Medicare for All bill could force 1M Americans out of jobs

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The lead house sponsor of the Medicare for All bill says the proposed legislation would force one million health insurance company employees out of a job. One America's Emily Finn takes a look at the real cost of "free" health care.

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Medicare for All bill could force 1M Americans out of jobs


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71 thoughts on “Medicare for All bill could force 1M Americans out of jobs

    • That is Nancy Pelosi’s plan she’s already told us that she wants to destroy our economy just cuz she doesn’t like our president go Trump go

    • That is the idea crash the economy not because she doesn’t like our president because that has been the idea from the get-go all the way in towards the 2000s towards all the Trump supporters stop being sycophantic morons this has been from the very idea

    • Yep, that is their intent.
      The “Representatives” should be rounded up and HUNG.
      If not America will cease to exist as will know it.
      Commuists will win.

    • Socialism is poison, pure and simple. It’s like the what the Nazis were. That’s what the Democratic party is now. The slime of humanity period.

    • Ray Kehr No they don’t! Government regulations that control insurance companies cause those problems.

    • +Palmetto Bear And Government regulations are passed by the Government… so yeah… You have that… as I said… They will force me out of a Job…

    • Democrats will be forcing me out of a job as well. Not just that, I have a lot of health issues that I need to see numerous doctors and take several meds. If this crap ever went through there would be millions of pain sufferers that will commit suicide.

    • +5winder. Those are fingernail scratches from the monster energy drinks and somebody said that that’s what they look like but that’s not true.

    • +SpectorTippy those type of people who said that are part of the conspiracy theory Nutters but more towards the point they are what I would like to call Industrial saboteurs /misinformation artist

    • Throw those Leftist socialist pigs out of office, next year. Get real conservatives elected, take back the House. Put a stop to it.

  1. Anyone who has any knowledge of WWII can see significant parallels from Hitler to today’s leftists.. they want everyone to be dependant on government.. its all about power and control! They ARE SICK!

    • +Pax Americana oh really, why don’t you elaborate.. Here are the parallels, you got the takeover of academia, media propaganda, gun-grabbing b/c they want to repeal the 2nd ammendment and do away with freedom of speech.. after those things are gone, your freedom and liberties are gone b/c you’ll be ruled by a tyrannical government, which is their whole objective!

    • +Pax Americana It was perfect sense to sane, logical non kool aid drinkers. Leftists are the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet.

  2. Make this mandatory for all registered Democrat voters, especially the ones who are fans of Sanders and Harris.

  3. If Dems feel this would be a great idea for ALL AMERICANS, they will eating their own words…nothing is for FREE!!!

  4. I am a poor American and I say NO to “Medicare for All bill”, this is a Communist bill! Vote NO to “Medicare for All bill”!

    • Same here, I was homeless and unemployed for two years and started my own handyman business but I still voted against taxes such as the tech tax here in seattle. I got off ebt (food stamps) and am doing good so far..

    • The Medicaid For All is a lie. They want to deny coverage to children and babies who survived abortions. Democrats are a living example of the book Animal Farm: All animals are equal… but some are more equal than others. They haven’t changed a bit since they lost the Civil War.

    • There you go, it’s socialist medicine. They keep theirs, and force us to get get cheap health care. They should have the same.

    • +Christopher Arnett exactly. If Bernie was serious, he’d drop.his fed insurance…just take his Medicare. But he won’t!
      He’s a hypocrite.

  5. I sure hope that everyone takes the fact that *you would be paying for all illegals* that would not be paying anything into the US tax system. *You would be paying Medicare for everyone that you personally have no responsibility for.*

    • GOOGLE USER Very true. Us tax payers already dish out $44 billion a year on medical expenses for illegals. Total, us tax payers are forced to spend $135 billion a year on programs for illegals. It’s absurd.

  6. Free Medicare for all is total INSANITY Its been proven over and over SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK. WE DONT WANT TO BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY EVER!!!

    • Steel Briar completely untrue. their would be more time to see patients. and it will eliminate about 10 million insurwnce a coder jobs which would save enough money to give free healthcare to everyone

    • +rayt this has happened in Canada. Some doctors were sending in bills to the government for people who had not been in to see the doctor. They could double up on their income by doing this.

  7. Medicare for All. . .Open Borders…
    Illegal Aliens First Citizens last…
    Higher Taxes…New green Deal…The DemonRATS must have Inhaled too many Cow Farts!!!!!

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