Exclusive: Secretary Azar on Medicare, the opioid crisis

Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar weighs in on 'Justice with Judge Jeanine.'

Exclusive: Secretary Azar on Medicare, the opioid crisis

47 thoughts on “Exclusive: Secretary Azar on Medicare, the opioid crisis

  1. It’s a terrible thing to say but the opioid epidemic is a weapon used vs America so don’t expect any recovery. That’s not the nature of the epidemic. It’s a creation of the People’s Liberation Army, who are only playing MAGA. It’s too ingrained to stop without the right medicine- pure marijuana. You can’t have both.

    • What God wall do with all these idiots like you watching cartoons thinking they no anything . Is state run if you to idiot to no first amendment then just know American news is not pick cartoon you idiot agree with but facts if government hasn’t Ste are coutry it supposed to be . Unbias unopionated facted checked . All channels if free supposed to be same news just different anchors you idiot unamerican morons

  2. Well the truth be told. The war on drugs started in Vietnam. The triangle. We only went there to protect the trade. The war on drugs was about who could get them first not who could stop them. The CIA was developed for that very reason, to get them. Our own government started This. They make a problem then want to clean it up. Our government is wicked. I’m so glad we finally have someone who is truly trying to pull the plug on the cabal. Czars.

    • Truth told you Morons think this news is unamerican as you news America news supposed to be unbias unopionated facted checked news for reason you fucks if Americans should now why idiots is first amendment protection only protection America has against idiots and government wtf America you grow up in China ruining this country faster than nuke ci moron

    • Billy Anderson Some people don’t want the border wall and I don’t know why. They say it wouldn’t help. I am for the wall because other countries have used this method and say it was effective. I will take the word of people with experience over what people think will be the result.

    • Tracy Birkland That is true but here in Ohio the addiction started with the state being flooded with perks and oxys. Kids were eating and snorting them. Alot of people didn’t know perks even contained opiates. 11 doctors lost there licences in Ohio alone. After the pill reductions the addiction stayed. Now we have all the fentinal and other drugs that come China to Mexico to USA.

    • Matt Bastubee I agree 100% I was in an auto accident in 2005 and had never taken more than Vicodin after surgery then I was sent to a clinic that prescribed morphine, fentanyl, then methadone. I almost lost EVERYTHING all because of these meds. I agree we need to regulate the drugs prescribed however I also know people Need their medicine for pain. The calculation is also flawed in that if you had opioids in the past and die now they lump that into opioid deaths.

    • Tracy Birkland I understand your struggles. My daughter has been a addict for last couple of years. Nothing can prepare you for the destruction opioid addiction causes. Seems like the phama end of this is under control as far as over prescribed drugs. Now we have to deal with the fallout. The amount of illicit opioids on the streets is alarming. Also now suboxin a drug used in outpatient treatment is being abused. If you are in recovery I wish you all the best and hope good things come from it.

  3. We started with the war on drugs, upped to the war on terrorism, now the war on immigration.. fake wars on enemies who have no government or country. perfect for fear-mongering

  4. First the actual “age” to become a senior varies from person to person. They always intended to increase the age to be recognized as a senior if life expectancy went up. There is qualifications to determine your real life expectancy. For instance, if you have had a heart surgery that is 10 to 15 years off your life which means someone at the age fo 50 will be estimated to be up to 65 years old and if they determine that the new age for seniority is now 68 and in 3 years it goes up to 69 and 3 more to 70 you can see then how the system CHEATS ALL Americans over time! Medicare for all will get rid of the age restriction which is actually very corrupt on how it classifies a senior. And the biggest problem with medicare is out of pocket payments. If you tell people for every doctors visit you have to pay 10$ and for every specialist 15$ they will not go to the doctor as often or abuse the system. That is the biggest problem with the medicare system.

  5. this is all well and good. but people with Chronic pain need their meds. we have people killing themselves to stop the pain. just stopping law abiding citizens from getting the meds they NEED isnt going to help. some of them will get drugs from the street and DIE because of FENTANYL that’s smuggled into this country!

    • Opiods are dangerous no matter who uses them. Medicinal marijuana is by far a much better solution.
      It is not addictve and in most cases does a much better job on pain than dangerous addictive medicines pushed by big pharm.

    • ​+M.L. DeMedal Medical marijuana does not work for a lot of chronic pain. CPP (chronic pain patients) are being capped, forced tapered and opioids are completely w/d which puts CPP’s in a bad situation. Imagine you were on a medication that helps you function at 80% then that med is taken from you. Your ability to do simple things like shower, walk, etc are now gone.

    • +Ravenghunter, this is me you are describing. Even with the medication that I’ve taken for 8 years I’m still bedridden more than half my life.
      A spinal cord injury left me mostly paralyzed below the waist, but the sense of feeling in my lower body is still very good.
      I can’t stand without holding onto a stationary object, and even then for only a few minutes at the most. I can’t sit for more than a half an hour so I’m left lying in bed.
      It is a terrorizing feeling to need my prescription refilled (one with additional prescribed refills), but being unable to do so because my pharmacy (and surrounding pharmacies also) no longer have any supply remaining.
      They’ve been without any on hand for up to a week because their supplier is out of my medication too.
      This has only been an issue for about a year now.
      I panic each time I call in my refill anymore. I’m terrified to hear I will not be able to get my prescription filled when it’s due (and I need it).
      I’ve had to spread doses out so I have a couple remaining when it’s due, but spreading the prescription out has a devastating effect on my health. I will literally be bed ridden and unable to move.
      These new regulations have made life a living hell at times.

  6. can we just applaud the incredible work the medical practitioners have done pushing these drugs and thank them for their contribution to the opioid crisis?

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  7. Wow, Trumps the bestest of the best! Who believes all this fox fake news crap. Seniors still pay for Medicare ever month and paid into social security. Republicans always make this sound like some sort of free program.

    • Are you in whatever so you think they would stop Pao in when it runs out . Or that you will ever see it . Or think these worm aren’t ripping us of at hospital nursing homes . Robing use blind

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