War Between Progressives & Corporatists Over Medicare for All is Coming

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War Between Progressives & Corporatists Over Medicare for All is Coming

72 thoughts on “War Between Progressives & Corporatists Over Medicare for All is Coming

    • +SARAH Connors Oh, I love AOC. But I never even knew about about her until after Trump was elected. Trump woke me up when he was in an interview before he was president, he was saying something about Russia is increasing their nuclear arsenal and the US should also make more nukes to counter Russia. That is absolute madness. Clearly most people don’t understand just how world ending nukes are. Every single nuclear bomb needs to be removed, or repurposed for asteroid defense.

      Edit: As a matter of fact, I was going to vote for Trump, because I DESPISE Hillary. But once he said we need more nukes, I quickly realized how incompetent he is.

  1. It’s time for us on the left to step it up. Keep relentlessly contacting your reps about #MedicareForAll. Keep up the phone calls, emails, and texts. Keep up the fight online — too. Don’t give up. Don’t back down. Stay vigilant. Thank you, Humanist Report, TYT, Secular Talk and others. I’m up for the fight. I will fight with you. Thank you for fighting for progressive values!

    • Progressive Resistance Media PRM if I could comfortably side with the left without feeling like I was taking the side of s group of lunatics then I’d gladly do that, but how about I do it from the middle instead if that’s okay? Medicare for all but I ain’t a leftist until the left fixes it’s self

    • Ann Linley Instead of focusing on healthcare, we should focus on further tax cuts. Trump has saved working families $3.2 trillion thanks to the tax cut last year. Trump should tell Congress I am presenting a larger tax cut this year, and if you don’t pass it I will shut the government down. As for healthcare, get the government out of it, and privatize it.

    • +Harry Mann Jr Why are you lying about what Trump did with the tax cuts? He clearly wasn’t looking out for working-class families when he passed them. And their passage, especially during a deficit, only serves to do more harm than good, as will be proven by the incoming recession caused by Trump’s economic policies. As for healthcare, privatizing it isn’t the answer to fixing it. The answer to fixing it lies within the healthcare systems found in countries like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

    • I didn’t lie. Trump cut taxes. Medicare For All supporters want to raise taxes. I prefer keeping more of my money. I want more tax cuts and the hell with healthcare.

    • +Harry Mann Jr The tax cuts only benefited those who didn’t need tax cuts in the first place, i.e. the already wealthy. But for everyone else, they did more harm than good. Property owners for example were hit pretty hard by the tax cuts because they got rid of provisions that lowered taxes for them in the first place. So don’t act like tax cuts are a good thing when even history shows that they’re not. There’s a reason why even George Bush Sr disagreed with Reagan’s economic policies.

  2. It has been reported that a Texas Supreme Court Judge has just struck Obamacare down as unconstitutional. Yet, Pelosi, Schumer, and former crony associates of the Clintons will still defend it to the high heavens. The mandate has been stripped, the bill has been judged as unconstitutional and just as many people will drop out of it compared to last year because the deductibles and monthly premiums are too high due to lack of cost controls implemented in the bill. There is nothing to defend — but all three mentions will stay clueless.

    • +Harry Mann Jr it would raise taxes by 1 or 2%. But it SAVES you huge amounts of money in the long run. You will NOT have to pay $400 a month in premiums, $6000 deductibles, or $50 copays. No more $1200 ambulance rides. No more having to choose between paying for medication or paying the rent. No more medical bankruptcy.

    • +Harry Mann Jr – Unless you now have no health insurance, the cost of your health insurance premium, co-pay, and deductible are almost 100% sure to be more than the amount of tax you would pay. So, you pay a little more tax, but both you and your employer no longer have to pay insurance premiums and you no longer have to pay either a deductible or co-pay. That means after the addition and deduction you have more money in your pocket every year to spend on the things you like.

      Plus, a lot of things that are now excluded from health insurance coverage would be covered under universal health care. That means you no longer have to pay for 100% of non-covered medical treatment and no longer have to ever worry about pre-existing conditions.

      Another advantage is that you are no longer tied to a specific job just so that you can keep the medical insurance you have now with your current employer. So, you don’t have to stay in a shitty job just to keep health care coverage.

      Try looking past the taxes. The people who don’t want you and others to have any kind of health care are using it as a scam argument because they know that once they mention “tax”, many people’s brains freeze and people stop thinking about the overall effect.

  3. I knew this was coming and I am READY. Insurance companies come at us bro…..because you have no idea how nasty we will fight !

  4. Suggestion for Congress people fighting this.when you respond to someone over healthcare “thank you senator xyz, who takes money from Aetna and blue cross, I have another question…”

    • lostecho1125 Public shaming? I don’t want to pay outrageous taxes for your free healthcare.

      It will be rationed healthcare at best.

      I am supporting every politician that says no to “free” healthcare.

    • Yep! And has been suggested by many before, politicians should have to wear their sponsors logos on themselves like NASCAR drivers.

    • +Ann Linley you’d pay less than the premiums you pay now. But go ahead and kick yourself in the kneecaps to spite the “undeserving” that totally makes sense.

      Right now people that work full time die from preventable things like not being able to afford insulin. Guess they don’t matter to you to the point that you don’t want to even know who pays for your politicians. Healthcare, taxes whether we go to war, all of these and more can be affected by those doners.

    • +Kurt Hagen “Googling it” doesn’t prove anything about this channel being the propaganda outlet you’re claiming it to be, man. To say nothing about the fact that this isn’t Breetfart or Fox Spews.

    • LittleAl016 Well, attempting to get an NPC to think for itself was a long shot any way, I however can’t do anything with outright denial. Best of luck to you.

  5. Thailand through use of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization that produces generic medication for their universal coverage
    program and the use of compulsory licenses , which allow governments to produce or import generic versions of patented
    medication under WTO law are able to control drug prices. It is amazing how other countries are able to control healthcare costs and prevent the pharmaceutical companies from ripping off their citizens but not the strongest, wealthiest, and most powerful nation on earth.

    • David Eilering – amazing, indeed, until you realize that our strength, wealth, and power actually came from taking advantage of working-poor and working-class folks in the first place. Then, it all makes sense.

    • +lostecho1125 – I agree 100%. Our government and its policies work for the rich and do nothing for the rest. All wealth is created by labor not by the greedy rich who only take from society.

    • Hmm… why do you think we are the wealthiest? Maybe it’s all those million/billionairs who get fat off of us, who make us pay more for healthcare.
      We are the wealthiest only if you consider the average and billionairs skew the average. (I do agree with you 😉

    • You are spot on and all anyone with an open mind just has to do is search through Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Here is an list of countries with year https://www.health.ny.gov/regulations/hcra/univ_hlth_care.htm Their citizens have better systems and have longer life expectancies than us in the self-proclaimed greatest country in the world. However, It is the greatest country for greed, corruption etc. The only reason we do not have universal healthcare is because our politicians have been bought by big pharma, the insurance and food production industries and any other institutions where it’s in their coprorate interest to maintain the status quo of profits before people’s welfare. It’s time people wakeup up and stop listening to the propoganda of these industries. It is my belief that we are strictly seen as dollars to all of the above. Here are two articles that enlighten that our current system of healthcare in not the best. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/09/18/upshot/best-health-care-system-country-bracket.html ….

  6. We need to fight harder and harder if we have to take up arms against corporate Democrats and the evil corporations that fund them, then so be it!

    We need drastic changes, NOT incrementalism! We must never give a millimeter of ground to these traitors to the people!

    • Patrick Milewski So you are going to storm Amazon?

      What’s the plan? You are going to pull out a gun and do What?

      I would like to hear this because you sound like a moron.

    • We are going to take up arms by voting their corrupt asses out their legislative seats and put people in their places who represent us without corporate ties to influence their loyalties to serve We The People!

    • +LittleAl016
      Trickle down economics is a myth, no economist uses that word, another word invented by politicians.I think what you mean is supply side economics, which does works and is good for the people.

      I totally understands that cutting too many taxes and also having too much taxes is bad, but if you talk about the taxes that Trump implemented in 2017 are extremely good for our economy, you can check the numbers.

      Since you don’t like *”fAr RiGhT sOuRcEs”* I’ll give you a source from the most *”rEliAbLe”* news network out there:

      Also Trump just signed an executive order promoting opportunity zones that can bring investors and billions of dollars to low income towns. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/dec/12/trump-sign-executive-order-opportunity-zones/ (Which you can thank tax cuts for this.)

      And more accomplishments. https://www.whitehouse.gov/trump-administration-accomplishments/

    • +Ali Dominguez Trickle-down economics is literally what describes the tax cuts. How does that work for the economy when the average working American receives no benefit from them, and when they get rid of already existing tax deductions?

      And by the way, here’s some of the real impact those tax cuts are having. https://youtu.be/VcsOZuXFvv4

    • Ali Dominguez I’m sorry to see people like you haven’t wised up yet. You have learned some economic theory pretty well, but have you considered back room political maneuvering and payback? Have you considered why the richest people in our country have gotten more and more of the wealth in this country while the working class gains have been flat at best?

      The tax cuts don’t help most Americans, neither does global warming, or cutting water quality standards, etc.
      Yes, the rich are living longer while the rest of us, on average are dying younger.
      It would be nice if you found the correct balance of wanting to improve the average citizens life rather than buying into reagan’s voodoo economics and ballooning the deficit to make the already rich.
      A couple facts to add to your economic knowledge:
      1. Anyone with a college education can present a reasonable argument on almost anything.
      2. More often than not, one can delude themselves into believing almost anything, especially if it benefits them financially (or ideologically, or politically, etc.). I shy away discussing religion… But,
      3. If you want to be a good man, make your policy decisions based on how the given policy improves the average person’s life, keeping in mind points one and two.
      Best wishes on life’s journey.

    • The reason why the richest have gotten more and more wealth is because the rich create more and more supply, which means more money, also more innovation which also equals more money.The more a business earns the more taxes the government can get from them, the more taxes a government gets, the more it benefits the lower class.

      The working class gains are far from flat, as unemployment rate is going up and new opportunity zones will bring billions of dollars to low income towns ,Amazon and many other companies are beginning to raise their wages.Also the working class has been hugely benefited due to innovations made by *”evil businesses.”*
      For example: the automobile, airplane, Digital Computer, smartphone, internet, birth control, etc.

      You get the point, if it wasn’t for this big “evil” businesses we would still be living in huts.
      I wish the best for you too.

  7. Healthcare is just a normal and expected aspect of a legitimate society.
    Business and healthcare is contradictory.
    Health insurance is a scam that makes ‘profits’ by denying healthcare, NOT by providing it.
    They, the health insurance companies are a parasitic middle man that diminishes the provision of healthcare.
    This is obvious , acedemic , blatant .

    • We would be better off with out health insurance companies or their deals with health providers which increase prices to make them seem valuable. But I do believe a Medicare for all system would be the best choice.

  8. Crazy how we have to “fight” for it when every developed nations has proven it works. Goes to show you how far right American politics are

  9. Please when people say that there’s nothing in the constitution that allows the government to set up healthcare such as Medicare for All, cite to Article 1 section 8. This is the section that authorizes congress to impose taxes and pay for defense and the general welfare. This is the section cited by the Supreme Court many years ago in upholding the constitutionality of Medicare, Medicaid, federal unemployment insurance and social security.

    • Ann Linley That may be true (if you’re able-bodied or have someone to care for you), but once you’re there, quality of care and treatment options vary depending on your insurance provider. It is not uncommon for people to die because their provider wouldn’t cover the care they needed. If you’re ok with this state of affairs, fine, but the majority of your fellow citizens (including >50% of Republicans) are not.

    • Chris Unfortunately Chris the United States can’t afford a Single Payer Healthcare system.

      We are 22 trillion dollars in debt, Medicare will be insolvent by 2026 and Social Security is not far behind.

      How are we going to have 330 million people added to an already failing system?

      Chris, California looked into doing a single payer system and determined it was to expensive. It would require funding that exceeded their state budget and the tax would be 15% of your annual salary.

      I assume it would be an employee/employer split. Even so that’s 7.5%. So if you make 75k annually and have 4 kids that’s $5626.00 just for Medicare deduction. Add in Federal, State, and every other deduction… you will be looking at approximately 40% in payroll tax. The people making 750k annually with no kids will be paying a whopping 56k for healthcare. No thanks.

      Any system where those who take more than they put in will not last.

      Medicare for All works out great for those who take more than they put in. If I had 4 kids and made 50k annually I would want Medicare for all too. It’s a great deal.

      I have fantastic insurance and have zero interest or incentive in trading it it in for an expensive cost, longer wait times and rationed healthcare.

  10. The brilliance of Bernie by rebranding universal healthcare and single payer as Medicare for All. Now it has 70% support. Which just goes to show you how popular Medicare is, and how happy people are with it.

    • +Bearded Jagger , that’s rich. You claim I dismiss numbers when what I am doing is showing shortcomings in the numbers you are presenting. It is clear who are more knowledgeable in this topic based on the numerous sources I provided and how you can only resort to polls.

    • +whyamimrpink78 Let’s review. You’ve presented one flimsy article about margins of error by a professor at Columbia University; two professors who showed that when you remove car accidents and murders, the US is number 1 in life expectancy; and several articles about obesity, cancer and heart disease that have little relevance to this discussion. Whereas I’ve cited two substantial studies on health care by country by WHO and The Gates Foundation (both of which I’ve read, including their methodology), another comprehensive study on the Veterans Health Administration, two polls on whether Americans want Medicare for All, and one study that showed Americans with government health plans are most satisfied. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what universe you live in where what you presented is more substantiative than what I presented.

    • +Bearded Jagger , you have not countered anything I posted. I countered what you have posted and justified my stance. For example, I said that polls are unreliable and I gave a strong justification on it in how opinions changes when more information is given. Asking people about complex issues when they have not done much work in them is not a reliable source. I showed you how healthcare rankings are arbitrary as there are many factors outside of healthcare systems that influence the numbers. You pointed to overall life expectancy where I pointed at other factors that influence life expectancy. Also, I posted an entire book and studies where you posted only articles. So I would say what I posted has more substance.

      Even at that the overall point is that this issue is complex. You are grossly over simplifying it. You gave data and I countered with data and your only argument is to say “you are wrong”. Here is an expert on this issue


      But you will just dismiss this with no justification.

    • +whyamimrpink78 In _your_ opinion you gave a strong justification on how opinions change when more information is given and blah blah blah, but you in no way shape or form have refuted the studies or polls I presented. Also, if you go back and read what I said about life expectancy, I said _”on top of that,”_ which wasn’t a factor in either of the studies I presented by WHO and The Gates Foundation with regard to rankings. Hence the words “On top of that.” Not sure why you keep bringing it up.

      One factor in each of those studies (among many other metrics) that hasn’t been mentioned is efficiency, and that can’t refuted no matter how hard you try. We spend far more per capita on healthcare than the aforementioned Western European/Nordic countries.

      You present one thing, I present another, but you haven’t specifically disproven any of these polls or studies. You offer vague generalities and opinions. And you certainly haven’t presented a study as comprehensive as The Gates Foundation study debunking that study, other than using the right wing go-to line “healthcare rankings are arbitrary” because you don’t like the results. I’ve heard it before from other conservatives who don’t like what they hear. Try again.

      Here’s something else you can’t refute. America is the only developed country that doesn’t guarantee healthcare to all its citizens. The concept of “medical bankruptcies” doesn’t exist in those countries with single payer. End of argument.

  11. Here is a simple fix. Add a public option to the ACA. Something like Bernie’s improved Medicare for All. People would pay taxes to the federal government instead of premiums to private insurance companies. What do you think would happen? Why do you think the insurance industry refused to support a public option and Dems didn’t even have the votes for it, so Obama dropped it? Because it would be sooooo much cheaper and better than anything the private industry can offer. They wouldn’t be able to compete, as everyone would flock to the public option and they know it! It would probably cost half what the private insurance costs, but with little or no copays and deductibles. Done. The private insurers would drop out of the ACA exchanges and all that would be left is the public option.

    • yea allow buy-into medicare if they want to add it to ACA through tax which is how the rest of the world is doing single-payer- France has public and private options and the best health care system in the world

  12. The war over universal healthcare is like the war on slavery. There will be a drastic shift in society, but the end result will be much better than what we had.

  13. Cuba has single payer healthcare for all its citizens! Why do US citizens settle for insurance companies deciding what they will pay or not pay for. I mean high deductibles of $6,000 or more before the insurance kicks in! Co-pays each time you walk into an doctor’s office or hospitals for treatment. These co-pays and deductibles are just another form of taxation in my opinion. The corrupt Democratic officials taking industry lobbists money sell their votes and need to be booted to the curb. We need to have healthcare as a right and not a privilege to pay to get. Every American deserves access to healthcare just like every child has access to public education. Communities have access to fire department and police services etc. We need healthcare without the fear that one accident or health crisis risks financial ruin. #MedicareForAll

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