Medicare Advantage Stories: Nurse Practitioners’ Perspective

Nurse practitioners count on Medicare Advantage because it works for patients. Watch their story to learn more.

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My name is Wendy Wright, and I’m a family nurse practitioner.

I have been involved with Medicare Advantage since its inception.

Medicare Advantage really supports, in my opinion, what I’ve built my career on.

A Medicare Advantage plan feels like your Medicare plan with added benefits, such as vision, or such as dental care.

One of the things I love about an Advantage Plan is I can work with these patients on preventing the problem, to try to keep them out of the hospital, to try to intervene early, long before the disease becomes out of control.

A patient of mine who chose a Medicare Advantage Plan after coming from a traditional Medicare plan, you know, this patient had multiple chronic illnesses and was needing to be seen on a fairly regular basis. Every time they came in, those costs really did add up. This patient decided that the Advantage Plan might offer them a better option. They knew going in – these are my fixed costs, this is what it’s going to be every month.

We need to give people access to care that's affordable, that's comprehensive, and we need to give them access to primary care.

For our older adults, it is imperative that someone be coordinating their care, that they be following up on the tests that need to be done. And so we need to protect this system.

There isn’t a day that goes by that one of my seniors doesn't say to me, “Promise me you’re not going anywhere. Promise me you’ll continue to take care of me,” because many of them, I’m growing old with them.

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