Jake Tapper’s Lazy “Fact Check” Of Medicare-For-All

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Jake Tapper’s Lazy "Fact Check” Of Medicare-For-All

60 thoughts on “Jake Tapper’s Lazy “Fact Check” Of Medicare-For-All

    • I agree that it sucked being limited to Clinton vs Trump but I saw better people getting Clinton better things or to help her than the group of Vampires sucking America Dry and not leaving enough Blood (money) for her (America) to live. The Country has never done well without a healthy Middle Class=P

    • dnate697 Clinton repealing Citizens united would never happen because the corporate bought establishment would not alow that and I believe that Clinton just had a smokescreen strategy, trying to capture would be progressive voters… I hope that you agree that the lesser of two evil strategy= bad one.. You know as many others that both political parties have the same donors…Clinton would never try to repeal citizens united… Just look at the DNC repealing their own legislation from two months ago.. A legislation that would stop them (Democrats) from taking donations from the fossilfuel industry… But no the donorclass wouldnt have that…corruption rules the Democratic party just as the republicans… Prooves just that a noncorrupt third party option must come and fast…

    • Ahsim Nreiziev well lets hope that a noncorrupt politician with a progressive platform that benefit all americans not just the top one percent would win the Democratic primeary.. Sure it is a small hope because as it stands the corporate democrats (DNC) will cheat such a candidate again… And using voting machines will make it even more hard to pull of, (hacking those seems very easy) Paper ballots must be the way to go forward… Im beginning to think that voting third party would be the only way but im not there yet…

  1. CNN would have a debate on if its raining one person will yes the other no and then CNN will say is it raining opinion is spilled we may never know. When they could just go outside and see

  2. I think you’re being generous calling it “lazy.” Tapper is just doing what every talking head does on CNN – block out the Progressive message to hold up the Centrists.

  3. CNN And All MSM Is Frighten About Not Making $$$ Off Ads Of Insurance, Pharma & Other Medical Industry If Medicare For All Comes To Pass

    • My best friend is from the UK as well, while he hates the politics over there he does agree strongly with the way the economy runs over there. Just the other day he was concerned over another American friend who needs surgery because of the terrible for-profit system in the US, it’s understandable that he would worry that her family would go bankrupt or die from being unable to afford the surgery she needs, had to suggest GoFundMe to help her.

    • Honestly, from a European perspective it’s nuts, is totally illogical but seems a ideology thing with a lot of folk over there.

    • Jimbo Jones
      It’s because he doesn’t care about the people. His mind is on the establishment.
      He is getting destroyed in the comment section and the like to dislike ratio is off the charts

  4. CNN were being very misleading here. The study doesn’t claim it will save the government trillions of dollars as Jake Tapper says. It claims it will save the American people trillions of dollars.

    • @JB JG
      Exactly. Which is why raising the capital gains tax is something that needs to happen if we are to implement this system. The capital gains tax needs to be _slightly_ less than earned income. I think it tops out now at 15%. Which means a person making 70k a year pays more in taxes than these billionaires. I’m not sure why people do not see this as unfair.

    • + Loader a non-profit system (single payerat least the insurance agency is a public non-profit) is much, much more cost efficient – see my comment outside. – there is plenty of room to insure everyone, grant good services and even save money on top of it.

    • David Bower ,
      True. If it was actually costing the government or the ruling class anything, then it would matter to them. It’s just us suffering so they’ll be no interest on their part. It’s not because they don’t know the truth of it; it is that they could care less

  5. of course it’s done on purpose. do not for a second think that this some kind of oversight. tapper knows what is right and what is wrong. he is a soul-less sell out. his boss brought in him to the office and said we have to push back on this. the powers that be are starting to feel the heat and they will do anything to keep the gravy train going. do not forget that tapper is a multi-millionaire with multiple homes and an extravagant lifestyle which he wants to keep up. he is humanity’s worst of the worst. and shouldn’t be let off the hook. shame on him and his corporate overlords

    • They gonna turn that district red. They got it all set up, that old hag she ran against in the primarys is still runing in november. Frame her as a lunatic, let the people know the old dude is still there. Vote split, district turned red, no more comunists in the future. Atleast the democrats master trolling at some level.

  6. If Walter Whites family lived in Denmark or Norway the show Breaking Bad would’ve never happened . He would’ve never went bankrupt from medical bills due to his cancer diagnosis and he would’ve never resorted to cooking crystal meth and murdering folks in order to get out of debt. So I guess the worst thing about Medicare for all is no Breaking Bad .

    • +Hugh Janus “us govt sucks at producting results” ? NASA, the space landing, the internet, the interstate highway were funded by the government, the private sector doesn’t care about quality only quantity, that’s why the iphones and other high cost items have a 2-3 year lifespan. Only the government can properly research medical and other fields even if it costs a lot, private sector will only innovate if its profitable.

      The reason you shouldn’t leave healthcare to the private sector is because they make profit of people being sick, government social services don’t work like that. And that’s completely false about the rationing and wait times, the US also has wait times but the US system wait time is rationed by how much money the patient has and if he’s profitable to the hospital. While public sectors ration by need and give attention to patients who need immediate help.

      The US gov spent 52% of last years fiscal budget on the military, don’t bs with talk about social services. I live in Australia and compared to when I visited the US, the drug prices in Aus are 50%, 60% even 70% cheaper than the US for the exact same brands. In some cases, an uninsured patient in the US paid $2000-$3000 for a flu shot while I in Australia paid 0 since it was funded by the government. The heart surgery procedure the Canadian politician got was actually developed by the Toronto Cardiac Center and the research was fully funded by the Canadian government. A lot of people have a perception that paying for something more gets you better result, that’s the reason he had the procedure in the US.

  7. This is literally why I don’t even watch cable news unless you or my others faves shows a clip. I prefer the promotion of critical thinking on topics.

    • Andria Sanders then im sorry we will never agree if you think the govt can save the enviroment globally stop nature and you are willing to give up your freedom to do it then this isn’t fruitful i believe the govt has ruined everything it has been put in charge of at the cost of freedom and freedom i value over everything else. I hope you reconsider for the ideas you hold are terrifying

    • Hugh Janus well unless the idea of maintaining the environment spontaneously pops into every human mind, I’m not sure how we collectively change without some form of “like minded consent”, maybe you don’t like the word government but there are more than one type of government. Even if capitalism was more environmental-maintenance based then I’d have no problem with it but if you reject what I’m saying just because I think it takes a collective effort to make change then you’re disregarding what I’m saying solely based on the word (government). Call it “collective agreement” if you want.

    • Andria Sanders your just sayin words with no meaning now you now that i take issue with giving up freedom to attempt to protect the enviroment this isn’t gonna work

  8. One of the beefs progressives have with that study is the author left out context, so going to him to get context probably is not the best idea.

    Oh Bernie and AOC made “assumptions”? No. Like David said, they crunched the study’s own numbers. The (educated) assumptions are that the study fails to account for other factors that would mean even bigger savings.

    And it’s rich that Tapper accuses Bernie and AOC of ignoring context, while he’s in the process of ignoring context and their whole mission here is to add context in terms of the current costs of the system and other projected savings that the Koch study left out.

    CNN is just afraid that their taxes might go up if Medicare For All is passed. And if progressives win on other issues as well. They want us to focus on nothing but Russia and Stormy Daniels and Omarosa, and they want us to forget about or oppose policies that would actually make our lives a whole lot better.

    • Mitch Clark im so happy to see the insane left is killing eachother now its the extreme versus the ultra extreme. So fun to watch

    • Hugh, as opposed to the idiotic and ignorant trash that is the reactionary right? Progressives are simply just left. Reactionary’s are psycho right wing morons. The current populist dualism going around is politically illiterate AF!

      What the actual spectrum looks like:
      Radical <----- Progressive --|-- Conservative------> Reactionary
      Democrat Republican
      Left Right
      What politically illiterate morons think it is:
      <----------------------- | -------------------------->
      Left Right

      And this doesn’t even address the spectrums of political control and economic equality, this is the Social Spectrum:

      Anarchy Dictatorship

      Equality<---------------------------------|--------------------------------Inequality |--------capitalism--------| Of course these different spectrum do interact, and people of different cultures who hold a specific social position, immediately place themselves on another due to the beliefs which are ingrained in that position. Radicals and Reactionary's alike tend to seek more authoritarian political positions as their visions of the future tend to more ideological. (which is why I call them morons! Generally not educated enough to realize that the methods for actually getting from A to Z are far more important than they give credit) Bottom line, any argument you attempt to make which states that not all people in a society should be well cared for, will put you either in a reactionary, or a radical position. And there is no doubt you are less educated for holding such a position. Cooler heads are more informed heads. And nobody who understands political, economic, and general philosophy, would consider leaving people to starve or die, Only ideological shitbags do that.

  9. Who cares. Who cares what it costs. Isn’t a healthy productive society worth it rather than sick and dying? Medicare as it stands now uses a very tiny part of the overall government spending. Adding everyone to it, would be easily doable. Sick leave costs American businesses $225B a year. Factor that in too.

    • rcaugh z also cover in pre mature death cost and all the bankruptcy courts costs. After all over 60% of al bankruptcy is due to medical bills.

    • It’s about priorities. Unfortunately too many don’t care about their fellow citizens & don’t understand the actual monetary payback that results when everyone’s health is taken care of.

    • +rcaugh
      It’s easy. The rich prefer to be served by obedient and insecure citizenry.
      Can you blame them?
      They own the damn country after all.

    • Rcaugh, yeah and if you become poor because you were laid off as a result of Trump’s tariffs, and can’t find another good paying job in your field then the right will just chalk that up to “poor life choices.”

  10. Technically Jake Tapper is correct. MFA isn’t going to save U.S taxpayers 2 trillion dollars over the next 10 years. It will save American taxpayers around 16 trillion dollars over the next 10 years.

  11. I like how Jake asked the author and believed him. Almost like how Trump asked putin if them meddling in our election and said “No” and believed his answer.

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