Medicare For All Is The Way Forward

Bernie Sanders hosted a town hall on Medicare For All and how it works. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, & Jimmy More hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore


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Medicare For All Is The Way Forward

80 thoughts on “Medicare For All Is The Way Forward

    • Well it’s easy when you got small minded children listening to you and don’t have anyone intelligent countering your ideas.

    • +Conservative Vanguard what counters? All the most common talking points against such a system were covered and countered during the town hall.

    • Yeah go watch Bernie defend “such a system” against Ted Cruz. Story time for children is easy to do, watch the debate and tell me how much sense it makes.

    • +Conservative Vanguard, it wasn’t a debate it was a town hall with experts from all over the world, business leaders, doctors, and even an average citizen who has experienced both systems first hand. Maybe actually try watching it instead of hating because it fits whatever narrative you like, you might actually learn something. The current system has failed and the “free market” can’t save it.

    • I know what this is, but a long time ago in a galaxy far far away Bernie debated Cruz on this subject, and he’s had at least 50 years to figure this out, and when confronted by actual facts and a counter argument Bernie fell short to say the least. I get the fact that you love your TYT programming, but that doesn’t discredit Bernie’s earlier appearance and quite frankly Bernie doesn’t give numbers or figures, he offers platitudes and empty promises. But allow me to go “learn something” useful instead of learning about a system of healthcare that will never be instated in the United Sates.

      Oh and the DNC created Bernie once and will do it again. So you keep voting democrat and then having the audacity to assume a morale high ground. Have fun kid!

    • Quincy Darius nope. Just a plot to make money off of illness due to corruption. If killing people wasn’t profitable, it wouldn’t happen. Take money out of politics and this category of murder dies, instead of 36,000 people a year.

    • MrMookys , most Americans have been affected by a history of suppression. Exclusion tactics from the past has caused many american minorities to experience limited growth. I am speaking of the physical and mental effects of discrimination.

    • zro actually it is, they want you die as early as possible to keep the social security payments down.They would love to eliminate SS.

  1. It is insanely profitable for the healthcare system, it is deliberately more expensive so the insurance, pharma and hospital companies can skim the most profits. American Insurance billing is so complex that you need to have a 4 year degree to do it.

    • Crystal Giddens; I see part of your response concerning non-profit organizations in my notification alerts, but I can not find it in the comment page, so I will just reply here. You claim that non-profitable organizations are a scam. I am aware that some non profitable orgs are a scam, but most are not, and besides that, many for profit, orgs are a scam to which only means that some people run scams, it does not mean that people must be motivated by economic profit, to serve their fellow man. Remember, that was your argument; that in order to serve their fellow humans, people must be motivated by the chance to make a monetary profit. This simply is not true, and you are just too damn intellectually dishonest to admit it. Crystal Giddens, I care not to debate with lip flapping shills, who refuse to be even remotely honest, and only desire to continue shilling for what ever cause it is they are shilling for. That is you Giddens.

    • dangerouslytalented you know I’m making a joke about throwing communists out of said helicopters as a form of execution, right?

      I sorta kid. But socialism is a far left ideology responsible for a’lot of human misery. And it should be criminalized. Much how we must criminalize facism. It’s not to far from treason in my opinion. People advocating this sort of philosophy deserve to be politically disenfranchised at least.

    • Canadian here. I know someone who fairly recently got treated for thyroid cancer. You know how much it cost him? Virtually nothing. Now, that’s partly thanks to private insurance covering the cost of prescription drugs, but our healthcare system covered a whole barrage of tests, in hospital treatments, surgery, and staying in a hospital for nearly two weeks, all totally free. No wait lists either, because cancer is a thing that can kill you and stuff like that always gets prioritised. The US is not the only place you can get treated for cancer, and in the rest of the world you don’t have to become a drug lord to pay for it.

    • Shad Jones So basically you want to give government control over life and be a slave to the system is what you’re saying.

    • +Impersonate Yourself No, not really. I would like to see the US as a republic, States rights, Employee owned business, Clean water, Reparations for black people, Large tracts of land returned to native Americans, Single payer healthcare, open borders, Ecologically friendly urban planning and free State college. The only two things standing in the way are Corporations and churches. I’d like to see an end to investor owned business and disestablishment of churches with an end to their tax exemptions. Thank you for asking.

  2. I am Canadian..Cenk you surprised me with some of the things you said about ur health care system…bernie is right and i hope you guys get change


  3. The average Australian taxpayer, pays 2% of their taxable income on earnings over the $28,700 tax free threshold and Australians have enjoyed universal health care over 30 years. The Australian government funds around 70 percent of a person’s medical bills (unless you are on a pension, a low income, or have hit the safety net and you then get a higher percentage in refunds) and from memory, the American government only funds around 17% or so of their citizens medical bills. This is a very interesting statistic, considering that the American government spends twice as much , per capita, on their citizens health care, than the Australian government spends on theirs.

    Americans your health system sucks and your government needs to be shot for allowing costs to get out of hand. Your government does not look after you properly – perhaps this is why on average, an Australian can expect to live four years longer than an American.


    • Your system is a lot different to ours. Medicare provides universal health care (EVERY citizen) and is entirely under a single payer system – America’s health care is split into different streams. Your medicare and Veteran’s health are single payer, but US Medicare is jointly funded by the state and federal governments. Australia does not have employer-sponsered or individual health plans, although in Australia you can by private insurance, this is still different from the US and generally covers staying in a private hospital and any service not covered my Medicare. So, if you had an operation for example, private health insurance pays for your room in a private hospital and Medicare pays most of the anaesthetist, surgeons fee, etc). Under the single payer system in Australia, the government sets the scheduled fee (which is the amount of money that you get back from the government, and depending on the provider and if you have private insurance (and depending on your income) a person may pay some gap or no gap at all. The private insurance companies must also justify raising their fees, before they get government permission to put them up. This creates competition between the providers and private insurers and keeps the cost down for consumers.

  4. USA problems: 1) Health care lobby is so powerful that anything that threatens their profits is very difficult to pass through congress 2) Americans are different from other wealthy nations because of the rugged individualism, protestant ethic, anti socialism ethos that’s baked into the culture. Even if something were to benefit them, they hate the fact that someone else may be getting it they didn’t work as hard. So they’re willing to cut their nose to spite their face. 3) Racial diversity makes white people less willing to support socialism because from their perspective it’s giving white tax dollars to lazy blacks and Hispanics. Even if whites benefit too, their perspective is that socialism means more welfare for minorities. If this were an all white country we’d have probably had universal healthcare already. These people went apeshit about Obama care being “socialist” even though Obamcare didn’t even have a public option. They were so against even that they rebelled and put Republicans back in congress. That’s what we’re up against. I don’t have much hope of universal healthcare in this country for the foreseeable future.

    • +David Stewart trump was elected 1. many people literally hated hillary 2. many people did not want their little girls showering with boys(transgender in school) 3. evangelicals wanted a supreme court justice4. republicans would not vote for a democrat(party loyalities)5. many people felt they had to convict hillary so they did so with their vote .6. trump was attacked by everyone(newspapers,his own party,the demos,tv reporters) nothing america likes more than an underdog. 7. people did have hope he could bring back jobs. 8. blue collar blacks were for bernie so many of them stayed home 9.americans really don’t like being told what to do(everyone was saying you had to vote for hillary)10. there was a hidden vote for him of people that didn’t want to get their car or person hurt( they lied and resented they no longer had freedom of speech without getting harmed 11. some people didn’t want these wars and was attracted by him saying he was going to worry about america first 12. other peo

    • +David Stewart 12. people wanted to protect this nation; china raising up, north korea, iran getting all that money to sponser terroism 13. people actually thought the repubs wanted to repeal obama care. 14.some voters didn’t want their taxes raised. 15. some voters wanted to find out how deep the corruption was and knew trump would not pull any punches 16. some midwesterners remember hillary advocating for nafta for her husband and looked at her and her husband as destroyers of this country. 17. some people did not like competing with foreign nationals for jobs 18.some people admired his tenacity and his nonstop campaigning 19. hillary never did press conferences(she hid) 20. trump mentioned on the convention stage the gay community( managing to snare more independents) trump warned of elections and voters booths being rigged( energized people to get out and vote and watch the voting machines themselves) etc. etc. etc he cobbled together so many people …he won …these are just some

    • +David Stewart and some really big ones …the murder of cops and hillary had black lives matter on her stage ( blm was marching in the street advocating the murder of cops)…another big one – the terrorism in europe – so people wanted less people coming in from terorist countries(uh we have homegrown terrorist dont need anymore) don’t ever think americans didn’t think long and hard about who to pick

  5. Bernie Sanders wants Medicare expanded for all of us you even you trump supporters. You think trump or republicans care about you? You’ve been lied to for decades and yet you remain blind and/or ignorant.

    • I care about me, blockhead, and it’s not anyone else’s job to do that. We aren’t ignorant we DISAGREE with you on the fundamental idea of slavery. I don’t believe I should have to work for your benefit, nor you for mine.

    • You don’t need to create a public health care system! Take the profit out of health care! Get rid of CEO’s and their private jets. In Switzerland everybody pays for health insurance and it is affordable! Do the have CEO’s with private jets or crazy administration scams like in US? Nope.

    • the 59 second yt video ”Tories ideologically driven to underfund NHS so it can be privatised,” by Imajsa Claimant and the 5.44 ”SELL OFF NHS – US CORPORATE TAKEOVER,” by Sell Off.

    • Stop that, I’m a full Democrat but focus on now. Focus on the 2018 elections. Focus on campaigning and advocacy now. Do not talk about 2020 until we survive this agonizing day until trump will be shooed from office.

    • Bill Clinton was a rapist that was impeached and finished his term. Do you even understand the impeachment process?

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