Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Town Hall

The Medicare for All National Town Hall hosted by Senator Bernie Sanders from Washington. It's time to make health care a right!

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Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All Town Hall

54 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Town Hall

    • Bernie is part of the democrat values, how do you think he bought his Million home after the election. The plan was for him to fold and set Hillary up for the win. I don’t approve of him trying to get everybody on Medicare, whats the purpose? Leave the senior insurance alone.

    • Both US major “parties” are branches of the same ruling elite. Capitalism is the antithesis of democracy. Capitalism by definition cannot allow true democracy, otherwise the exploited masses would be able to undo by means of voting the control the top 1% have over their lives.

    • I get the feeling they’ll run Cory Booker & screw over Bernie in the primary… again. Democratic party is useless, unfortunately

  1. This guy…he gets what this country needs in its politics. I’ll admit, I wasn’t initially on the Bernie bandwagon in 2016, but hearing all of this, I hope that if he’s able to he will run again.

  2. I became disabled a year ago, when I finally received my disability check I had to pay back all of the money it took to live on during the time I could not work. My savings was completely gone by the time I was approved …and the monthly payment is not enough to live on but I’m able to pay my mother enough rent to cover the electric and phone. I am not eligible for Medicare until 2 years, so although I’ve been diagnosed with a condition that causes seizures I cannot afford to go to the doctor or the medicine, This is slowly killing me and I feel like I’m running a race for my life….I will officially be on Medicare in May, I hope I live long enough to see a doctor.

    • Jojo Susu We can make it happen and the groundwork has to be laid this fall during the midterms. Congress must be swept clean of the GOPers who are regressing this country in order to keep the common man and woman under their thumb and serve the interest of their billionaire donors. Blue Wave 2018/Bernie 2020.

    • Embarrassing for Bernie to be associated with a group called the young turks, named after a group that caused the Armenian genocide.

    • These are not those Young Turks. People who are suckered in by identity politics (like you) care about names, but the proof is in the pudding: The Young Turks Network are progressive, activists, just like the definition states: “a young person eager for radical change to the established order.” Take your blinkers off.

    • We can only hope. Bernie Sanders, run in 2020, just as you said at the end of the video the momentum is with us, and the momentum is with you, it’s no coincidence that the majority of Americans love you and agree with your policies, and if you run in 2020 you will win.

  3. Video Technical Question: Is it just me or does the sound go wildly up and down? Hard to hear the intro video and video questions. I’m constantly having to work the volume because even when the speakers are on the volume varies greatly. Just me?

    This is not a comment on the content, which is amazing.

    • Just speaking up about this because the message needs to come through loud AND CLEAR! Literally (I’m sure I’m using literally in the new style).

    • Because of the sound issue, I can’t watch this with my speaker system. On my laptop the sound is a bit better but the levels are all over the place. I know it’s a live event but tough to watch (actually listen to at times).

    • + ColumbiaSCRealEstate
      yea it’s hard to hear on my headphones, my sound is so low (10) and i still had to turn up and down the volume in the video player. if you want your ears to be on fluffy clouds, download the video, drop it into audacity, level the sound so that the sound so no higher then -6 db. this will stop the sound from going out of control in most cases. who ever is doing sound for TYT, ect haven’t been doing the best of jobs. i mean it could of just been the microphones at that place, who knows. Bernie might just be getting a bit to close to the mic when he gets really into it xD.

    • Bernie Sanders is the biggest political cuck in recent history. Even if Bernie won the presidency he would probably concede and let Hillary be president and say it’s her turn.

    • yemo34 I know I’m probably dealing with a troll, but on the off chance I’ll state the facts. The picture of Bernie in the Audi was photoshopped. The “mansion” was a 600 thousand dollar house they bought by selling Jane’s family home which she inherited.

    • cloudburstlia456 His tax returns would paint a different perspective. In my view, when you itemize your deductions, you are putting your own interests before your country’s, and there’s nothing wrong about that except when you lie about it.

      Bernie once demonized the Mortgage Interest deduction as being “welfare for millionaires”. Now he buys another $600,000 house to take advantage of the tax loopholes that he once spoke out against, saving money on TAXES and his supporters pretend like he is still serving his country? Please….

  4. Single Payer is a no-brainer. Every civilized country in the world has single payer because it’s the most cost efficient system. It’s amazing how Americans have been conned for so long by the 1% scaring them that single payer is the dreaded Socialism which they somehow equate with Stalinism.

    • jaymeeduhh I’m also ready. Go ahead and lets see those other options. (warning: if you say “Let insurance companies compete across state lines” then i have some bad news for you.. The insurance companies dont want to do that!)

    • My father over 65 does have the “socialist” medicare program which has provided so much for him with his Parkinsons and recent Multiple Myeloma. So yeah I am for Medicare for all. And yes…there is money…we just gave recently the biggest tax breaks to the biggest corporations.

    • jaymeeduhh California can’t afford it because of a budget rule that requires a dollar for dollar matching if certain things are increased. Vermont ran into budget issues due to state vs federal funding/subsidies. Single payer was never implemented so to say it doesn’t work is bullshit.

    • Padawan , if he was the best politician, he wouldn’t have taken a dive to crooked Hillary, he would’ve stood up to her and fought. Just another weak willed politician that wants to give the candy store away to a bunch of deadbeats and ingrates who have no desire to give anything back to society. What a great politician.

    • No, if you listen to any speech Senator Sanders has given since he was elected to congress, even before that when he served as mayor of Burlington, his message has remained consistent, his political goals and values are as clear and concise as can be; Universal healthcare performs better than the US system of healthcare – medicare for all would be cheaper and would cover every American, Wealth and income inequality – Oxfam just released a report that concluded 82% of the wealth generated in 2017 went to the top 1%, additionally more than 50% of Americans earn less than $30,000/year and the tax burden for the wealthy and corporations has shifted (by design) onto the poor and middle-class since the 1950s, Getting money out of politics – One of Sanders’ key political goals since money buys political influence and those with the most money have the loudest voices when it comes to political action.

      He doesn’t want to “give anyone anything for free”. That’s a terrible argument after giving it a few seconds thought.. The wealthy and elite of this country have rigged the system in their favor through political donations (legal bribes). Sanders is simply saying we should level the playing field and ensure more Americans enjoy a sense of stability. Any rational person who’s being honest would agree with that.

  5. Now THIS is how Democratic candidates should communicate with the public. More town halls like this for the Midterm elections please.

  6. Bravo Young Turks! As a member of the U.S. AIr Force, I could not be more proud of the work and opportunity your organization provide, to discuss the problems of the people that day to day I work so hard to protect their freedoms and interest. Super proud to be a TYT member!

    • Eli Torres thx for your service. If you have me in your mind every day then thank you. Im a civie fighting for our rights too. Im a liberal, but some of the worst attacks on liberals are coming from the Democrats. Please don’t forget that.

    • TheGschultz I agree. Those that supported Hillary don’t like Bernie supporters. They blame is for Trump but don’t realize that some of us did vote for her. I knew she wasn’t as dangerous like Trump.

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