Poll: Americans Hate GOP Health Care Ideas, Want Medicare For All.

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A new Quinnipiac Poll has Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare at an 80% disapproval, but more surprising, 51 of Americans want single-payer, Medicare For All. Jeff Waldorf Breaks it down.

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Poll: Americans Hate GOP Health Care Ideas, Want Medicare For All.

37 thoughts on “Poll: Americans Hate GOP Health Care Ideas, Want Medicare For All.

  1. And not only that but America hates Mitch McConnell so why is he still around how does this hateful corrupt scum keep getting elected? People in Kentucky hate him.

  2. imagine if the Dems were to make medicare for all the center of their platform and also explicitly drop the anti-white plank of their platform! WOW!….they would dominate…but the big business overlords would not like that

    • T Lowe I want a Medicare for all too but it’s not going to happen with this Administration or this Congress or the Senate maybe if we get a Democratic Senate and we can get them to agree on a medicare-for-all then I see that likely to happen more than what we have now you got to realize Republicans don’t care for social programs they don’t believe in giveaways even though they give welfare checks to the top one 2%which I think it’s hypocritical but at the same time you know we have to push the Democratic Congress and the senate for it they will go for more than Republicans

  3. When government workers have Medicare for all and not America? I work for the government great benefits.. Tax payers pay their money let them dictate where their money goes.

  4. Maybe we ought to take a look at the rest of the developed world and establish health care as a right. Just sayin’. Just spend a bit less killing children in various middle-east countries, maybe? We are actually the terrorists.

  5. But Ben Shapiro said we can’t have single payer cause it would be stealing to want decent healthcare(this is all sarcasm by the way)

  6. Vehicle insurance works, overall. Everyone is obligated by law to have coverage. People who drive badly and thus have accidents which are their fault, get their premiums raised. A healthcare version would have people who choose less healthy lifestyles – skydivers, obesity (generally a matter of choice), smoking, etc. – pay a higher premium. Those who live healthier lives pay less. What is so unworkable about that???

  7. The democrats in their current iteration are a centre-right party. The republicans of 2017 are a right wing party, moving dangerously close to the political ideology of groups like the Taliban and Islamic State. The brutal reality is that the “sensible centre”, where good policy comes from is not between the two major parties, it is to the left of the democrats.

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