United Healthcare Oxford Medicare Advantage Denies Coverage

Senior With Fractured Back Battles UnitedHealthcare Oxford Health Insurance Company Medicare Advantage Plan

GMA segment shows UnitedHealthcare/Oxford's Medicare Advantage Plan would not authorize woman's care due to alleged age discrimination.
Audit shows Medicare Advantage providers with backlogs of unanswered patient complaints, plans that improperly denied claims, and concerns about marketing practices which do not follow government guidelines.

10 thoughts on “United Healthcare Oxford Medicare Advantage Denies Coverage

  1. I really feel for these people. I worked for United Healthcare for over 10
    years and let me tell you, it is the worse Insurance company to have, let
    alone work for. They don’t treat their employees any better then they do Jo
    blow off the street and they rip you off at every chance they get. Take it
    from one with experience of being ripped off by them who knows and do you
    know what….they could care less.

  2. @R0YB0T thanks for reference, I always suspected these M’care Advantage
    policies were just another way for insurance whores to screw people, it’s
    like legalized theft!

  3. Absolutely abhor United Health Care. They border on evil with their dirty
    tricks. I had a simple doctor’s visit almost a YEAR ago and UHC continues
    to find reasons not to pay for a lab. A LAB, for crying out loud. The
    resources these people have spent over the course of 11 months trying not
    to pay a $728 lab bill surely has exceed the amount of the bill itself.
    Very unethical people.

  4. @jerrywitaj Hey Jerry! we read that same report, but what you fail to
    understand is that that number “2.2” is a number reported by the company.
    Billions of dollars every year. Do the math!

  5. Hey moron… The insurance companies operate on a 2.2 percent profit
    margin, hardly the “money grubbing” people you like to portray them as, but
    I’ll bet you didn’t know that. Also you dickhead, medicare denies coverage
    more than all the private companies COMBINED. And do you somehow think in
    your little pea brain that the government is going to do it better????? Its
    only going to get WORSE.

  6. Another example of greedy, money-grubby insurance companies. Don’t give up
    your Medicare benefits. Believe it or not, Medicare, a GOVERMENT run
    program is better than private, profit driven insurance that cares about
    only ONE thing – making money.

  7. Google: Medicare advantage windfall for private insurance companies Click
    on the 1st non sponsored link from familiesusa. From the site: Today,
    Medicare Advantage plans are paid more than ever… …This has resulted in
    billions of taxpayer dollars being spent on private coverage without any of
    the promised efficiency. Meanwhile, millions of seniors and people with
    disabilities who rely on traditional Medicare are paying extra money out of
    their own pockets to subsidize these plans.

  8. those motherfuckers. i hate them. they make you fucking beg and precertify
    for your meds too. a damn yeast pill needs precertification. I wish they
    would all burn in hell

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