Plan F or Plan G Medicare Supplement | What’s Better?

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Trying to figure out the difference between plan F and Plan G? Most people have plan F, that's simply because that's what most agents sell. Plan F pays the highest commission to insurance agents. Plan G is the most cost-effective plan you can have without adding any financial risk to the table (in most states anyway). The ONLY difference between Medicare supplement plan F and Medicare supplement plan G is the one time a year Medicare Part B deductible of $183. Once you pay that deductible with plan G you have 100% coverage just like with plan F.

Here at our customer satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we recommend plan G over plan F. We want to make sure our clients can afford their supplement over many years to come by keeping their rates low and their rate increases low. The reason that is important is that if you develop medical conditions you will most likely be stuck on the plan you have as you won't be able to qualify with your good health to change companies.

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Plan F or Plan G Medicare Supplement | What's Better?

2 thoughts on “Plan F or Plan G Medicare Supplement | What’s Better?

    • Hi Susan, not to worry, the Deductible isn’t going to shoot through the roof. 8 years ago in 2010 it was $155, so it hasn’t even gone up 30 bucks in 8 years. Adding on to that, regardless of what happens to the deductible, plan G is still going to be the best plan to be on. If you’re on Medicare Supplement plan F and the deductible goes up, you can count on the insurance company passing that cost along to you in higher premiums, they certainly aren’t going to foot the bill. Thanks for the comment!

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