Progressive Priorities: Living Wage, Medicare For All And Education!


Aida Rodriguez breaks down what she thinks Progressive's need to fight for. Cenk Uygur and Aida Rodriguez, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Aida Rodriguez

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Aida Rodriguez


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Progressive Priorities: Living Wage, Medicare For All And Education!

45 thoughts on “Progressive Priorities: Living Wage, Medicare For All And Education!

  1. health-care, education, livable wage and equality for all. trump’s maga is BS, the only thing trump accomplished was bringing the bigots out of their closets.

  2. Gotta get Citizens United SCOTUS ruling blunder overturned. PAC and SuperPAC corruption means corporations get what they want, which is maximum profits with the least profit SHARING with their laborers. Anyone else find it wild that Trumpliklans have NO ISSUE with Trump MAGA crap made in China WITH CHINESE JOBS, after Decades of Trump buying building materials from China for his ‘bottom line’ debt minimizing? Trump could be one of our worst business persons ever in American history, if facts matter. But Citizens United SCOTUS ruling blunder created this corporate ownership of our elections since hanging chad warned Newt Fruit that the KKK has to cheat to ‘win’. Newt owns this Trump crap. And Norquist. Both need a Leavenworth Rock Wall blindfold.

  3. Every video: “As a person of color…”
    I am, too, but I don’t go around mentioning it in every single conversation as if it has any relevance on every topic.

    • You’re also younger than she is so haven’t lived the marginalized experience she’s had to live where she grew a tough skin.
      That’s obviously how she overcomes the complex she has. Does it negatively affect you? No
      So let it be like Jill Scott saaaang

  4. I agree most ppl are unaware of what is really going on. We have to do something to educate ppl idk what but it is scary to know that ppl who have no idea what is really going on are voting!

  5. It’s interesting to see the gradual change in the comments section as more right wing people have discovered tyt… an ever increasing amount of hate and negativity. It’s pretty hilarious.

  6. Funny to me that these so called leftist economic aspects aren’t considered really leftist in EU. They are just guaranteed basic necessities.

  7. There are ten countries in the world that have a AAA credit rating from the three international credit rating agencies, S&P, Moody’s and Fitch. These countries are:


    Also known as welfare states.

  8. Look all, this is from 52 yrs of living. A well educated, well paid, well fed and healthy population is what is needed. I mind paying taxes to feather nests of rich, old, white men who only want power and money. I DO NOT MIND paying taxes when that money is spent well. Like, oh, federalized education (every kid gets the same textbooks, etc. A flat playing field and definetly heavy civics), make sure everyone is fed properly (this includes clean air to breathe and clean water to drink), make sure everyone is healthy including eyes, ears, and mental health…I thank Dr Bodansky for my civics and my kids for getting me out of just going along with the status quo. We need far thinkers in office.

    • An outrageous number of college students today have to forgo meals and even live out of their car. With all of the money the government gives the colleges, they need to ensure a reasonable cost option to include room and board.

    • Whats your point? There are plenty of dumbass white peepo today that seem to think ‘white¨people’ are evil or guilty of something,

  9. Homelessness is a verrrrrry tricky issue. Many, if not most, of them are mentally ill, sometimes untreatably so. You can give them a place to live that’s safe and clean, and they’ll think there are spies in the walls and go sleep on the street again. Even if you had the resources to treat them medically/psychiatrically, there’ll still be a population of chronically ill and homeless.

    • +countmein33 seriously, there has been research on this and cities have funded homes for people with successful results. You are just interjecting your feelings into this conversation when ten sexonds of Google searching could have saved you the embarrassment.

    • +Mike Harold I’m not talking about the temporary homeless who just lost a spouse or a job, and will be back on their feet in 18 months. I’m talking about the mentally ill homeless who wouldn’t stay in a clean, safe apartment if you gave it to them. Have you ever spoken to a paranoid schizophrenic? To them, nowhere is safe, nowhere is private. People are spying on them, following them, eavesdropping on them. If you try to tell them different, they just get mad at you. They don’t go in for treatment or even counseling, because they don’t recognize their own illness. You can’t make them get treatment unless they’re a danger to themselves or others, and they’re usually not.

  10. Aida is the worst political commentator I have ever seen. She should not even be on the show, never mind have her own segment where she can just spew her victim-hood onto the poor viewers’ faces. She constantly has this ridiculous idea in her head that she has the right to speak for “marginalized” groups all across the country; in reality, she has no right to do so.

    I do not care if a politician was poor, middle-class, or spewing money out of every orifice, I believe in a Meritocracy where people like Cortez — who are so daft they can barely form coherent speech — are kicked to the curb, not raised up.

    This is not a rich vs. poor, White vs. Black, dumb vs. intelligent situation — things are not black-and-white.

    I am not a racist; hence, I do not care if someone is Puerto-Rican, unlike T.Y.T. seems to be.

    There is nothing wrong with rich towns using their money to fund nice public buildings and infrastructure. The money belongs to the people of the town, it would be theft to steal their money and make them suffer with the same mediocre things as the deplorable citizens of other towns.

    “We” do not have to take care of homeless people. That is the farthest from fair you can imagine. Homeless people take care of themselves or take private cash that is not stolen from unwilling cash cows.

  11. For the love of got get Aida off TYT, she’s not done a single segment where she didn’t bring up the phrase “people of colour” and doesn’t seem to possess any knowledge about anything at all, least of all, politics.

    • Robban Dahlgren Jonsson big fax I eye roll when she brings up anything poc like bro I’m Latino and I’m not worried about that even though I too experience the discrimination or flat out racism from time to time but things are changing and I really just want a informed discussion to try and find solutions to problems

  12. Rodriguez said TYT isn’t partisan.
    TYT is incredibly partisan for the progressive ticket. It’s why people love and hate it.

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