40 thoughts on “Holding Trump Accountable on Medicare and Social Security

    • +Chad Harris
       He can be removed in four years if the Dems don’t try to force another corporatist down our throats. Until then we need to turn out for mid term elections. You are the change you’re waiting for and defeatism will get us no where.

    • We are so much in our progressive bubble that sometimes we don’t even see it. I love Tulsi, but she ain’t got a shot in 2020. No one knows who she is. No one outside of our bubble, anyway. She is only a representative – representatives never become President. But that’s all right – she’s 35, she could become a Senator/Governor soon and eventually become President. She could run anytime over the next, like, 10 cycles. It doesn’t have to be right away. Hell, she might even be Elizabeth’s running mate.

    • WELL SAID! If the country is still here in 2020 after Th Orange Clown attempts to destroy everything t his country ever stood for!

  1. Bernie Sanders, set the stage for respect in the face of hate. Respect versus hatred is the game politics has always played, and now more than ever you must exemplify this respect. You are perhaps the only politician America as a whole respects more than any other, and that is only because you are respectful and thus respectable. Policy, beauty, effectiveness, they are all important, but respectfulness is the most important quality. It will be what democrats need in order to survive these next four years.

  2. Thank You Bernie for putting in *work*.
    Meanwhile: Hillary is preparing for a party to _thank her donor$_… pay _attention_ Hillary half-wits(people who are still “with her”), maybe now that there is an _ugly face_ on the _Oligarchy_(Trump) you will see who is really _”still with _*_you_*…”

  3. He was cheated out of the presidency by the Hilary the dnc and sellout democrats and he is still fighting while Hilary was given everything and in the end she called quits and isn’t doing anything America you dun goofed

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