Kamala Harris Shifts Leftward, Will Co-Sponsor Bernie’s Medicare For All Bill

Democratic Senator Kamala Harris announced this week that she would be signing on as a co-sponsor of Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” legislation that would provide a government option for health insurance for Americans. This shift shows that the push by progressives is working, and as long as we keep pushing, we might be able to force more Democrats to the left. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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Earlier this week, Senator Kamala Harris announced that she was going to sign on as a co-sponsor for Bernie Sanders' Medicare-for-all health care bill. This is a huge victory for Progressives in the United States. There's been a lot of chatter about Kamala Harris in the last few months. The DNC appears to already be propping her up as a potential 2020 candidate. That doesn't sit very well with Progressives. We need to be the ones that choose our candidate, not the donor class, but the fact that people were worried that she wasn't progressive enough, that she was too much of a centrist, and they called her out on it, is what ultimately led her to shift further to the left to support and sign on as a co-sponsor of this particular piece of legislation.

Here's why this is so important, several reasons here. First and foremost, Progressives did this. Kamala Harris did not wake up one morning and have a sudden change of heart and realize, "You know what? Health care is a right. I'm going to do this." She saw the public backlash. She saw the criticism coming from Progressives. She saw people pushing her to the left, and understood that she needs to do this if she wants to further her political career. I'm not saying she only did it for political gain. I do believe that she believes this now, that she understands that people want this, so whatever her motives are, we have to understand that it was the push from Progressives that made her go further left.

Second of all, Kamala Harris is friendly with the establishment Democrats. If she is getting onboard with this piece of legislation, it's going to be more likely that she's going to be able to pull other establishment Democrats into the fray and get them to sign on as well. While it likely will not pass to the Republicans controlling the Senate, it is a phenomenal start and it is a great piece of legislation to take back to your voters, to put back in front of voters in the 2020 presidential elections and say, "Look what we tried to do. You know what we're trying to do for the American public, because it's right here in this legislation. Give us the power and we're going to make this a reality," because once you go forth with it, you can't go backwards.

That's what's so important about this. This is a stepping stone from which we will not climb back down. We have set the bar now. Kamala Harris, more of an establishment type, along with Bernie Sanders, about as left as possible, have united. That's what we need right now. We need leaders who understand that Bernie Sanders and his supporters are not going to move to the center, so you'd better move further to the left like the Democratic Party used to be and start supporting these truly Progressive pieces of legislation that actually benefit the American public. Remember, the Democratic Party wasn't always like this. We didn't used to have to push people to the left. This was a phenomenon that came along with Bill Clinton in his policies of centrism, the new way, the third way, whatever you want to call it. He started this. The Democrats continued to move slowly and slowly further to the center after his presidency, and we're taking them back.

We're taking it back to the days of FDR, when we enacted policies that benefited the public, when we punished corporations for screwing over their workers, or breaking laws, or polluting the environment. That's what we're trying to get back to, what the Democratic Party used to be and what it should be, and what it could be again as long as those Progressives out there continue to push and we fight back against those know-nothing establishment pundits who go out there on Twitter every day and demonize people who support Bernie Sanders and his policies, because now one of those people is Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris Shifts Leftward, Will Co-Sponsor Bernie’s Medicare For All Bill

55 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Shifts Leftward, Will Co-Sponsor Bernie’s Medicare For All Bill

  1. I think this is a great victory for us as people because it truly shows how we should be United as people instead of always fighting each other and not being able to agree so finally thank God that there’s somebody out there showing us that there’s help like that

    • bongo redd… LOL!!! As you call me and everyone here white supremacists you show your complete ignorance. You have no idea what race any of us are unless there is a picture or they state it. I prefer to Google, not goggle things, but there is still no evidence that any of the politicians you named did or said what you said they did. If you don’t want people to have impressions of you, then don’t lead with your chin. You hate so much more than anyone I have met. Yet you call the librals supremacists? The height of ignorance. You are pure comedy for me. I didn’t give you an impression, I told you exactly how you make yourself look. Oh, I can’t “understand something” if you don’t understand it yourself. I’m sure someone will think you are impressive, keep at it.

    • Marley J: bongo redd, is a bad guy….. Anyone who speaks that way to other people behind their keyboard, because they hate life, and other people, is a person with no morals or character. Not to mention someone who talks that way about women is not someone with any values and was certainly raised without any parental guidance, and no the words coming out of his mouth are not “locker room talk”……. Mom and Dad must be so proud….. Lol

    • Technicolor YaYa asian is not a race, asians come in a rainbow of colors from white to black and every shade of brown in between with many different facial and other phenotypes to a myriad of cultures and ethnicities. So no, ASIAN IS NOT A RACE!!!!!

    • goodfella21f… Hey, genious, you just described white people. If you consider white a race, then it stands to reason that Asian is a race. Not only that, you can even Google it. Oh, by the way, nice troll account. LOL!!!

    • watchulla She already told them “Don’t mind what I say to the peasants. There’s a better chance that I would stop taking money from you guys before I would ever give these losers Healthcare bwahaha and you know that ain’t happenin'”

    • Crunch; Really you don’t know if real or not. Not unless you are a fortune teller.  And we will only be doomed if we don’t  it a chance and  if she doesn’t stick to her word she will never win another election. We just need to hold her accountable.  More importantly; medicare for all is a great start!

  2. Listen to what Cousins is saying, he’s right. We’re forcing the democratic party back to the left with constant criticism. They’re getting it. Stop writing democrats off entirely for having been wrong before, if they’re willing to show signs of change. Don’t buy it all hook, line and sinker immediately, of course. But be willing to see them to change, or they won’t bother.

    Harris for 2020? I dunno about all that. But this is good. This is progress. If she continues to shift left, then possibly for 2020. But not yet. Be reasonable, people, or you will be stuck with republicans forever.

    • You people are fools if you think this is a huge victory…

      1) it’s easy to say something, words are wind. They mean nothing. did you learn NOTHING from Obama’s promises and failures?

      2) She knows the GOP will shut down this medicare for all bill. There’s ZERO risk of it happening as far as the investors are concerned

      3) it does NOTHING to ignore her past with supporting private prisons, her meeting with clinton donors, her dealings with Mnuchin, etc…

      Now, that being said, there’s a chance she does right by this, but until she ACTIVELY fights for medicare for all on TV, in rallies, and in congress itself, she’s not actually showing any real spine here.

      So how about we stop declaring “HUGE VICTORY” when this is not that in the slightest yet. Give her a chance, but don’t be a fool.

  3. It’s the year 2021 in American politcs: Kamala Harris just became POTUS, and the Democrats regained their supermajority in Congress.

    One brazen reporter from popular independent media “the ring of fire” dares to ask the newly elected president in her first news conference about the subject of single payer healthcare for all.

    Kamala Harris: “Uhm, well uhm … in regards to this highly controversial topic, my government prefers a bipartisan approach, in which all of society can have a say … we are working hard together with the pharmaceutical and private insuarance industry to get this … I mean, to get some sort of … to get something done. I am especially grateful for the effort put into this by secretary Mnuchin, who is so talented that I just had to keep him in his position.”

  4. I don’t buy this per se. She knows that they s will never pass and so for now supports it. If she becomes president she might not support it.

  5. It’s so much politically SAFER for Kamala Harris to “co-sponsor” this now, rather than when Congress has a Democratic majority because she knows it has no chance of passing now. Don’t be fooled, people! This is 100% lip service.

    • Andy Robinson I normally hate when people say “110%” but I’m going to say this is 110% bullshit! She could promise to pay for my Healthcare out of her own pocket and I still wouldn’t Vote for This snake!

    • and crybabies like you are the reason the Republictards control everything . Because NO candidate is perfect and whinny fools don’t vote or write in Bernie and they’ll keep winning

  6. Her supporting this legislation is fishy.bjust because she is sponsoring this bill doesn’t mean she’s gonna push for it once and IF she’s in office.

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