Medicare Supplement Plan G – Is it Better Than Plan F? 888-891-0229

Medicare Supplement Plan G –

Why Plan G will once again be one of the most popular Medicare supplement plans 2017.

Are you a retiree Losing your Healthcare and have been told that you must use OneExchange to get your subsidy? Well you only have to use them for your part D drug plan, but be careful! They may only show you two or three options for Medicare Supplement Plans in 2017 for Retirees and they are often MUCH HIGHER in premiums than what we can show you! Don't be misled and check all your options. You worked hard for your GE Retiree Healthcare. There's no reason to pay anymore than you should, and you DON'T have to use OneExchange for your Medicare Supplement insurance!

Finding Medigap Plans has never been easier!

We helped thousands of people just like yourself, including those who lost their employer retiree healthcare benefits. People from Boeing, AT&T, and now GE Retirees…we can show you the BEST options available in your area for Medicare Supplement Plans, at the lowest premiums. And Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2016 is definitely a great option, especially over Plan F.

Are you just turning 65 this year or in 2017 and wondering what the best Medicare Supplement plan is? Many agents will tell you it's Plan F. They'll say it's the best plan because it covers everything 100%. While this is true, they're not writing the check for the monthly premium each month for you, are they?

You need to look at all of your options, and Medicare Supplement Plan G is always always a better choice than Plan F. Medicare Supplement Plan G is almost identical to Plan F except for one small deductible. We also realize how confusing things like Medicare Part D 2017 plans can be, and we're here to help!

In fact Plan G is becoming increasingly popular, and my guess is that more and more people turning 65 will end up on Medicare Supplement Plan G even over Plan F. And although nothing is written in stone yet, it is quite likely that if the government does decide to make any major changes to Medigap plans they will likely first go after plans that offer what is called "first dollar coverage". This means Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan C, as these plans begin paying 100% the very first day people get enrolled. This becomes quite costly for everyone if people start visiting their doctor for every little health problem.

So why choose Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2017 or even this year? You'll save money on Plan G! Not only are the premiums lower, but the rate increase each year average far less than Medigap Plan F. Even after you pay the Part B deductible yourself you almost always end up saving money with Plan G. In some cases the savings are incredible. For instance with people age 70 and above in many zip codes you can save hundreds of dollars per year by going with Medicare Supplement plan G rather than Plan F.

Learn why Medicare Supplement Plan G could be your very best choice for a Medigap plan and what it might cost you if you go with Plan F. One important thing to remember is that regardless of which Medigap plan you choose, each insurance company has the exact same benefits and coverage for each plan letter. This means a Medicare Supplement Plan G from Aetna has the same benefits of a Plan G from AARP.

This is because the plans are standardized by Medicare, who chooses what each plan's benefits will be. That however, is where the similarities stop. That's because each insurance company is allowed to charge different monthly premiums for the exact same plans and benefits. This means if you choose the wrong company it could end up costing you hundreds or thousands of extra dollars per year!

One of the most popular companies will be for AARP medicare supplement plans in 2017. At this time there is no AARP Medicare supplement Plan G. There will possibly be one coming out in 2018 so subscribe to our channel to keep up with all the latest news for AARP Medigap plans.

Don't get caught paying too much for Medicare Supplement Plan G. Learn what the best way to shop for a Medicare supplement plan is, and how to choose properly. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to learn what the 2017 Medicare Part B deductible will be.

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Medicare Supplement plan G in 2017

27 thoughts on “Medicare Supplement Plan G – Is it Better Than Plan F? 888-891-0229

  1. Remember the new Part B deductible for 2016 is $166! Watch the video for a
    great example of the savings you could get between Plan F and G.

  2. Retired, 75 yrs. and live in area code Ohio 45885. Have Original Medicare
    and Prescription Plan D. This is my mom, she decided to move to this area
    and left her previous retirement plan January, have the letter from the
    plan of the dissolution.What is the best approach she is a healthy just
    blood pressure (control it). What is the best Medigap suplement best for
    her, don’t want to pay for think that she don’t need like foreign travel
    emergency, she just like to visit Puerto Rico (is USA).Also those
    Supplement work in other area of where she is now like if she go to Florida
    or other places of Ohio? In other word in the USA?

    • +Gladys Torres Hi Gladys, with your Mom’s health being good she can likely
      qualify for any plan we find. I would suggest a Plan G or a Plan N. We can
      certainly help you find the lowest rate with the best company for either.
      She’ll receive the foreign travel benefit regardless of the plan (most
      plans that is), so it’s not like she’s paying extra for it.

      With any Medicare Supplement plan she can use it anywhere in the country
      including Florida or other parts of Ohio. There is no network, she must
      simply visit a doctor who accepts regular Medicare. She’s good to go!

      Please call my agent Dianna when you have a moment direct at 512-900-3204.
      Tell her we chatted on here and Dianna will find her the very best option
      and easily answer any other questions you might have. Thanks!

  3. Yes it can get really confusing.In this video you have made it so clear
    what savings anyone can get from the plans, that you offer. Thank you.

  4. With lower premiums and rate increases each year over Plan G, Medicare
    supplement Plan G is quickly becoming the most popular Medicare supplement

  5. so when we have plan G, used thw plan we are the one to file the visit for
    the provider or the Dr or hospital is the one who file . Who do the job.
    Also what is the different between G and A or B

    • +Gladys Torres No you do not file Gladys, your Mom’s provider handles
      everything. The difference between G and A/B, is that Medicare contains 4
      parts. Part A (covers hospital), Part B (covers doctor’s services), Part D
      (a drug plan which your Mom has already), then a supplement plan. The
      supplement Plan would be Plan G, or N, or some other letter. I realize it
      gets confusing with all the letters!

  6. No one will give me a Medicare supplement. I am 58, not 65, so no company
    will give me a supplement. I have NO health problems except co-infection
    from Lyme Disease I picked up 2.5 years ago so on one will cover me. I’ve
    been denied by Blue Cross, Humana, Oxford, the Senior Select system tried
    to help me and could not get me one plan. No one will help me. I have had
    Medicare via disability for many years and used to have a supplement but
    now because Obamacare took so much money out of Medicare, and Obama
    switched the doctor payments to the lower payment for Medicare and the
    higher payment to Medicaid, I cannot get a supplement. Is it illegal to not
    offer me any type of Medicare supplement? My birthday is next week and CA
    has a birthday rule that they are supposed to give me insurance even if I
    had pre-existing conditions, no one will help me. Obama took $3.5 million
    from me in death taxes last year, I can’t even get a freaking Medicare
    supplement. And I have an illness doctors do not even treat. Been stuck
    with parasites from co-infection from Lyme Disease for 2.5 years now. The
    government does zero, CDC does zero. Can I get my tax money back? I can’t
    get one thing from this country and I’m being taxed to death. Is it illegal
    to continually deny me a Medicare supplement and tax me to my death at the
    same time and let me die from a tick borne illnesses and not treat it at
    all??? Can I sue to get my money back??

  7. Russell, thank you so much to talking with me on the phone yesterday
    (12-7-14) about the medicare stuff. I really think it does stink that
    Texas has only one plan and it barely covers anything. I really appreciate
    you taking the time to explain some details to me. Again, my husband and I
    really appreciate your help. AND—we will call you again when the time is
    right (when my husband’s age changes). Thank you, Thank you!!!!

    • +robin dupuis Robin, it was great speaking with you then as well, please do
      give us a call with any other questions and when your husband is ready!

  8. An Medicare insurance agent told me to always demand Plan F, that it is the
    the premier Medigap Plan. She did not even mention Plan G and its premium
    savings will easily pay for a $147 deductible you may never have to pay if
    you are healthy. Sounds like it time to find a new agent when the current
    one insists that you buy Plan F.

    • Everyone’s needs are different. I have people that tell me they never want
      to see a medical bill, no matter what it cost. These are the minority
      however. For most people every dollar counts.
      Even if it’s $100 per year savings, that’s YOUR $100. Thanks for
      commenting, any questions please don’t hesitate to call me at 888-891-0229.
      I’ll find you the best plan to fit your needs at the lowest premium,

    • The easiest way is to call me and let me run quotes from all the top
      companies in your zip code. I can see in minutes which one has the lowest
      premiums as well as their track record of low rate increases over the
      years. Together we’ll decide what’s best for you. Please call me tomorrow
      at 888-891-0229 and we’ll check.

  9. So, my husband has medicare (with a popular company) part A,B and now D,
    (with the penalty, cause we didn’t know). Can he switch to part G or F, any
    time? And just pay a premium?

    • Hi LRCS, when you say he has Medicare (with a popular company) this doesn’t
      tell enough. Is it truly a Medigap policy with a popular company? If so
      then yes he can switch any time to a different company during the year. If
      he has an Advantage plan then in most cases he can only switch during the
      annual enrollment period which is right now, until December 7th. Best thing
      to do is call me and I can tell you what his options are…contact me
      direct at 888-891-0229.

  10. Thank you for the informative video, but isn’t it more that just one check
    you need to write using plan G? Once every time you see a doctor.

    • +tle999yt Thanks for watching. With Plan G you only need to meet the $147
      annual Part B deductible, once per year. Whether that takes one visit or
      two (1 or 2 checks), after you pay the $147 Plan G pays 100 percent of the
      gaps of Medicare A and B for all approved expenses. There are no
      deductibles or co-pays for doctor’s visits after that for the rest of the
      calendar year.

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