of the year (quite a bonus he would have been promised by them). He’s a total liar when it comes to Medicare for All, he knows that it would benefit all Americans, irrespective of their income, and they would no longer have to find their own health insurance cover and/or pay through their employer. Medicare for All means healthcare for all – Paul Ryan didn’t raise an eyebrow when the budget for military spending went through the roof and he certainly didn’t have a problem voting to give himself, his colleagues, Trump, the super wealthy and corporations their tax cuts and damn the deficit. Republicans have proven that they care very very little for the common man, woman and child out there – Republicans greed and corruption is what they thrive on – to stop the madness from continuing they need to be voted out in order to restore true democracy to the country.

    • Yes! Republican voters are even coming around to understanding that medicare for all would be better than staying with the private insurance system we have now. Republican donors are sending out their lackeys like Trump and Ryan to lie and twist the facts to try and stop the rise in popularity. Keeping their voters ignorant of the facts is the only option they have.

  6. I remember all the horror stories of socialized medicine and then moved to a country with socialized medicine. I would NEVER move back to the USA having the healthcare I do in a modern country.

    • Roger Melius – He also got Social Security survivor benefits, which helped pay for his support and education. He’s trying to pull the ladder up behind him, and has been since college. That takes a special kind of scumbag.

    • spectator: I WISH Repugnantones’ reasoning were terrible, but the truth is that they’re reasoning very clearly, but with a different goal than you and I would have: they don’t care about helping sick people; they care about helping Sheldon Adelson and the Kochs.

  7. Medicare is awesome. Part A is cost-free, Part B (diagnostics) costs me $120/mo. and fees are slashed before a co-pay is charged. A $20,000. bill whittles down to $480.00. Surgeries and cancer treatment with all the MRI’s and CAT scans has cost me about $6000 so far (not including monthly payment), as opposed to over $100K. I don’t have drug insurance, but prices are also cheaper if you don’t have supplemental. The difference? The govt makes no profit.

  8. Paul Ryan 2010: This is outrageous, just look at the national debt, how can we even let this happen. I don’t know what it would take for a person to completely sell out the will of the American people, sell out the federal budget, sell out our chidlren and grandchildren. What on earth would you be given in legislation for you to do that?
    Paul Ryan 2017: Tax Cuts, Tax Cuts, all you millionaire and billionaires get tax cuts! What the debt is now 21 trillion? I guess its time to go, I’m resigning

  9. Republicans are scared because once Medicare for becomes a reality the lies will no longer work and it will greatly help the poor half of their voter base. When they lose the poor idiots that vote for them in droves in the red States it will be near impossible for them to win another national election

    • Unfortunately proper care would mean more of the poor idiots in red states survive and probably give republicans more voters! And it would give them their biggest enemy since the USSR, like obamacare was/is

    • +obidamnkenobi idk I think this will be the first policy that will objectively help everyone in the country. It will be extremely hard to demonize it when it takes effect. Even with the very little Obamacare did it still has a high approval rating

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