~242~ Failed Coup, Medicare 4 All, Embassy Raid & More

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~242~ Failed Coup, Medicare 4 All, Embassy Raid & More


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53 thoughts on “~242~ Failed Coup, Medicare 4 All, Embassy Raid & More

  1. Thank you for that George Bush clip. It’s been so long since we’ve had a fool in the White House that just spewed nonsense.

    Oh wait….

    • +Randy Smith You need to get current. This is old. Obama isn’t relevant: Trump either, for that matter.
      Bernie 2020!!

    • +Gee Nahh the only place Bernie would be relevant is in a nursing home, Next he’ll be doing “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials

    • +Gee Nahh I hate to say it, but we are Not that far off from saying *”[oil is instead of] Brando is what plants craves, because it got electrolytes.”* Our last 2 out of 3 presidents happens to be a big fan of “pro wrestling”, why not go all out saying, *”This was message was brought to you by [Amazon or McDonald’s]”.* Smh

    • +Randy Smith I think he mean something like take the guns away firts then do due process, I’m sure you remember that or like criticizing Obama then be worse than him.

    • “Fool me once, shame on . . . . . . (oops, mumble, “they”) fooled me once, ewes don’t get fooled again.” Too late, George. We got fooled, too. Baaaa’d?
      The Neos are back at the Helm setting precedents: Borrow, Bomb, Crash, then BURN with a Neo Eon Currency, the Mark, and Lucifer, right there in the New Temple, as the whole world cries out, “No more war. Forgive our debts. Save us. we will do Anything!” on 09/23/26. There’s an Epochal Eclipse April 8th 2024. Exercise Faith — speak to God — to get in shape for the Awakening.

    • +Nick KinneyHistory has proven you so right. We have plenty of documentation to prove it. It’s just everyone has to collaborate on their documentation so they realize they are all right and have not imagined it.

    • tiny dancer That is a really good finishing point there. It feels now like they would like us to believe that it is all imagined, like it’s not real, or something. But Stick to our guns.
      I had to make a point to someone the other day, because it literally sounded like they were trying to tell me that all the wars in the world were not really happening. Like as if you don’t look you won’t see it so it might as well not really be going on. Almost made me feel crazy for a minute.

    • tiny dancer Also, I am in Texas. And I have never had a problem on voting days, but I have had nagging feelings and I really hope I don’t have a problem this next year. For all I know they really could just openly hack the numbers to stay in that much longer. Why wouldn’t they at this point? They already have so much to hide, they will go to the end committing every crime possible.

    • +Nick Kinney Yes, they are so transparent now since they know no-one really is paying attention. I wonder if anyone is even going to mention the problems with the elections the last time. Oh well, more to transpire. There’s still 18 months to go. Just think of how much time we have to talk about how Mueller lied. Barr lied. Trump lied. And that’s it. No-one else lies. Story over.

  2. This is known as transference. The transfer of comedy to the politicians. And the transfer of real journalism to the comedians.

    • Thank you great definition!
      I was stuck knowing what I wanted and not knowing what the word was for why this is. #PressFreedom

    • During the g bush reign of terror, for the most part, comedians were the only ones allowed to tell the truth. Maybe it is transference but it is also the code of the west ………Satanic government. I think their holy writings promote lying…the more hypocrisy thrown in , the better……..Also upper levels of freemasonry etc….. Just saw Mike Pompous doing it. The clintons are the best at it.

  3. This guy Pompe(ii)o ….(After the volcano that destroyed everyone) is a real piece of work! Love the way you think Lee!!!!

    • +Kaile Taylor When Bill Clinton was president, the United States bombed Yugoslavia and destroyed its capital Belgrade which was a modern city. The US government does not care what race you are and they do not care how many men, women, and children they kill.

    • Whites dont want to rebuild venezuela they want to steal food, resources, kill kids and rape women and children.

  4. Lee, it’s a shame we don’t have 500 of you in Congress so we could stop these criminals running our country illegally!!!

    • +KingoftheCatnap But he sours his truth with the last socially acceptable discrimination against a majority of Americans; against fat people. Fat or thin, there is no statistical connection with morality or intelligence. BMI does not define the ‘soul’. And he gut-punches his devoted fans who are not so svelte with every fat joke while race, sexuality, religion and even attractiveness are now blissfully off the table.

  5. It’s the same what was done for
    -Iraq…600K children yearly have been killed because of SANCTION … Madeline Albright..Frm Secretary of State USA told us about
    openly in TV show. ….

  6. Our government is controlled by diabolical forces. A bunch of Psychopaths are running this country which are destroying at the same time.

  7. I have to say comrades I am truly loving the epic fail of the USA in Venezuela. Nothing better then watching those chauvinistic pricks embarrass themselves over and over and over while the world laughs at them. To think they used to be good at this kind of thing they must be out of practice either that or Trump stupidity is just catching.

  8. America: Sanctions and incites terrorists in a country
    Two months later: SEE THEIR COUNTRY DOESN’T WORK

  9. Redacted got me to face the truth about the democratic party! It was physically hard to watch at first and you won me over! One of my favorite shows ever! What I wanted to see daily show become!

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