The Slow March To Medicare For ALL

TYT Politics Contributor Dylan Ratigan ( ) discusses how we are on our way to a medicare for all system that will ultimately save American healthcare.

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The Slow March To Medicare For ALL

15 thoughts on “The Slow March To Medicare For ALL

  1. Never going to happen. The structure of Medicare-for-all is perfectly sound but with the American public as unhealthy as we are public healthcare won’t be sustainable. In 2040, 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes and 45% will be obese. No healthcare system can support than many unhealthy people.

    • HeresyTalk said, “but if a third the country needs insulin then any public healthcare system automatically will go bankrupt.” If we paid current prices for insulin, yes. But under single-payer and negotiated prices, CBO has proven the cost should be ONE TENTH. People a lot smarter than you or I have been through this already … single-payer is our best option.

    • L K Yes it’s currently the best option. But it’s still cheaper to have a healthy public than one where everyone needs insulin. The increasingly unhealthy public will strain the country’s resources. Nations currently with Single-Payer are seeing costs explode as obesity is on the rise.

    • I dont think anybody is proposing that diabetic supplies should be paid for by the government. Theyre proposing an expansion of our existing Medicare program, where diabetics are given the option of buying supplemental coverage through Medicare part B or buying a private insurance plan for about the same price.

      Remember that Medicare was never intended to replace private insurance; nobody is expecting people to be able to meet their basic health needs through Medicare alone. This is essentially an expanded safety net that will allow people to buy less expensive private insurance plans than they would otherwise require.

    • Soapmore said, “nobody is expecting people to be able to meet their basic health needs through Medicare alone.” Oh YES WE ARE. That is the purpose of single-payer, Medicaid/Medicare for all. People could still purchase additional supplemental insurance over and above basic needs, however.

  2. Got a spare $20 trillion…LMOO….I am not getting on any healthcare plan that has unhealthy fat and lazy people like Chunk Urine….have him drop 40 lbs. and bathe and then MAYBE…

  3. I challenge anyone who believes this plan will help them to visit and enter the names of all their prescriptions, to see how many (if any) are covered by Medicare. Then think about how much this plan is going to cost you, if you’re in the work force, when the Medicare payroll tax is expanded to cover five times as many people.

  4. Medicare for all = less health costs
    Less health costs = more profit for 99.9% of businesses in America
    More profit for 99.9% of business = a better and more stable economy
    A better and more stable economy = a healthier and happier population

  5. ya why should private ins.make money off the sick? greed! medicare for all should be a right,concidering we the people are as servants to this economy that mainly benifits the government ,the rich,and corporations ,without we the people usa is in the toilet ,so flush it .

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