Al’s Plans And Obamacare, Medicare News Web

Obamacare Is Saved For Now. Lives are still in danger of a repeal.

Medicare is close to being gutted and privatized, Medicaid to lose 1.5 Trillion Dollars and CHIP for Children Stopped.

All the protections that many indeed most Americans depend on Can be GONE By November 2018!

Legally, Peacefully, Ethically and Financially FIGHT BACK!

Save Lives Including Yours.

1-202-224-3121 Call Congress.

Save 50.00 Dollars Every American 314 Million Americans Every Pay Period!

LOCK IT UP! Each week in a Safe for at least 365 days a year.

Never touch it for any reason. I know it's Hard to do. We Need to stop their Evil in DC and in America this will get their attention and They Will RETREAT!

Save 2,400 Dollars a year and tell Congress No More Harming us and being bought off to the highest bidder.


I want to help you.

Albert Torcaso

Al's Plans And Obamacare, Medicare News Web

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