Elizabeth Warren Co-Sponsors Medicare For All As Clinton-ites Squabble

TYT Politics' Emma Vigeland ( ) gives her thoughts on Senator Elizabeth Warren co-sponsoring Senator Bernie Sanders' Medicare For All bill, contrasted with how Hillary Clinton and her former surrogates are reacting to Clinton's book, "What Happened."

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Elizabeth Warren Co-Sponsors Medicare For All As Clinton-ites Squabble

21 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren Co-Sponsors Medicare For All As Clinton-ites Squabble

  1. So many of us Bernie supporters reluctantly voted for her in the general because the alternative was even worse. I just don’t understand her disdain for us….it’s pushing people away from the democratic party, which Bernie and his supporters are trying to SAVE! It’s basically damned if we do, damned if we don’t…. Just goes to show us, we NEED to gain the majority of delegates in the DNC so we can take it over. I think we have a little under 45% of the delegates right now, so we are close, but we have to keep fighting!

  2. She can’t stand Obama (according to Colin Powell) because she lost the first election. Now it’s Bernies fault she lost the second. Just go away no one likes u.

  3. On voting for universal health care, don’t take the yes votes very seriously. Easy to vote yes for something when you know it can’t pass. Look how many time the Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare when they knew Obama would veto it. Now he’s gone and wow! Can’t seem to get the votes.

  4. Hey Emma, Can’t you imagine Trump endorsing it in a wild bid to make a deal with Bernie? Cenk predicted long ago that Trump might bring about single-payer. #STFUHillary

  5. Some corporate Dems are co-sponsoring for strategy only. They know it won’t pass, this is their way to back the bill for political purposes. It’s a trap….don’t fall for it.

  6. Honestly, I keep hearing about BernieBros, but I’ve never actually seen anything substantial proving there even was even such a thing. I’ve never seen a shred of evidence. Does anyone have video or some proof that they even existed or were a real thing and not some made up hype to make Bernie look bad?

  7. Bernie is an honest man and, even though I don’t agree with all of Bernies views, I back him because of the honesty issue. honesty=honor.

  8. If we know it’s not going to pass with this Congress, how accurate will the litmus test be? I can see several Corporate Democrats getting on board in 2017 and 2018 with Bernie’s bill, but flipping if and when Democrats start grabbing congressional seats again.

  9. Emma must have missed Lee Camp’s in-depth expose of Kamala Harris (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT0YqASsQOs ), who sounds like an utter scum bag of a politician, and for example, as Attorney General of California attempted, but thankfully failed, to block the release of Daniel Larsen, who served thirteen years for a crime he didn’t commit: https://californiainnocenceproject.org/read-their-stories/daniel-larsen/ . She also refused to prosecute police officer Miguel Masso who shot Alan Blueford in the back, and in 2015 stated she was against the introduction of statewide body cameras, that might have prevented the tragedy. If Harris is the best the Democrats have to offer for 2020 presidential race, Trump could well win again…

  10. They will NOT pass this bill and they all know it. But it looks good on the resume for mid-terms next year! The Democratic Party tells you to your face that they support single-payer while they fill their coffers with Big Pharma/private insurance cash? Will the Pharma 13 support it? What a joke. It’s another ploy to bring people back to the party. They know they have the Republicans there to kill it so the donor class will be happy. Why should we even trust this government to run a single-payer system properly without intentionally sabotaging it so they can get rid of it and go back to private insurance?

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