Reality Check: Eliminating Waste in Medicare Advantage Will Not Affect Benefits

Mike Hash of the White House Office of Health Reform gets into deeper detail on how reform would eliminate wasteful subsidies to insurance companies in the Medicare Advantage program, without hurting benefits or care and leaving the trust fund intact. To the contrary, it will strengthen Medicare's long-term stability and save seniors money. September 22, 2009. (Public Domain)

20 thoughts on “Reality Check: Eliminating Waste in Medicare Advantage Will Not Affect Benefits

  1. Health care reform was needed before jobs…many companies fled the USA
    because of the high cost of healthcare….cut down on the cost and the
    companies will come back….simple

  2. Read the bill, everything he said is false. By the way Obama just anounced
    1.5 trillion in new taxes. And he already spent ……1.3 trillion. Reality
    probably more like 3 trillion spent. Let’s just charge n convict everyone
    who voted this through, with treason. And Get them sentenced immediately.

  3. Imagine the efficiency to CMS if they audited claims BEFORE disbursing
    MILLIONS of dollars weekly electronically, all done automatically, without
    any cost containment or provider security. You are saving a cup of water
    from the kitchen sink, while you fill the pool in the back yard.

  4. Buy your own private insurance–why is that hard to get? Nobody’s stopping
    you from paying doctors cash. Clearly that’s what you prefer, and your
    freedom to do so is intact.

  5. If I have pre-exist medical condition, I want the best medical treatment in
    the world can offer not some DMV Govt. run healthcare. Dont jive with my
    life because I want to live.

  6. Mr. President, I believe you mean every word when you claim that the
    healthcare system is seriously flawed, the fat cat insurance companies get
    fatter and the working man pays…and pays.. No doubt its not working! I
    like the sound of your ‘onecare’ State option. The problem is you have lost
    creditibility in convincing us that its cost isn’t going to bankrupt the
    Nation. I have children, where will America be 50 years from now?

  7. How do we know which HMOs are receiving subsidies??? those of us who are
    receiving Prescription Drugs at an affordable cost with an HMO would have a
    huge increase in costs and in many cases unaffordable costs by returning to
    the present Medicaid, plus suplemental insurance plus prescription coverage.

  8. If Washington could eliminate waste to cut the deficit, why haven’t they
    already done it? Because they can’t. The less they pay doctors for stuff
    that costs more than they get paid for it, the more fraud doctors are
    forced to commit to make up the loss by accepting medicare patients.

  9. What makes you think there isn’t? There isn’t a difference at all between
    Republicans and big business. There is little between them and blue dog
    Democrats, but there is substantial difference between progressive
    Democrats and big business. That is why politics is so partisan in this
    country. Progressive Democrats are in favor of principles of competition,
    home ownership and competition. Republicans aren’t for capitalism; they’re
    for corporatism.

  10. The bill will reduce the waste. Medicare is a popular program, so popular
    in fact that if any politician tries to mess with it, they soon become ex
    politicians. Has it ever occurred to you that the public option will be
    just as popular?

  11. The big health insurance companies cannot be good for Americans because
    their goal isn’t increased health for their customers, it’s increased
    wealth for their shareholders. The government on the other hand is required
    by law to provide for the common good. It’s only good or bad to the extent
    it does or doesn’t do what’s in the best interests of the majority.

  12. Who are you to say that the WHO is an evil globalist organization? Our
    largest U.S. corporations are huge multi-national corporations. Many of the
    things they do are evil.

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