Medicare For All Saves $5.1 TRILLION | New Study

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Medicare for All advocates just received an early holiday present: a new study from the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst finds that single-payer health care will save the US $5.1 trillion over a decade while drastically cutting working-class Americans’ health spending. It’s the most robust, comprehensive study yet produced on Medicare for All, which has long been in need of easily citable research…

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Medicare For All Saves $5.1 TRILLION | New Study


96 thoughts on “Medicare For All Saves $5.1 TRILLION | New Study

    • +Harry Mann Jr What the hell? Did you fail math in middle school or something? It’s pretty simple. If you pay $500 now for insurance, with single payer that and all the copays and deductibles disappear and your taxes go up $100. You just saved $400+.

    • But my taxes went up $100+ I prefer keeping more of my money and deciding what to do with it. Paying more taxes and having some body take more of my money for rationed healthcare is wrong.

    • +Harry Mann Jr You seem to have completely misunderstood what I wrote, or you have willfully ignored it, or you really did fail middle school math. You WILL have more money with single payer. And health care is ALREADY rationed in the US: according to what you or your insurance can or can’t pay. Rationed to who has the most money, in other words. With single payer, it’s rationed according to WHOEVER NEEDS IT MOST, which is the way it should be done. You say it’s wrong, but its just fine for thousands of people to die because they don’t have insurance? Really?

    • If it raises taxes then it VERY WRONG! I prefer lower taxes and I prefer keeping and deciding what I do with my money not Bernie Sanders or the government.

    • +Kevin Gerard Thank you! It is completely amazing how so many idiots buy into the anti Venezuela bullshit. A lot of such posters are just propaganda spewing POS trying to make everyone think Venezuela is bad because they’re Socialistic.

      All one has to do is read about all the big oil and big corporate crap that has been going on down there for decades, robbing and stealing their country blind.

      Venezuela is one of the world’s largest exporters of oil and has the world’s largest proven oil reserves at an estimated 296.5 billion barrels (20% of global reserves) as of 2012. With the mention of oil coupled with Democracy, anyone with a brain should knows why they’re under threat by the United States. Big oil controls the U.S. and they want to completely control Venezuela’s oil.

    • +Sheepy2055 Provide evidence that the left is calling for a Venezuelan economy, otherwise it’s a straw man and not worthy of debate.

    • Sheepy2055 Scandinavia is not highly successful yet they top global rankings every year… Interesting logic. It’s almost like you’re full of nonsense.

  1. I thought recucklicans were fiscally conservative? There’s nothing more fiscally irresponsible than not implementing a single payer system in the U.S.

    • I still strongly believe that the reason healthcare has become so expensive is because of government corruption plus big pharma lobbying.

    • +The Centrist There is also no cost control at all. Anyone can charge any price they want; MRI costs can range form $1,000 to $3,000. What sense does that make? With Med 4 All, the government could negotiate drug costs, which means free market economic with the government as the mass purchaser with the power to spur major competition with pricing. Let the best, fairest, smartest companies win. It is corrupt to suppress this process in favor of the moral debacle we have now.

  2. *”Healthcare for all and $5.1 trillion in savings or triggering the libs? What a difficult choice.”*
    *-Sargon of Akkad*

    • ​+Mokujin Mm-hmm. New to the internet, coward? All of you freaks do this. Run away, ignoring every single fact, into the warm, comforting embrace of that world of lies you’ve constructed for yourself, not once bothering to adjust your POV when given facts that contradict your cowardly beliefs.

      No, coward, you did not “[make] two very reasonable and concise claims”. Let’s take a look, shall we? 1. your excuse for cowardice, which is the only thing the first paragraph is. You response? Cowardice. 2. Tell me who’s preventing you from owning your pacifiers and security blankets. Who? Hmm? NO ONE. Why does the far right, particularly the terrorists in the NRA leadership, try to terrify you into thinking someone’s coming for your guns? Because it works. How many times are you freaks gonna fall for that one, huh? Drop your GD paranoia for once. And yeah, your cowardice over Medicare-for-all, even in the face of it being the 2nd most popular healthcare system, saving trillions over ten years, is beyond obvious. Know what’s first? The VA. Gosh, I wonder why the only thing you hear about the VA is how horrible it is. Damn that “liberal media”. Deceived their audience about the price of healthcare, too. Those liberals are out of control! Just another in a long list of easily-disputed garbage. Everything else is BS. Not exactly sure which cowardly argument you need refuted, so I did them all. Y’know, just in case. Say hi to all the other pussies I’ve sent running back to their sewers. Please list the issues that don’t apply to you, GOPig. You don’t need to be a member to be an a$$hole. Same damn level of terror.

    • ​+Steve A
      I am going to try this one, final time. You are literally arguing with an imaginary person. Going on about “liberal media” and the NRA neither of which I have indicated support for or against even a tiny bit.

      1. I am not a member of the NRA, nor do I support their leadership. Period. I think bump-stocks should be illegal, I think universal background checks are a good idea, etc, etc. Those opinions are in DIRECT contradiction with the NRA platform. Anything NRA related, gun-grab paranoia related or anti-gun control related doesn’t not apply to me in the least. I have a right to own a firearm currently and I am not at all worried that right is going away. That doesn’t prevent me from saying it’s a bad idea to eliminate the second amendment. That is an extremely simple concept I hope, but doubt you will understand.

      2. It’s interesting you mention VA healthcare.. since it’s socialized and it’s crap. That’s not a case to socialize all medicare… it’s a case against it. I WISH the government did a better job taking care of our veterans. I WISH that I could believe that they will do right by us if and when healthcare is socialized. They won’t. Unless we simultaneously eliminate the Republican party as a whole and institute socialized medicine I know that they will intentionally run the system into the ground for no other reason than to spite Democrats and progressives. I can’t imagine you disagree with me on that given your obvious seething hatred for anything GOP. It’s not as though once we have single-payer we will NEVER have another GOP administration, hello.

      3. I’m not sure why you call me a GOPig when I have stated on multiple occasions that I don’t support the Republican party establishment… like… at all. If you didn’t understand that before you should certainly understand it now that I have given multiple examples of where I disagree and even detest the actions of the party as a whole. I don’t like them, that’s why I don’t want them in charge of my healthcare. I don’t support their agenda, I don’t vote for them. I don’t know how much more clear I can possibly be. You obviously have an image in your head of what you think I am and what my ideology is and it is demonstrably, very, VERY incorrect. I’ve given you the most basic and concrete examples of what I’m talking about. I cannot have a conversation with someone who talks past me and not to me. Who just waits to soap-box instead of listening and responding.

    • Steve A I’m 100% positive now you’re trolling. No actual human being responds to what I said with what you just did.
      Kind of salty I spent the day and a half on it but the doubt is gone so that helps.
      Well played, troll on, fam.

    • +Mokujin Give me one reason I should bother talking to one of the most cowardly human beings I’ve ever heard of. Jesus, even a majority of the rest of you far-right arsonists still would defend Habaeus Corpus. But Mokujin? Nah, not a care in the world. Why? Because admitting that the foundation of every single right we have is based in is too bothersome to your “I’m a hero” 100% disproved and complete BS narrative. I mean, c’mon. How pathetic can you get? Did you think I forgot that you are so GD terrified of everything, so much so, that you immediately surrender all rights because you wanna prove you’re tough? lol Really? lol Sure, Mokujin, you go with that. lololololol

  3. Talk about AMLO again, your opinion was very popular in Mexico idk if you notice it, this is what is happening now: Supreme Court of Justice Ministers are fighting against AMLO because they are defending their millionarie salaries… You can compare hoy much a minister is perceiving un United States vs Mexico ministers

    • AMLO es un chiste andando. Este hombre no va a resolver nada. Solo fíjate como ca cambiando su póliza. Constantemente esta modificando su postura para que quede conforme con la opinión publica. Lo que se requiere aquí es que haya mas transparencia en los gastos del gobierno. Los sueldos no son el problema. Podemos empezar con quitar nuestro dinero de las campañas políticas. Porque una persona pobre debería de pagar impuestos para que los partidos públicos gasten este dinero en publicidad? Y nosotros pagando las cuentas? Cuantos parques o áreas culturales se podrían construir con el dinero que ellos nos roban legalmente para pagar sus campañas?

    • +Shade Bleu Mark Dice is another delusional crazy conspiracy theory guy who makes money off idiots that dont like truth and facts

  4. Propaganda is all they have to smear this. Because they know damn well if Medicare for all makes it to the U.S. the medical insurance industry will be history.

  5. even if medicare for all were more expensive it just makes more economic sense because the number one cause of bankruptcy in America is health expenses, if you (mostly) eliminate those expenses then more people are able to participate in the economy and spend money and then corporatists would have to find someone other than millennials to blame for killing industries

    • Then corporations are stealing because those taxes the middle class pay for companies business stamps and welfare. Why are tax payers propping up corporations? Progressive taxes is the only way things work. Taxation works downward. You pay for those blow you. +Ant Man

    • Ant Man taxes often pay for government salaries which are then spent on consumer goods—even tax dollars are put back into the economy ON TOP of higher disposable incomes. This is why California has a high GDP per capita while still having a rainy day fund of over $10 Billion, while Kansas went bankrupt with tax cuts. With the model you support, money literally flows upward into tax havens, investment accounts and the coffers of big business, which are used in ways OTHER than giving employees raises. You cut yourself and bleed money. In a republican economy there is literally less money cycling around in the long term. Take this from a business owner in supposedly “SOCIALIST CALIFORNIA!!” Who has to deal with far more regulations than you ever will.

    • Jason That is not a socialism-ruined country. It is a self-installed leader taking over, screwing up the economy, and making the country a scapegoat for conservatives to use. “I know our current system is failing, but we can’t consider socialism an option.” “Why?” “Because it’s socialism!”

    • +Daniel Goforth also Venezuela relied mainly on oil exports and when the prices came down and stayed mainly below 70$ per barrel…

    • It’s simply class warfare by not having a universal healthcare. The rich rather let the poor suffer or die, if it meant 1 nickel of theirs went to help others.

    • It’s funny how these snowflakes melt in so many different ways; Venezuela, how you gonna pay for it, it only just a dream, unicorns aren’t real but their answer to our problems is resolved in one way in their eyes, tax cut on the rich!!! What a bunch of losers, phony Americans!!

    • “If you have the right to health care, then you make doctors slaves”

      Yeah, the same way that providing someone an attorney when they go to criminal court is making lawyers slaves…

  6. Patient: so Doc, what’s the diagnosis?
    Doctor: sorry to say, you have Multiple Sclerosis.
    Patient: nah, that’s not gonna work, sounds expensive…I’ll take a broken rib. I think my insurance will cover that.
    Doctor: ahh, that’s not how this works.
    Patient: but Ben Shapiro told me healthcare was like buying furniture…and I can’t afford a leather couch.

    • +Ben Twilleager no it wouldn’t. The open market is objectively the worst system when it comes to healthcare. Learn economics and history our gtfo

    • +whyamimrpink78
      And a doctor can choose to quit his job. He doesn’t go to jail by quitting his job. A doctor is no more a slave than a cop or a firefighter or a public attorney.

    • TheMystery Gamer God is whatever anyone wants him to be, he’s not real, he’s made up by ignorant humans because science didn’t exist, too bad some people continued the brainwashing

    • Boomers will start dying and millennials will take over. Contrary to the stereotypes we are the most educated generation in American history, least likely to fall for scams/lies, healthier and in general more empathetic you know all the things boomers told us to be but arent themselves. This next election will be the 1st in which we have full voting power. Be patient

    • If those who say they believe in God (specifically a large portion of the Christians) would actually read the bible, they would be helping others, like for example Mother Teresa did. There would be no debate on subjects like this.

  7. I’m a junior in highschool and I wrote an essay about Medicare For All. Even my teacher agreed on Medicare for all. Also I got an A.

    • +Robo Tech That wasn’t a factor. I used multiple reliable sources and that is why I got the grade I got. After he graded it, he told me it was a well written essay.

    • Daniel Delgado I’m glad. I hate the idea that a teacher would grade based on personal opinion. My son was kicked out of a class because when the teacher asked for an example of bias, he said the cops were biased. It pissed me off.

    • Ryan The Dog people who are running for their lives already are dying to get their people in stable countries not being bombed are not. Context is important you know.

    • Ain’t nothin free in Murica. My great Aunt & Uncle use to winter down in Arizona from Canada (snowbirds), they both had insurance – so they thought. About 12 years ago, she fell and broke her arm, but their insurance wouldn’t cover the setting & cast, because the insurer said it was due to a pre-existing condition: *Osteoporosis* …she was 85 at the time. The hospital wouldn’t even try to fight it, they taped her arm up in a splint, told her to get back to Canada asap to get it looked after, and then handed them a $2,000 bill… *for a fucking splint!*

      I think a big part of the trouble with US healthcare, is the outrageous amounts that the hospitals, doctors and pharmacies are charging. It’s outright mafia-style extortion, praying on those suffering & in desperation. There’s 2 things capitalism should never had been allowed to get their grimey hands on: Healthcare & Education.

    • 5.1 trillion over 10 years so they are saying 500 billion per year. We currently spend 3.5 Trillion per year so instead we would be spending 3 Trillion on healthcare per year which is a 15% decrease. Obamacare increased the price of healthcare by by a large margin for most people so if repealed Obamacare and took steps to go back to 2011 levels of spending which was 2.7 trillion, a 27% decrease, that saves more money than going fully public.

      It will cost more than rolling back past regulation, and won’t cause more people to live because we will have the same number of hospitals, if you show up a hospital will treat you no matter the cost; they don’t care if you can’t ever pay them back in your lifetime. What it will do is spread around the cost of healthcare more evenly so people who are healthy will pay for people who are not. Which you can say is a good or bad thing depending on your point of view.

    • ​+Ryan The Dog We have somewhat of a single payer system where I live, but I stil opt into private health insurance because I can afford it without going bankrupt like in the USA, and because I feel that there are people who are more in need of the resources provided by the public system. I also assit to a “free” public university in wich Im about to graduate in computer engineering, but there are also private colleges here that you can afford without owing a lifetime of student loan.

      Do you want to know the most crazy thing about this? I live in a capitalist democratic third-world developing country and I get all thoose benefits from your so called “socialist” policy while also enjoying the economic aspects of capitalism and a free market.

      How stupid do you feel right now, brainwashed american? How does it feel to realize you live in a bubble created by corporate media, isolated from the reality of the outside world? What do you know about the rest of the planet? Are you still stuck in McCarthys comunism witch hunt?

      PD: learn your own damn language you uneducated invertebrate

    • +Franco Airaldi Don’t they eat rotten meat and have to pay for it? I’ve seen 3 documentaries about it. I can shoot links if you want to see how Venezuelans eat and pay for rotten food.

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