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This video explains the differences between the coverage provided by a Medicare supplement plans versus a medicare advantage plans, and the key differences between both of them
I explain all the pros and cons of both plans, and the differences between a Plan with original medicare as a primary, and a Network plan.

5 thoughts on “Medicare supplement VS Medicare Advantage 888-801-9097

  1. Thanks. Extremely helpful and concise. Much better than plowing through
    the muddled double speak found in the major insurance company brochures.

  2. ultimately, how well a Medicare Advantage plan works for you, depends on
    how the providers feel about them. In my area, a lot of doctor’s offices
    and their staff talk negatively about these plans and turn their nose up at
    them when you show their card as opposed to a Medicare card. In other areas
    of my state, providers have fully embraced these plans, adapting as the
    market changes.

  3. thank you. I’m helping someone pick their plans and your videos are very
    helpful. I’m hoping they can get the plan f (high deductible)….if it’s
    offered in NJ

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