Bernie Sanders ‘Medicare for All’ Town Hall LIVESTREAM | NowThis

We're live with Senator Bernie Sanders for a groundbreaking town hall event to discuss how to fix health care. Watch along as Bernie answers your questions on Medicare for All.
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Bernie Sanders 'Medicare for All' Town Hall LIVESTREAM | NowThis

35 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders ‘Medicare for All’ Town Hall LIVESTREAM | NowThis

    • ScurvyBildraft Unless there is a stream I missed this was happening on every broadcast station which tells me it had to be the equipment at the event somewhere.

      Its unfortunate because its kind of unbearable at points.

  1. Over the long term, countries actually SAVE MONEY by having a healthier total population with universal [preventative] healthcare. It’s a simple concept, akin to running preventative maintenance on your vehicle so it lasts longer and has fewer major problems. #MedicareForAll

  2. Bernie Sanders is speaking truths. He’s turning over the money changes table in the temple of our minds. Exposing the corruption of these systems so we can make itwork better for all.

    • Abdullah Bueno OMG! I said the same thing! If you read how the tables were overturned in the temples and how the power structure and economic structure was turned on its head, it would scare you! Bernie reminds me of someone else I know!!!

  3. While the audio may at times leave something to be desired the honest facts are spot on. The hatchet jobs being made by mean-spirited trolls are proof that some people with questionable values and judgment “Refuse to be confused by the facts.” Defacto eugenics based on income level is NOT a cherished American value embraced by patriotic veterans on the battlefield or anywhere else for that matter.

    • Well, BIll’O. You once said, ” Americans are entitled to an affordable medical system that can alleviate their suffering. It should be financially reasonable, you should have access to the doctors you need, and not bogged down in red tape and delays.” Glad to see you now realize that medical system is Single Payer for all. 😉

  4. This is a puff peice. There is no mention of UK or Canadian wait times, medical supply shortages. The lack of surgical nursing staff or anesthesiologist in Canada. The shortage of GP’s and nurses in the UK. The shortage of medicine or unsafe bed occupancy rates. There is no mention of what the real cost is going to be in tax increase or mention of national debts or deficit spending. We have no health economist discussing what it means in the grand economic scheme. Why were there no opposing voices. Its all about rights and feelings.

    • Our country also has the most productive economy in the world. The US GDP will be over $20 trillion this year. Most economists think that as long as total debt is less than 100% of GDP, we’re okay. What reason do you have to think differently?

      I think it’s important here to understand why national governments take on debt. It’s to finance future growth. It is well worth what we will pay when the bonds come due because of the exponential level of growth that debt finances. Additionally, whatever debt we take on now is reduced to a fraction of its current value by inflation when we have to pay up. It’s reduced to a fraction of that, at least as measured as a percentage of GDP, by the productivity growth it finances. National debts are a good thing, as long as they do not pass a given level, which ours have so far not.

      On what do you think national economies are based? Do you think it is the value of their currency? Adam Smith thought they were based on the produce of the land and the labor of the society. Money always fluctuates in value, but the produce of the US, and most industrialized countries, has been on a perfectly regular, predictable, and logarithmically growing path since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution 250 years ago; it doubles about every fourteen years. I think many would say inflation is partly a consequence of economic growth. These worries about debt ruination are unfounded. The US is perfectly capable of providing for its own citizens’ health care; do you think we are somehow resource deprived compared to our rich neighbors? The United States is the wealthiest country in the history of civilization and has been since at least 1890, nobody else even comes close to us. So how come they can take care of their citizens but we cannot?

      Besides, we are already spending twice as much as anybody else on health care. The plans you are criticizing because you say they will be too expensive are meant to cost us _less_ than we are paying now.

    • Our total debt is over 100% our GDP. We have gone over budget continually since the 70’s. We have had a handful of good years and the last was 2001. You are not going to sell me that an adding 32 trillion a year to our debt over 10 years is going to be good for the country. I understand we are not a poor country, but again the only way to generate the funds needed for health care is to increase taxes or cut other parts of the budget. Because adding to the debt is not a realistic option.
      I’m not okay with loading the next generation with tons in additional debt nor am I comfortable with the IRS taking money out of my pockets without any accountability as to how it gets spent. That Keynesian econ is rotting your brain. The boom and bust cycle is a direct consequence of central planning.
      The only people who benefit are the corporations and banks. They eat up all of societies loses. You are never going to sell me that the technocrat knows more about what is good for me more than I do. I am not a fan of socialism, nor fascism. I don’t trust the power-hungry demagogs who promise me 32 trillion dollars worth of health care and say that it won’t cost me anything. You also have not linked any source material I can read for myself. So aside for tossing out some economics jargon, you have no documentation.
      For the record you have to spend 32 trillion to save 16 trillion. the difference is that currently, it is not all on the taxpayer.

    • Thank YOU for watching! We will be doing more live streaming this year, so be sure to click the bell icon (next to the subscribe button on our channel page) to get notified for new videos and for when we go LIVE next. We’ll be live streaming the State of the Union address tomorrow night – see you then!

  5. It’s a damn shame people keep voting for democrats thinking things will change. Senators like the worthless Dianne Feinstein are in the pocket of wall street. We need real change coming from the Green Party, Socialist Party, Peace and Freedom Party. All we have in DC now are Wall Street Cronies.

  6. The heavy focus on economic impact and cost is apt given how much corporate Republicans and Democrats push back against universal healthcare by attacking it in this area. EVERYONE benefits from universal coverage, the ONLY ones that are negatively impacted are the HMO’s and greedy shareholders. Every part of the economy and society as a whole is immeasurably improved when the people are healthy and happy. When business, doctors and the sick are freed from the burden of health insurance cost and stress, we can all focus on what really matters; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness 😉 – This coming from New Zealander. I will admit that our ‘universal’ system is not perfect, in fact it could be a lot better. But I couldn’t imagine how bad things would be with Americas system. One bit of advice; if you do manage to get a universal system of one form or another, keep corporate conservatives and neo-liberal Democrats as far away from it as possible! They will de-fund it in a heartbeat to serve their donors and lobbyists. That’s why the first thing you need to do is to get money out of politics!

  7. I am a formally lower income American ( Born in Los Angeles ) that has lived as an Insured, under insured & uninsured citizen for 40 years. I now live in Canada ( for the last few years ) but still work in Washington. I have lived this entire story from top to bottom. I have stood there stunned when I was told I would have to pay a $6500.00 deductible for an operation. Thinking…. “But… I already pay $850.00 a month for my family to have insurance?” as an insured person with better than most insurance. I have looked at myself or worse.. my children when they are terribly ill and had to make the decision… “Am I or Are they sick enough for me to be financially ruined FOR EVER if I take them to the hospital? FOR EVER!” Because that is the reality of taking a loved one to the hospital with no insurance. Frantically checking google to see a fever of 104 is a high enough temp. for them to be in danger. Because I am not a gdamn doctor. And god help us if it is high enough to warrant an ER visit because tomorrow I have to figure out how will i pay the rent or lights or food or gas for work or clothes or anything? And save the “If you stopped buying a coffee every single morning you could afford it.” nonsense. Really poor people don’t go to starbucks. They drink the water left over from their Manchurian raman noodles that they have been eating for weeks now cuz top raman is 18 cents a package now. There is nothing I could realistically conceive of buying that would even be in the same reality of a medical bill for any given procedure.

    Now I live in Canada. With single payer healthcare. There is no concern. Zero. When we are sick. We go to the doctor. That is all. We wait for 15 mins or so ( In Vancouver ). My oldest daughter was in ICU for 2 days. Total cost 346$ ( For the ambulance ). Nothing more. My Co-worker and I just talked about it 3 days ago. He got a $2600 bill for ambulance and 4 hours in ER a couple of months ago. That is what he has to pay personally AFTER his insurance paid the rest. And he has some of the best insurance I have ever seen in America.

    Literally every single thing my co-workers tell me they have been told about Canada healthcare is false. Every single thing. And they live less than 45 minutes from the border. It is absolutely insane to me that people fight tooth and nail to be allowed to continue hurting themselves. People joke a lot on the internet about “Sorry America, I can’t hear you over my healthcare.” But the reality is, we all ( In Canada ) think its heartbreaking. We watch you suffer needlessly. We watch kids hurt when they don’t need to and so very many people dying for silly things that could easily be taken care of had care been available. Their single life surrendered because they couldn’t see a doctor.

    Dear America… I love you so much. Stop hitting yourself!! Please.

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