25 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders – Medicare for All National Town Hall – January 23rd, 2018

  1. Thanks for streaming the feed. Cenk sold out to become mainstream, now ranting with the rest about fake Russia collusion to cover up Justice Dept./FBI corruption.

    • It’s not a right wing conspiracy John. Clearly the DNC rigged the primaries, the Dems owned the justice dept, Bill met with Loretta and the FBI leadership has deep ties to Dem establishment. MSM propagandizes for the Dem establishment as witnessed by AP declaring Clinton had won the dem primary days before five states voted, including CA. Voting in CA was a fiasco…and media narrative has turned to blaming the dem primary rigging on Putin and Russia while in fact the former SOS’s husband was taking bribes from Russian banks while his wife was selling US uranium reserves to Russia. Finally I sold out to nobody, I voted green. #Bernieorbust #Demexit

    • Sean Lynch
      I know all that stuff about the corrupt establishment dems., but for you to say Cenk sold out to become mainstream, is a flat out lie. I voted green too. Just because he voted Hillary, because he didn’t want the trumpanzee in office. You’re trying to make it sound like Cenk is no different than the msm is bullshit. He simply has a different view of that fascist trumpanzee. If you don’t think the trumpanzee is a big danger to our democracy, just as the establishment is, then you don’t know much.

  2. Thank you all so much for tuning in here sorry I missed it. I always seem to be late to these. It is heart warming to see such generosity at the end. Thank you all so much to everyone who donated. Beautiful to see.

  3. Universal Single Payer Health Care should not only be an American right but it should be a matter of national defense. Without it, disease can spread like wild fire throughout the nation because a large part of the population can’t afford to see a doctor to stem the tide of an epidemic. Eventually, this will effect the rich and poor alike.

  4. I so admire what is being done here, but so many of the problems that people have are from this unregulated capitalists society. So many food chains create these foods and beverages that are VERY BAD for humans to ingest and are causing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. I believe if more people bought there own food, ate at home, in moderation and drank water instead of soda, they could avoid many health problems. It’s just changing one’s lifestyle. But, of course, every one deserves the right to seek help when they are sick or hurt.

  5. John, this channel is amazing. We the People is the best product for finding out about candidates. Is anyone doing any marketing for Uphill Media? I wish bigger/more famous progressive channels/people promoted this. It deserves way more subscribers. I know it has barely increased since the primary ended.

    • Hey Jesse! Thanks! I am the main marketer at this point. I’d love some help with Twitter. We just got adwords for non profits going and a merch store: http://shop.uphillmedia.org. We’re a official 501c(3) now and we’re looking for grants to expand. I wish we had more support from bigger entities as well. That’s never been the case though… Maybe this year will be different. ~ John

  6. i think the argument of who will cover what and how much will such coverage will cost has gone on to long. now , make all healthcare public.

  7. we can do all of the things we need easily and less costly and it would and has shown to be be more available
    so how does this effect the big scheme of things..EVERYTHING. A STEP FORWARD AND TO STAY FOCUSED

  8. I knew I’d get angry, 1st TYT is the worst possible choice of representatives ever! What business do they have claiming to support Bernie on anything? 2ndly, not until the DNC lawsuit is won, and the voter rolls are cleaned up, can any of them be trusted again. Would Bernie be foolish enough to think his supporters are going to be willing to donate their hard earn money, if at all? This wonderful movement is going to come to a crawl if they don’t fix and make right the past fraudulent primary. Love you Bernie, but this is not something to be swept under the rug.

  9. It makes my blood boil when people try to cast Senator Sanders in any sort of a bad light. Every ounce of his being is and always has been filled with integrity, compassion and true patriotic spirit. Thank you to everyone who put this program together, and please continue to sponsor other forums on the truth about issues that matter to all Americans and the world including education, climate change and income inequality.

    • The newspapers are the worst at smearing Bernie and his supporters. The MSM IS tolerating him. He’s the complete opposite of Trump in every way. A gentleman even when it would not benefit him to be one – I REALLY APPRECIATE THAT QUIET STRENGTH. Most importantly always is his POLICIES are on point with the 99%! Go Bernie Go.

  10. Finally, a discussion on the problem with healthcare, health insurance. Insurance isnt a factor and therefor is an unnecessary element in healthcare. we will never have both universal healthcare and health insurance so we need to educate the american voter as to which they do want and need, it’s a simple choice at that point. Its sadly a tough road to hoe to show the average american what they are really paying for in this day and age.

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