Medicare Made Clear 2017 All You Need to Know About Medicare

Medicare Made Clear 2017- All You Need to Know About Medicare. Complete Medicare Resource Center here:
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Medicare Part D – Drug Coverage

Part D Penalty Video

Video Sections:
08:33 Getting Ready for Medicare
10:55 Medicare Options
14:35 Part A
21:44 Part B
30:38 Part C
35:05 Part D Drug Plan
37:29 Medicare Supplement Plans
40:44 Enrollment Windows
42:01 Switching Plans

edicare Made Clear Makes It Easy for You to Understand Medicare Options
Medicare Made Clear is an health plan imitative by United Healthcare. It includes easy understanding information about Medicare and healthcare options available to you. As an information guide it offers comprehensive insight about healthcare coverage options through Medicare. The Medicare program is complex and this guide helps reduce fears and feelings of confusion in understanding coverage options available.
A Good Place to Start Learning about Medicare Options
Millions of seniors benefit from the federal government healthcare program Medicare. People qualify for coverage at age 65 or if they have a disability. The program offers different options to help you receive health care. Using an informative guide such as Medicare Made Clear can assist in understanding how your health care needs will be met. The guide is useful for people on any budget. There are details that can help you choose a plan for yourself, spouse or loved one you are helping to care for.
What Information Do You Learn about Medicare?
The guide answers a wide variety of questions about the Federal government health coverage program. The guide breaks everything down by offering definitions, descriptions, video tutorials, and an overall view of what Medicare can do for you. The following points offer a basic summary of what you will learn using Medicare Made Clear.
• Differences between Medicare plans. Medicare offers 4 parts including Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D. Each part provides coverage for health care including hospital stays, doctor’s visits and prescription drug medicines. Learn which part is best for you and your needs.
• What you need to know before enrolling. The guide provides multiple things you should know about Medicare including plans through private companies, how they work, and services covered.
• Differences between Part A and Part B. These parts often lead people to asking all sorts of questions about what they cover. Part A is hospitalization and Part B covers doctor services. Learn about services covered and which one has a monthly premium you need to pay.
• Detailed overview of Medicare Advantage or Part C. This plan allows individuals to choose a plan through a private company approved by Medicare. This gives people an option to bundle different services together including preventative care and prescription medications.
• Detailed overview of Medicare prescription drug coverage, also known as Medicare Part D. Parts A and B do not offer drug coverage. There is a deadline that applies for this coverage you will learn about. Plus, there are different coverage options you can choose from and get details on when it is the best time to enroll.
• Medicare supplement plans aka Medigap. Medicare provides about 80 percent of health care coverage. This supplement option is another plan you can purchase to cover expenses not covered by Medicare. This gives you protect as it relates to “gaps” in your coverage.
• Additional information you will learn includes how to choose a Medicare plan, how to save money with your plan, basics relating to Medicare and retirement and much more.

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20 thoughts on “Medicare Made Clear 2017 All You Need to Know About Medicare

  1. Hi Keith,
    Great Video!
    I know transportation is a huge issue for many geriatrics,
    Could you please make an insurance video on transportation?
    I.E. Ambulance , Emergency transport and non emergency, wheel chair etc.

    I would greatly, appreciate that.

    Thanks again

  2. Thank you, Keith! An excellent and easy-to-follow presentation that cleared a lot of the fog surrounding Medicare parts and details.

  3. Thank you! Husband is coming off my insurance and needs to apply for part B, D and supplemental. Wish I listened to your video before I spent hours reading all the Medicare info. So informative!

  4. Wow! Thank you, Keith, for putting this video together. I will soon turn 65 and this was my first stop in learning about Medicare and what i need to decide in the next few weeks. I have an appointment at the social security office in a couple of days and now I know I have a reasonably good understanding of the program.

  5. Great video, Keith!  Had reviewed some of these things when I turned 65, but currently age 66 and plan to work for two more years, so this helped tremendously!  Really appreciated the help with discerning differences between Medicare, Medicare Supplement Plans and MediGap insurance!  Want to be prepared and this helps so much!!  Thank you for all this great information!!

  6. Excellent info! I just moved my 87 yr old mom from PA to GA and I have to find her a new provider, Keystone 65 Advantage was only for up North…. this is so scary but I know a bit more now. Great job *:D

  7. I signed up with Coventry Summit Ideal today on the phone but after seeing your video I am wondering if I am able to cancel?

  8. I just got my SSDI as well as Medicare part A And B but need supplement and drug coverage. I live in Texas and am on a fixed income Help please.

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