Bernie Sanders: Medicare For All Isn’t A Fringe Idea Anymore

'Where We Go From Here' author and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has been accused of being 'fringe,' but his once-crazy ideas like Medicare for All have become mainstream.

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Bernie Sanders: Medicare For All Isn't A Fringe Idea Anymore

105 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders: Medicare For All Isn’t A Fringe Idea Anymore

    • Reagan was 69 when he was sworn in, almost 70. At that age, three years is a big difference, even today. And he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 83.

      I’m pro-Bernie all the way, but we have to be realistic.

    • I like Bernie but I don’t think we need another old white guy as president. I’d like to see someone younger, and it’d be nice if it were a woman or person of color or both.

    • Yeah. One black dude doesn’t cancel out 43 white guys in a row for 230 years, then another white guy 😛 I’d like to see that too, and I think it would pull in more votes.

  1. If Bernie does run in 2020 and the U.S. does not elect him, but instead elects another trickle down republican then you will deserve the misery that will follow.
    Social democracy works we in Europe prove it with even many of our conservatives supporting healthcare for all etc.

    • +JamieLan2011 that problem wasn’t so much complacency as it was the Clinton campaign and the DNC unfairly rigging the primaries against Bernie and screwing him out of the nomination.

    • +valar Bernie would undoubtedly pick a progressive VP. Age is now excuse not to vote for him, especially when looking at the ages of his would be opponents.

    • I think it is. 79 is just too old. Too high of a chance he won’t make it through even one term, if not two. Too high a chance he really will succumb to an illness. I would of course vote for him if he was the candidate – I just don’t think he *should* be the candidate.

    • His hurdle will not be Trump. It will be deciding if he can trust the DNC not to be stupid and allow him to win the leadership role, or to go independent as he is the first candidate that is easily known enough to win without being in either party!

    • Head up your A&& much? Wake up. His campaign mgr came from Manafort to his campaign. He is a paid op. He has despised the Dem party his whole life. He got rich off you naive berners that paid him $27. The list against him is a mile long. His only job is to take half legit issues and rant about them while we are trying to finish winning this WAR against the Crime syndicate. He never rants against the Repubs. He voted against Russian sanctions, against gun control, where were his taxes……he is a POS.

    • +TomReisable It wasn’t a craze you imbecile. She was an accomplished over qualified educated civil servant that was the victim of more than 30 years of GOP lies and you all bought them. F U Berners and your stupidity.

    • +Susan Prator I will assume you are a Russian starting early because hell, even Trumpers are not as Dumb as you sound!
      Regardless if you like him Sanders he has the longest track record of any politician when it comes to speaking the truth. He drives a car the middle class would own ( if they existed ) and despite the “thank god ” comment above Jesus wont help, and he will easily wipe the floor with anyone the DNC might be foolish enough to run against him.
      No one has ever even won a state as an independent because they are not well enough known or funded, however we all know he is a household name now, and this time if the dnc gets in the way he may not win because of vote splitting but they will be destroyed.

    • dsffg234 oh yeah I remember that iconic Bernie Sanders speech when he was mayor of Burlington where he said “Now let me be clear, when I take over the United States I will become a dictator and rule with an iron fist.”

    • +Īrai Ōkami-shin Well, I admit that is kinda sounds like it, but I did not call the US by name. I was more referring to Bernie stating that a couple of years ago, it was a fringe idea – and yes, when considering the public, not just the government. So if you don’t like overgeneralization (which I don’t like either, I guess I should have worded it more clearly), I don’t like strawmen arguments either 😉 The American people seem to slowly understand that healthcare for all should be a right and not a privilege, but go a few years back and it looked much differently.

    • +MOON LEAP Go look at the Koch brothers funded study by the Mercatus Center. It found that Medicare for All costs $32 Trillion while our current healthcare system costs $34 Trillion. You do the math.

    • MOON LEAP I have one question- how does every other advanced democracy come to one conclusion about healthcare, and we come to a different one. What do we know that they don’t

    • +MOON LEAP no new technologies without the US? Haha, go tell that to China. You seem to be stuck in the 20th century, bro. But sadly for you the world has moved on.

  2. Bernie stays consistent, I watched a speech he gave in the early 1990s where he has same ideas on climate change, health care, etc. This consistency is a sign of good morals and strong mental health.

    • Im not even gone act as if i know,he did or didnt but i would raise this question to u, do u have the same views from the early 90s in 2018?

    • A Yh he kept his promise if Hillary wins the primary he will endorse her if Bernie would have won Hillary would have endorsed him.

    • he stands for al that and dont forget just like our president Michael D Higgins here in Ireland ,he was fighting for abortion choice and for gay rights at a time when hella lot of people were deeply conservative about both.

    • This guy reminds me a lot of our current president (Mexico). He ran for office in two occasions (2006, 2012) which he lost both times, but didn’t give up.

      Since the beginning of his political career he always cared about the poor and indigenous people, he travelled across the entire country preaching the same discourse, eighteen years ago he predicted a lot of the bad stuff that is happening right now. Finally, the mexican people decided it was time to give him a shot after we realized all he said was right.

    • +Golf Bear socialist blacks and jews have all been called thieves by the right. interesting. liberals, take note, these people are what your bipartisanship seeks to build unity with

    • +Golf Bear you don’t even know what socialism is. Go sit down and color outside the lines in a coloring book, it’s more suitable to your level of intelligence. Btw, every poll shows Bernie would’ve ate trump alive. Even the one conducted by fox news…

    • Joseph McDermott even a little over 50% of republicans want it! That’s how good the progressive message resonates with people!

    • +Symon Ye well, as a 100% dane, obviously from Denmark, which is the country Bernie sanders is inspired by.. I truly hope for Americas sake.. that you will get him for your president in 2020.. but even if he is chosen, he will still need the majority in the house to support him adn that will not happen, as the U.S is much more corrupt than people might believe it to be.

    • Leighton Taylor bcuz Hilary and core Dems rigged the primaries. Our presidents are chosen by billionaires we live in an oligarchy not a democracy in the US

    • Deeply corrupt political and legal system, brainwashing, dumbing down and misinformation that starts from day 1 you are born and a crumbling economy all make it difficult for many people to act in their own best interest.

      Im a european and dont know for sure though. This is just my impression from what I see, hear and read and learn from talking to americans

  3. My wife just had surgery. The out of pocket costs are estimated to be 6,000 dollars. I don’t work for a small company so my insurance pool is very large. I pay hundreds of dollars a month for my health insurance and when I need to use it they cover almost nothing. 12% of my yearly salary gone in an instant. I am lucky, because I have a strong family support system and people who are willing to help us out. If I was a retail worker working 3 jobs to make ends meet I would be really screwed. We have to fix this system.

    • +themaster408 yeah, the healthcare system here is utterly broken. It’s almost like they like to punish people who are poor or something. We asked the doctor what could’ve been done to prevent it and she said nothing. This stuff just happens and they have to remove it. It’s like playing the lottery.

    • +Sharann 12% is just out of pocket costs for the surgery. That doesn’t include the premiums that I pay every paycheck. Every paycheck I pay 4% of my salary to insurance that covers almost nothing.

    • +John White a lot of people have been duped into believing that having 2 or 3 insurers is better than having the government run it. Despite the fact that one of the most successful government programs in the history of the United States is Medicare.

  4. As a European i have to say, this is what a world leader looks like. Someone who can give you purpose and make you dream for a better future

    • Ryoko Blackheart u cud thank Hilary Clinton and corrupt democrats and MSM for that they RIGGED the primaries thats how he lost

  5. I was an exchange student in Amarillo, Texas from January to may 2016. I’m from Rome, Italy and I didn’t know anything about American politics. During history class the teacher said to address a problem about usa and possible solutions and to write an essay about it. I read it in class without knowing I basically described Bernie Sanders campaign in front of Cruz and Trump supporters. By the way, the history teacher mocked me because I believe in evolution and climate change, claimed that Europeans love criminals and hate babies because the majority of us is pro-choice and against death penalty, and believed women should not be presidents or political figures because thanks to their hormones they would start a war in a matter of seconds. Please do not elect trump again and excuse my English.

    • +lux That sounds really interesting. Its crazy for me to omagine that a school teacher would mock a student, especially an exchange student, for believing in evolution. Such disdain for science :/ And such a person is a teacher, in a position to influence future generations… oh man. Texas seems weird. My sister did a highschool year in Arizona when she was 15/16. I wonder how it was there for her, she didnt tell me much about it

    • City Nat I just have one thing for California. Please elect democrats that aren’t just saying they will do it. I’m seeing Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein re-elected over and over despite being to the right and not really doing much for climate change. Other than that, from NC, I love California and I wish to visit there one day!

    • +Jose Mendoza Basically, dont elect corporate democrats who take corporate/big donations, and who dont actively and constantly promote and fight for progressive policies. That’ll weed 97% of the scum out

  6. Just compare the way he talks to the way Trump talks. He sounds as sharp as a tack while Trump sounds like a 10 year old. Bernie talks constantly about policies that he thinks will help people (whether you agree with him or not, you can’t deny that he has the best of intentions), while Trump can’t go 5 seconds without self-aggrandizing, narcissistic drivel spewing out of every one of his orifices. Bernie goes after Amazon and Walmart while Trump let’s Saudi Arabia murder journalists because they give us money for weapons.

    Who is the real leader here?

    • Selarom Ogeid Bernie isn’t even president and he raised wages to $15 for Amazon workers! He’s done more than Trump and several other politicians from both parties in this amount of time since the election!

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