Establishment Democrats Go After Medicare For All

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Democrats are going to do everything they can to stop Medicare For All. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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"Deep-pocketed hospital, insurance and other lobbies are plotting to crush progressives’ hopes of expanding the government's role in health care once they take control of the House. The private-sector interests, backed in some cases by key Obama administration and Hillary Clinton campaign alumni, are now focused on beating back another prospective health care overhaul, including plans that would allow people under 65 to buy into Medicare.

This sets up a potentially brutal battle between establishment Democrats who want to preserve Obamacare and a new wave of progressive House Democrats who ran on single-payer health care.

'We know the insurance companies and the pharma companies are all putting tens of millions of dollars into trying to defeat us," said Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), who co-chairs the Medicare for All Congressional Caucus. "Which I take as a badge of honor — that they’re so concerned about a good policy that they're going to put so much money into trying to defeat it.'"

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Establishment Democrats Go After Medicare For All


47 thoughts on “Establishment Democrats Go After Medicare For All

  1. We knew there was going to be disinformation campaigns from big money. We need everyones effort to fight it get the right info out.

    • +TheByzantineBeserker Jim Dennett you’re right… Europe is not America, they should stop pretending to be a better version of America

    • RacinZilla003.
      And the American left should stop deluding themselves into believing that progressive taxation and an even larger welfare state will turn Philadelphia into Stockholm.

  2. We really need to make ads to attack all these Democrats who are speaking out against Medicare for all. Just in the ad do what Ana did a follow the money. Call them out.

    • We need single payer make it so there are no private schools and no school for children under 7

      Then make it so hospitals can sell their own insurance using patreon or any other way they want to

      No more hospitals clinics only

    • You do realize there are a dozen or so different “Medicare for All” plans (including BernieCare) that have been proposed right?

  3. Let me be clear: We don’t want to “buy into Medicare;” we want our tax dollars to pay for Medicare for every single person who finds themselves in this country, whether they can buy anything or not. Framing Medicare for All as being able to buy into Medicare is another neoliberal bullshit term, like “affordable” and “accessible,” to make it sound like something everyone will get while keeping that service behind a paywall that some people simply can’t afford. Let’s not do another neoliberal half measure and let’s not use their framing of these issues either. If we do, we won’t actually get Medicare for All.

  4. ..everyone in one big insurance pool (Medicare for All) is the least expensive and most efficient way to provide healthcare funding for all Americans…that’s not something to debate…that’s just math….how many more years will Americans pay twice what the rest of the world pays?….that’s the debate…

  5. In an ideal future the political climate would likely be Democrats become the Conservative party to counter a real Progressive/Labour type party and the Republican Party is disbanded. Reps have gone too far from climate change denial to cheating and rigging elections, they are an affront to democracy and humanity

    • I like this plan- it makes sense. If we actually survive in any civilized way, this may well be the political situation. The current RP is not conservative in the traditional sense- they are a group of bandits run amok with no respect for democracy itself. How long can any nation hold up under such assault upon its most critical institutions? Things can go from bad to worse in a heartbeat, as in France.

    • It’s about population size and growth. We have too many people, Israel is much smaller of a country and has less population than the USA.

    • +Shade Bleu India is about to give 500 million of their citizens healthcare. So what you’re saying is that India is smarter than we are because they can find a way, and we can’t? A larger population means we have more resources.

  6. This is the same group of conservative corporatist establishment democrats that got caught red handed rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders. we hate them and now they have the nerve to go after wiki leaks J.A. for leaking the absolute truth and proof of the corruption and rigging that we all suspected was going on all along anyways. It just blew the whistle and backed it up with email proof which wiki leaks did not steal exposing the rigging and corruption more heads should have rolled than Wasserman Shultz who by the way was quickly brought right back into the fold and Donna Brazil is still in thick as thieves with them as well its all corrupt from top to bottom and its all about bribe money and catering to the big banks, wall street, and greedy corporations that provide it to the corporatist Democrats through corporate PAC bribe money. They are more than willing to continue accepting the bribe money and screwing over ordinary everyday working men, women, families, children elderly you name it to cater to their corporate masters and keep the bribe money flowing their way. The DNC needs a thorough enema purge of these villains once and for all including Tom Perez immediately to have any chance of achieving even a shred of credibility with progressives who are in fact the future of the party.

  7. Do not be an Idiot do the research about medicare for all? That is the only solution for health for all citizens, simple as that!

  8. We currently pay twice as much for our healthcare than any other country. The facts are clear and obvious, well at least to the rest of the world. Here in this country we have the best government money can buy supported by the best press money can buy.

    • I am an American and I want choice and no mandates. I want lower prescription prices and more doctors as we have to wait too long to schedule. I want the artificial caps for doctor graduation rates to go away. I want a balanced hybrid economy not strictly a ideological one like R or D or Socialism or Communism or Theocracy. If someone wants to join Medicare let them. If not dont force them.

    • The Home Plate Special I agree. A public “option” like joining Medicare sounds awesome. Right now I’m looking at getting insurance, it’s almost $1100 a month for a family of four…. who the F can afford that? Plus thousands of dollars out of pocket … were hurting man, need help!

    • saigonbond no just not cram private mandates and not take away competition. the gov and industry controlling everything but not for consumers brought us to this mess. Remove the artificial caps on number of doctors who can graduate. Let trained nurses and techs do what they know how to. Post prices. allow cross state ins purchases / competition. Allow whoever wants to buy in to medicare do so but not force them. Expand medicaid buy in for those 150% of the poverty rate. reduced rates according to need and income. MORE choices not less. More competition and retail not less. More doctors and medical personnel no caps and no runaway tuition (another area where too much govt interference drove up prices.)

  9. American living in Canada here– single payer works. I get care of a higher quality than I did in the US with no out-of-pocket costs and short waiting times. I waited almost a year to see a specialist in the US, and here it was just 3 months for the same type of doctor.

    My Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) covers the cost of 4,500 prescription drugs too, meaning anybody under 25 or above 65 has $0 copayments at the pharmacy. The drug coverage extends automatically to anybody on the work program or receiving cash assistance.

    Before anybody says anything– yes, I absolutely pay higher taxes for these RIGHTS. But that’s people helping people, and it’s what this country was founded on.

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