Bernie Sanders on ‘Medicare-for-all,’ Joe Biden and wanting to take on Trump in 2020

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On "This Week," ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl joins 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail in Des Moines, Iowa.

Bernie Sanders on 'Medicare-for-all,' Joe Biden and wanting to take on Trump in 2020


81 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders on ‘Medicare-for-all,’ Joe Biden and wanting to take on Trump in 2020

  1. Joe Biden calling himself the “most progressive”, is just as ridiculous as trump calling himself a “stable genius”.

    • +Avalaw 19 We can have medicare for all, people just have to have an extra 20% taken of our their pre tax pay like they do in other countries. Half a trillion is spent on military, but you guys didn’t complain when obama did it or when Obamacare failed and raised health insurance prices and failed to cover more people.

    • +TIMEPPFThey paid state taxes??Why can’t we just pay state taxes?? Federal money is not going to be given to companies to pay there employees more?? Why not?? Because you say so?? If we can give tax breaks to Amazon and oil companies why can’t we give tax breaks to companies to help them raise there employees wages?? Oh because you said we can’t I geuss
      Whoever believes having homeless people let alone veteran homeless people who fought for this country is ok should have there head examined.. For profit health care is not ok because insurance companies are out to make money and they dont care if people die in the process..
      The price of everything is going up.. The same houses in my neighborhood that used to be $1000 per month 10 years ago are now $14-$1500 per month but peoples pay checks are not going up.. Once we stop spending trillions on these oil wars we will fix our country and get our priorities straight

    • +Avalaw 19 They didn’t pay federal tax because they had losses from previous years that they were legally allowed to claim on future years tax returns, if you don’t understand filing taxes go speak to an accountant, I’m not getting into it here.

      We can give tax credits to companies to pay more, hire more full time workers as well as making part time workers full time and tax credits to provide health insurance! That’s my whole case lol, we don’t need to overhaul healthcare when we can offer incentives to businesses if they hire and retain workers and provide health insurance.

      Inflation would go up more with a higher minimum wage because costs go up as incomes go up and demand for goods exceeds supply, prices go up. I suggest researching inflation, the causes and the impact it has on the poor. By raising all wages, prices will go up and the people that live on fixed incomes or no longer work have to pay more for the same goods. By having entry level jobs at a lower pay, you can keep inflation down and those making minimum wage have to be promoted or take their skills elsewhere to make more money. Don’t argue that you should be able to make $20 to empty wastebaskets or be a walmart greeter, more skilled jobs should pay more.

    • That is not necessary. Just copy a good working system from one of the European countries.

      And… stop investing 600B!!! a year in the weapon industry, where BOTH parties voted for.

      But we all know by now it’s not about dems or convs but about arms & oil

    • Philosopher of Nonsense To prevent expenses from ballooning, the government sets strict budget caps that only enable hospitals to hire a limited number of staff and purchase a meager amount of equipment. Demand inevitably outstrips supply. Shortages result.

    • Enric Rivero there is no good working system. Just look at the United Kingdom’s government enterprise, the National Health Service, which turns 70 this July. Today, British hospitals are so overcrowded that doctors regularly treat patients in hallways. The agency recently canceled tens of thousands of surgeries, including urgent cancer procedures, because of severe resource shortages. And this winter, nearly 17,000 patients waited in the backs of their ambulances — many for an hour or more — before hospital staff could clear space for them in the emergency room. Not to mention the population is no where close to ours

    • Then just look at the German, Danish or Dutch health care. As far as I can see it, they work fine.

      The UK is not a good example as they are behind in all government investments.

      Just look at the poor situation of the railways. 100 years without a change.

  2. What a hack interview. Jesus christ, it is so painfully obvious the way they treat Bernie. As usual, Bernie sticks to his message supported by policy.

    • “Conservatives say if you don’t give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest. As for the poor, they tell us they’ve lost all incentive because we’ve given them too much money.”
      ― George Carlin

    • Bernie sticks to his message, sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that his message is pure bullshit.

    • Bernie got tongue tied when asked why he didn’t pay his own proposed tax rate last year! He stammered and stumbled through a half baked excuse after a long uncomfortable silence!

    • dat boi you think they would ask Biden about his vote for the war in Iraq and ask him why should us citizens trust him on foreign policy over Bernie when Bernie was able to predict the horrific consequences of the war and he was not?

    • Robert David I’d be scared too if I were a trumptard. Bernie wins, my illiterate president will get exposed as the real fraud he is. Drain the swamp? Nah I’ll just fill up my cabinet with a bunch of multi national corporation CEOs who were the ones responsible for the financial crisis in 2008.

    • +Robert David what lies? We do pay the most in healthcare and despite this we don’t have better healthcare outcomes than most of the industrial world that is not lie and there are countless studies to back it up. The rest of the of the modern world has some form of universal healthcare. That is a fact. Most of the industrial world allows the govenrment to negotiate drug prices. We don’t and we have the highest drug prices. That is a fact. When you elimate insurance premiums, copayments and deductibles the vast majority of people will be paying less even tho their taxes go up. This are not lies. what is a lie is that it would be a complete government take over of healthcare. Drug companies, Hospitals, doctors nurses and clinics would all still be private excerpt for the VA of course. It’s just the insurance side that would be govenrment run just like how Medicare is now but even better because it would cover everything. What exactly are the lies you are talking about?

  3. The elite leftist media worship Biden and hate Bernie. They will have trouble pushing Biden for the next year because Biden’s campaign is a disaster

    • +Dante3214 It is just beginning. Biden is toast – he has no policy positions at all. They cannot protect him

    • The elites the media aren’t left, they’re pro corporate. That’s not a left wing position, it’s more of a right wing one. Better to just call them the establishment media

    • It is fascinating to me that they would want a repeat of 2016 over a change. As you said: i don’t know what there platform is gonna be here other than “look how awful trump is”.. again… cause it worked so well last time

    • Bullshit, Harry. The so called tax cuts for the majority resulted in more people paying MORE in taxes than they did last year, and 87% of the REAL cuts went to the 1%. More corporations like Amazon, GE, and Walmart, making billions in profits, paid ZERO taxes under the tRUMP admin, I repeat, ZERO taxes, and yet they destroy the infrastructure more than any citizen who actually pays taxes and can’t afford to fix a car that gets wrecked driving to their $9 an hour part time job, for which they pay taxes. You are a dangerous idiot. The economic reports on this tax cut FRAUD are abundant. But keep ingesting that Fox propaganda that puts nothing but excrement between your ears.

    • +hategreed1And you’re a fucking liar. NOBODY GOT THEIR TAXES RAISED! I don’t know where you get your information, but it’s fake. As for corporations like Amazon, GE, Walmart paying no taxes. I don’t care. anybody who advocates corporations to pay more is advocating treason.

    • +Baron Von Schneider very true, wages are continuing to rise due to state laws. In many states, citizens have forcefully enacted a constitutional amendment to ensure their state raises a wage or their legislature has bended towards the people’s will and increased that wage. So it all depends on where you live and unfortunately doesn’t reflect broadly enough. Cost of living is rising, cost of rent is double, cost of obtaining a mortgage triple in some areas. This is being reflected, but not enough to make any dent on consumer confidence and the overall terms of income inequality. The rich are still getting rich, and the middle class is shrinking. Like middle class is shrinking and the poorer get maybe a dollar raise on their 20k job by state laws flipping their employers rights. Good job America.

    • +Baron Von Schneider also these wages increase could be a slight fake happy in the market as the tax cuts we passed under Trump created an illusion of wage growth. Taxable income at the corporate levels, to top wage earners of the 1% received the majority of the tax cuts resulting in a essential “wage growth.” But this idea of trickle down economics doesn’t work. America is $20 trillion in debt because we printed the money out and handed it away to a selective few. And now we are faced with this ugly paradise worth $20 trillion.

    • Wages are stagnant due to Bernie and the other Democrat’s policies of open borders. Wages are not only stagnant, but going down in industries like construction, because illegal scabs from Mexico are allowed to come here and work cheaper.

    • When you tax like Bernie want’s to the wealthy leave. And then you get Venezuela. So have fun w that

    • That’s what he does … he makes you feel nice and then he sells out… like he did with Hillary…

      So what does it make you think that it won’t be the case again? Maybe he’ll give the votes to beto at the end… Bernie sanders is a candidate straight out of the establishment.

  4. Corporate media pisses me off so much. Shame on them, may God have mercy on their soul. Forgive them lord they know not what they do.

  5. @7:00- “we’re going to do away with tax shelters.” Bernie is the only major candidate talking about that. There are literally *TRILLIONS* of dollars parked in overseas tax shelters. Untaxed every year for decades. No wonder we have deficits.

    • +The Plumber There’s nobody crying here. But there are folks like you making empty claims. Once more: what has Trump done to address tax shelters?

  6. America needs a well experienced, lots of wisdom, compassion to we the people, integrity, high moral, thats BERNIE SANDERS

    • Bernie is a hack commie politician who has never had any achievements in life outside of politics.

    • +Baron Von Schneider you could say that about most candidate. Even that, would you trust anyone other than a politician to lead the country? I certainly wouldn’t want a donut shop worker to run a multimillion dollar industry like amazon. To the same effect, we should have someone who can handle and run policy.

    • +B M Bernie Sanders – the champ for the people. Medicare For All.
      Basic vision: What would our country be like if it were really structured to improve the lives of regular everyday people instead of profits for corporations?

    • TheCherroes Cheese, Bernie is the last of the New Deal Democrats.
      It’s the “Democrats” who are not even Democrats.

    • Tom Joad- he’s not a democrat. He’s a socialist, let’s call him for what he really is. It’s pretty obvious, especially with all of his policies that he wants to bring forth.

    • TheCherroes Cheese, Bernie just wants to repeat the New Deal one more time (which I think is the wrong approach since it did not seek to change the anti-democratic structure of the corporation, which will always cause the undoing of these very reforms).
      But FDR was a capitalist, and so is Bernie. They never talked about democratizing the workplace.
      If you object FDR/Bernie policies and want to terrify voters by calling their policies socialism, communism, or whatever horrible name you find appalling, then be my guest.

  7. “Conservatives say if you don’t give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest. As for the poor, they tell us they’ve lost all incentive because we’ve given them too much money.”
    ― George Carlin

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