Meet the Press: Chuck Todd asks Schumer about PCCC/Adam Green’s NYT Medicare for All Quote

Meet the Press: Chuck Todd asks Schumer about PCCC/Adam Green's NYT Medicare for All Quote

9 thoughts on “Meet the Press: Chuck Todd asks Schumer about PCCC/Adam Green’s NYT Medicare for All Quote

  1. Our government under people like Chuck and Nancy is ineffective they had their chance and made thing worst,and now you all want them to do more damage,all these people want is more of your money and your freedom with no results,the politically correct gang doesn’t care about you and never did! Power is all they want,and during the 2016 election showed us their true colors , the Obama administration and ALL politicians on Capitol Hill using the FBI committed treason to keep a outsider out of the Whitehouse because thing like our taxes being used to settle sexual asualt lawsuits and having their own set of rule not the same rules you and I live under, passing a law now doesn’t make up for it because the rule should have never existed in the first place these abuses of power is government are wide from spying on Americans to lack of transparency,to many closed door hearings, illegally leaking information to the press who by the way are neck deep in the conspiracy to ruin anything President Trump has tried to fix ,we need to rein in China and fix NAFTA and immigration being kicked down the road for decades because their largest donors use illegal immigrants to save money,mean while our homeless population grows.politicians like the way things like the way things are and rightfully frightened that a outsider can bring the whole corrupt system down on their heads and not to sound like I am inciting violence but sometimes must be done,for Chuck to say there won’t be no deal is unfair to the people of American because we all know that President Trump won on this and many other issues and if party politicians refuse to work with the President and work out a compromise then they are failed us and are doing us harm! Maybe we should buy so yellow vests and protest like France until they drop all investigations against the President and start working with him because any career politician on Capitol Hill has broken laws ten times and more than him but just get it covered up by the deep state. It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican President Trump is the only one in Washington DC that respects you and your consistutional rights and when other Presidents always gave in to the rich donors and corrupt politicians and failed to live up to their campaign promises President Donald Trump won’t give up,yes he’s not politically correct or soft spoken but he gets results and if you all wake up and demand that Capital Hill get off their corrupt asses and do something instead of talk we will all be richer and safer!

    • no halo what we need to do is stop corporate republicans that have the best of everything like yourself from controlling WE THE PEOPLE. What do corporate republicans offer America other than “YUGE” profits for themselves. WE THE PEOPLE need to take back our country with strong Democratic Party victories. America is not a for profit business. Elections matter, all votes matter. It’s your nation, make it work for you.

    • First it’s “Gov “in” charge not “Gov I” and the word is except and not accept. Medicare is run very efficiently as I can attest to. Stop spouting all the Repub talking points and check the facts.

    • Government can’t even manage itself and you want them to manage your health care LoL lower the price of health care overall and then we can talk about Medicare for all.

    • +no halo Medicare for all would cost 5.1 trillion dollars less than we already plan on spending on healthcare. It would literally cost the country less.

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