Laura Ingraham Compares Medicare For All To ‘Free Scooters’

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Laura Ingraham Compares Medicare For All To 'Free Scooters'

58 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham Compares Medicare For All To ‘Free Scooters’

    • It’s not universal health-care that conservatives don’t like, it’s a single-payer public sector system without competition from market forces they hate. Example: Most people on welfare are placed in homes that are built and operated by the private sector, thereby reducing costs by at least half if all housing was nationalized ( which occurs in Socialist countries like Cuba). Same thing should happen with health-care. I come from Canada, so I know the system the Left advocates; It’s a long way from perfect, and it eats up more than a third of the nations tax revenues. There are long waiting periods, and a lot of waste and fraudulent billing scams. What do government bureaucrats care about how other people’s money is spent?

    • Id wait months for a liver than die in a year. For the vast majority of us there are no other options. If the system can’t survive if it helps out its people that system should be abolished.

    • Steve Warwick And here I thought the ditzy blonde mouthpiece on fox was Gretchen Carlson and the chick in the middle of the couch on fox and friends.

  1. Brief perspective from Finland:
    We have a health system covering all. But it isn’t perfect. You still have to pay for care (1/20th) what US citizens pay.
    So it’s cheaper. Also waiting lines for non-elective treatment are minimal. (Might not get into surgery today, but we got 3 free spaces for tomorrow”.
    Ok seems good so far.
    Whats next? Recovery with paid leave… oh that is horrible, right?
    And they even pay for the taxi ride home. (Speaking from experience)
    Would be totally horrible if US implemented this…
    Also my english skills are a product of tax payer funded schools..
    Nothing is perfect I guess…

    Anyway vote me up so Kyle can see this ‘devastating’ debunk.

    • +loki2240 Exactly. It’s like having a friend who keeps saying they can’t afford food, then they buy a Lamborghini. We are very well aware of who the welfare queens are in this country and it’s not the poor.

    • +Lord of the belts: The return of the KING – Actually, I think that American progressives refer to Scandinavian countries and other European countries for two reasons. 1. We know more about them than the Japanese and Singapore systems. 2. It’s easier to sell socialized healthcare to other Americans by pointing to European countries. Bigotry us a factor, but it’s in the form of Americans dismissing policies from “non-white” countries out of hand. Even still, a common argument against socialized healthcare is “We’re not Europe.” I don’t think that you understand the level of ignorance and bigotry in the U.S.

      By the way, I’ve never heard any progressive state where socialized healthcare originated. And I certainly don’t worship Scandinavians on some Aryan race nonsense. I’m African American and Native American. But I make references to those countries because they have better healthcare systems and a better overall quality of life. I’ve also advocated looking at Japan’s public school system because it’s better than ours.

    • Turin yep but right now he has the people’s mandate and he’s already in election/shade-throwing mode in the first weeks that our politicians have been back. my fear is that sdp won’t have the guts to form a minority government after the 2019 election, and that they’ll resort to a grand coalition with one of the fiscally right-wing parties (kokoomus/keskusta). to be clear, I hold the opinion that the best next setup the gov’t should have is social democrats + left + greens, because there has not been a real shift to this direction in Finland since the 1980s

    • Damien Ablack Oh c’mon. This “same as food or rent” argument is silly. Plenty of middle class people have serious troubles with healthcare costs. Just because you’re not poor doesn’t mean you can handle a 100k in medical bills, or expensive premiums, deductibles, and copays. To anyone outside the US who might be reading this, yes it is hard to understand how there are people who don’t get this.

    • T Timeler: The scary part is that there are many people who listen to these guys (Ben S., Laura, etc.) and think they’re right…

    • It’s hyperbolic propaganda. This has been going on for a long time. If you don’t like the Vietnam War, you’re a Commie who hates soldiers was a thing once. It makes little sense and it’s silly but people are silly so it works sort of.

  2. “I don’t want brown people to have healthcare…what?…thats racist?…ugh fine…I dont want anyone to have healthcare”
    -Laura Ingram

    • Doomm Slayer Did you know she adopted a kid from Guatemala? I presume that kid is brown. I am legitimately hoping people are checking on that child because I worry it went something like this: “Good help is so hard to find… I can’t get a decent housekeeper! Oh, I know! I could get one young, train it up…Yes, brilliant. Get me my brown baby!”

  3. The next time some Republican has any idea, I’m going to cry out “Somalia!” It has as much in common with what Republicans want as Venezuela does with the goals of progressives.

  4. Laura Ingraham knows we’re in an economic bubble but she also knows it won’t affect her, she’s multi millionaire

  5. I would love to get her counter arguments to Das Kapital…. assuming she even understands a single paragraph in there… lol

  6. I graduated with a political science major less than 2 years ago and I took many political theory classes reading Rawls, Rorty, Bloom, Foucault, and never once did I read Karl Marx… yet I’m a Social Democrat.

  7. Well, right-wingers have always viewed health-care and education the same way they view furniture: as a commodity. If you cannot afford health-care or education, your damn fault, move along. The whole “We can’t afford that !” and “Look at Venezuela !” nonsense is just a convenient way to dodge the question of why do right-wingers view health-care and education as a commodity rather than a right of any citizen.

    There is ample evidence that universal access to health-care and education costs less to the tax-payer and they benefit from it for instance: by having longer life expectancies, leading less stressful lives, having better jobs, etc.

    • There is little evidence that universal access to healthcare and education would cost less. Also, someone has to provide those services. That is why they are not a right.

    • We actually have studies on this, actually. In fact, the Koch brothers have a study on the cost of universal healthcare which even with all their attempts to slant it towards making them a profit actually indicates that the cost of healthcare would be less if it were universal.

  8. Awwwwwmahgawwwwd the amount of people, both left and right, that can’t distinguish Social Democracy and Democratic Socialism makes me literally question my will to live.

    • Joseph Stalin Ocasio Cortez just straight out said democratic socialism. She is a member of the democratic socialists of america for christ sake. And yet Kyle for some reason insists that she doesnt know what she is and implies shes actually a social democrat and starts talking about the nordic countries.The constant sugar coating continues to baffle me

  9. Unfettered capitalism rewards sociopathy. Sure, great human achievement has come from it as well. But you have to acknowledge the good with the bad.

  10. Fox News is where stupid people congregate to listen to other stupid people say the stupid things they were already thinking, but better articulated.

  11. Seeing has how many Trumptards use hover-rounds and refuse to walk beyond the age of 60, “free scooters” sounds like a great idea for them.

    • “free fried food, moonshine, free Fox News, free cigarettes, free opioids.”

      Screw it I’m honestly fine withusing tax money that accelerates the deaths of that hopeless generation.

  12. Laura Ignorant is just a complete moron, the perfect poster girl for Faux news. What more is there to know?!

  13. When my grandchildren ask me why it took so long to get healthcare to the most vulnerable Americans I will show them video of this corrupt, ignorant, hateful woman worth $45,000,000.
    Laura Ingraham referred to American Universities as centers of indoctrination. Laura Ingraham should look up the definition of psychological projection, it can be found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. And while Laura Ingraham is looking in the mirror, she should realize that in a time of higher taxes on the rich American Universities were the envy of the entire world bar none.

    Human society is elevated when we work together for the better of all, not when we step over each other clobbering our neighbors for the crumbs of an elite class, a brutal system of which Ingraham knowingly and gleefully takes part. What a sad, insignificant, small person. For wasted potential, look no further than the Propagandist sowers of discord bile that are the hosts of Fox News and most of the rest of the corporate media.

  14. Ridiculous idiots LOVE to compare socialism to communism (which is really just dictatorial regimes) as if they’re the same thing. How predictable. Plus they’ll ALWAYS point to Venezuela and pointedly ignore every successful democratic socialist government in Europe.

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