Canadian doctor schooled America at Sanders Medicare for all announcement VIDEO

Canadian doctor, Danielle Martin, appeared with Bernie Sanders at Medicare for All announcement and schooled America on the benefits of Medicare for all.

Check out the full blog post here:

Canadian doctor schooled America at Sanders Medicare for all announcement VIDEO

19 thoughts on “Canadian doctor schooled America at Sanders Medicare for all announcement VIDEO

  1. which begs the question, if canada is so great, why do illegal immigrants keep flocking to usa? which, if i based it upon the comments is a hell hole. they could fly to canada just as they flew in to usa and expire their visa.

  2. In America we already have a long wait time to see a doctor, but I’d also like to point out that if we did adopted the same healthcare as Canada, we still wouldn’t t have to wait as long as the Canadians, because we have far more doctors here in America. The doctors in America would not leave our country if we did change our healthcare to that of Canada’s, because this would still be their best choice.

  3. don’t forget to tell everyone that 12 million illegals won’t be covered under single payer, only legal citizens are covered. also tell everyone about how the nursing homes will shutdown and family will have to take care of their loved ones at home

  4. Besides heathcare plans, all countries really need to invest in scientific research to cure aging. That will help to reduce cost significantly. There is real progress but still lacks awareness and funding.

  5. “When, we had equitable and fair Corporate taxation, the Canadian Health Care System covered ALL Canadians Health Care needs(1970-82)” Since 1982, our health care system has gone…down hill. Canadians only receive 46% coverage today because of a extreme reduction of the Federal Rate of Corporate Taxation. Read Linda McQuaigs 1987 book ,” Behind Closed Doors – How The Rich Won Control of Canada’s Tax System…And Ended Up Richer” Viking Press
    Canada’s Federal Rate of Corporate Taxation has fallen from 49% in 1948 to today’s 17%. Canadian Social Programme has lost billions of dollars from it’s programmes.

  6. That will never happen here. The American corporate greed along with their lawmakers (yes their lawmakers because they buy them) is such that it will be impossible for this to happen.

  7. Its not a human right the same, as food u purchase if you can, stop asking for handouts u dumb socialist, go to cuba and germany sweden france its free but u spend half year paying taxes u sheep nothing is free

  8. Go to fucking canada if you want it so bad commie fucks. Stop sucking of the tits of the feds who steal it from the working to get votes from you lazy fucks

  9. Why stop at healthcare? Why not single payer lawyers? Why not single payer restaurants? Why does a fillet at Ruth’s Chris have to be 4 times more expensive than Outback? We should all be paid the same. The whole system is rigged. Liberal logic.

  10. I notice that she didn’t mention the avg wait for a non-emergent surgery, such as acl repair, is 20 weeks and continues to go up. Furthermore, Medicare for all would require a tax increase. California just proposed a bill for single payer insurance, it would require a 15% increase in taxes. This country already pays high enough taxes, unlike Canada. While we lead the world in military and foreign aid spending, Canada is last. So it’s ridiculous for her to act like their healthcare system is great and cheap, but when was the last time an American said they were going to Canada to see the dr.

  11. Canadian health care is a blessing. Whenever I hear what’s going on in America, I’m just stunned that this “first world” country has the worst system of ALL first world countries. Ours is not perfect, but it’s 1000% better than the U.S. My son had a rough start when he was born due to a heart infection. He was in the Children’s Hospital in Calgary, AB in their ICU for about 5 days. Cost us nothing, not one penny. How terrible it must be, to not only be deathly worried for a loved one’s health, but also how you are going to pay for it. Wake up America!!

  12. sheep to the slaughter… won’t say a damn thing to even change anything. look at everyone. not doing a goddamn thing about it.

  13. 100% Spot On.. Canada’s top sources of pride…

    1) Universal Healthcare
    2) Our Peacefulness and Safety
    3) Our Beautiful Green, clean, great country…
    4) Hockey & Our Beer.. (Hey, they go hand in hand..)
    5) Our Comedians… (John Candy, Mike Meyers, Dan Aykroyd)

  14. Re: ALLHAILEMPORERTRUMP The best way to handle Trollers is to completely ignore them. This makes them really angry or bored. It’s a shame to see such intelligent people wasting their time on responding to this joker who is not interested in learning anything and uses every one of your replies to tap out his abusive insults as he has nothing of interest to speak of.

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