Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage

In depth comparison between the differences between Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage.

12 thoughts on “Medicare Supplements vs. Medicare Advantage

  1. Funny. I see all these bad things about Advantage Plans, and the only bad
    thing I have run into is some Carriers do not offer Advantage following
    year so you have to choose a different carrier. Since turning 65 I have had
    an Advantage Plan, and have had Colon Cancer (removed 5 ft of colon) plus 6
    months of chemo, Open Heart Surgery to repair Mitral Valves, Had receptors
    scraped on both lungs, and therapy afterwards. I’m sure these different
    operations must have cost between 500 and 750K but my out of pocket was no
    more than $400. Drugs are also cheaper ($0) if generic and are sent as 90
    day supply. I will be 71 April 14th and I don’t know how I could afford
    regular Medicare with it’s 20% co-pay

  2. Medicare supplements are better coverage than advantage plans. Talk to
    someone who is sick with an advantage plan. They are not happy. 

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  4. There are appeals and grievances processes available to plan members, but
    the plans dont want it to get to that point because they will risk losing
    their contract with Medicare. Plus Medicare now pays BONUSES to these plans
    if they achieve high customer satisfaction. What you are alleging is not
    true, although it does happen. Medicare has suspended several insurance
    plans for violations, but often its due to an agent using improper
    marketing practices, misleading people.

  5. Medicare is still ultimately in charge, since the carrier is contracted
    with them. the insurance basically becomes “your Medicare”, so if Medicare
    would have covered it, then the insurance will have to cover it too.

  6. @SMACKDANIELS Medicare supplement – You pay an upfront premium wether you
    use the insurance or not and most if not all things that Medicare covers
    but doesn’t fully pay for the supplements pays. Medicare Advantage – You
    pay co-pays in lieu of an upfront premium only when you use the insurance.
    Pay as you go. Medicare doesn’t pay the claims, the MA carrier does. This
    is the only difference between the two. For most people, Medicare Advantage
    is the more cost effective way to go.

  7. @SMACKDANIELS Medicare supplements pay brokers between 10% to 20% of the
    premium for up to 7 years depending upon the insurance carrier.

  8. @SMACKDANIELS The only difference between MA and traditional Medicare is
    who pays the claims moron. All the same rules of Medicare still apply for
    the MA carriers. You need to do better research there guy. Medicare is
    always in charge of making a beneficiary’s health care decisions statist.
    The insurance companies under MA have no say as to what will and won’t be
    covered. Stop getting your ‘facts’ from socialist propogandists.

  9. @SMACKDANIELS Um no. I have been and currently am a broker for the last 5
    years. In 2009, the government made MA carriers reduce their commision
    payments to brokers. Medicare supplements pay alot better commision
    currently for brokers than do MA & MAPD plans. The only exception is first
    year commision, but most MA plans a broker sells is not first year.

  10. Premiums always change as well with Medicare Supplements. Most Supplements
    go up each year based on age and based on cost of living.

  11. While very boring you touch on good points. Since you are in Omaha, I
    suspect one company you respresent is Mutual of Omaha. If so then you are
    doing them a favor.

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