9 thoughts on “Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplements

  1. i have been in Humana, GHP, and Coventry. I will no longer be a client of
    one of these companies run by thieves. All the CEO’s of these companies
    should be in prison.

  2. For those Bashing this Doctor please refer to the following video Good
    Morning America – High Risks of Medicare Advantage Plans it’s a Good
    Morning America story precisely describing a situation much like the story
    he just told. Original Medicare is good coverage, and yes a Medicare
    Advantage plan is a step up. However to truly protect yourself one should
    get a MediGap policy.

  3. Why does he make out like HMOs are the only type of Medicare Advantage
    plan? What about MA PPOs, what about Special Needs Plans for dual-eligible
    Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries, etc.? Sounds to me like this doctor has an
    agenda and just doesn’t like the whole concept of MA plans.

  4. This bozo doctor doesn’t know what he is talking about, and I agree this is
    misrepresenatation, and I, as a certified, and licensed agent would be
    reprimanded for giving out information like this to seniors.This video
    shuld be taken down…….Do your homework, Doc

  5. clearly, this video is no better than fraud. In giving an example that an
    HMO senior advantage would deny care on an emergency is false… this man
    could be a quack or simply uneducated.

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