Save Medicare

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Save Medicare

8 thoughts on “Save Medicare

  1. Medical costs are skyrocketing due to the ageing population. The working class cannot continue to afford to pay for this bloated Rolls Royce medical system.

    I’m happy to pay for GP’s services, they deserve a pay packet, but not at the cost of increasing taxpayer reliance.

  2. Getup, you could not be more wrong.
    Yes, we need to “Save Medicare”. But the real threat is actually from spending addicts like the Greens / Labor, and aggressive unions who hold our healthcare industry by the balls.
    Turnbull has it right. We do need to cut our reliance on so called public “servants” and their bloated salaries & demands.

    • +LibertyDownUnder
      Now let’s look at another thing which has been harmed by this government’s policy – higher education. 

      Scandinavian countries have long recognised that a university education makes individual success much more likely.  More students graduating with a uni degree means people with higher paid jobs, which in turn means those people pay higher taxes. 

      Except we have an increase in Hecs, indexed to inflation no less, and a government attempt to allow universities to set the cost of degrees.  The result would be that only the rich could have afforded to put their children through a higher education.  What harm did you think that did the economy?  Need I go on?

      The usual excuse for this is that it’s unfair to the non-university going public to subsidize the uni students.  But it’s ok, it seems, for non-sports people to subsidize our sportsmen & women at the Australian Institute for Sport. No Hecs there.  Hypocrisy?

    • +BoskMaster “on the basis of a flood of revenue that would inevitably dry up”
      Well it never dried up,it went up. So the IMF’s prediction is disproved.
      The rest of your comment did not address this.

    • +LibertyDownUnder
      The mining boom is over.

      From the first few sentences “It appears as though Australia’s decade-long mining boom is truly over.
      New figures released Wednesday by the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (BREE) show that investment in the country’s mining industry has declined in the six months leading to October 2013.”

      Your assumptions are mistaken.  But if you were mistaken then that means that the tax cuts were to blame.  And if that’s true maybe you better rethink.

    • +BoskMaster we were talking about the years under Labor.
      FUCKING HELL, your attention span is hopeless!
      Let me guess, you’re an Arts graduate? Or dope addict?

    • +LibertyDownUnder
      Actually we were talking about the tax cuts under the liberals.  YOU keep talking about Labor. 

      Since I’ve shown you were wrong and the only recourse you have left is to use ad homs I think we’ve finished here.

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