Bernie Sanders’ BRILLIANT “Medicare For All” Speech

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Bernie Sanders breaks down America's failing health care system and why the nation needs a "Medicare for all" system in its place.

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42 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ BRILLIANT “Medicare For All” Speech

  1. Watch Booker’s face when Sanders went off on the insurance and pharma industries. His face said “damn that’s going to cost me a lot of donations”

  2. Bernie was defeated in the primary and the candidate he backed was defeated in the general. Those are simply facts. But look at how this guy behaves, even in defeat. The resilience to push forward policy and his ideas is inspiring.

    • The primary was rigged against him. The DNC has admitted this and even stated that they have the right to do so in court. I do not believe we can vote our way out of this corrupt system.

    • No Labels Don’t be so pessimistic you’re literally watching a video with two elected officials (Bernie and Corey), pushing for single payer health care. The fight is hard change doesn’t come easy.

    • Bernie has been fighting for 30 years for the same things and now that people are finally listening, he’s not gonna quit now! He’s an inspiration to all people who should never give up fighting for what you believe in.

      A society grows great when old men plant trees which shade they know they shall never sit in – Greek Proverb

  3. Gotta love how corey booker made sure he is right behind bernie looking like he believes in this when he was against it just 6 months ago.

    • Jason Sharkey Corey is co-sponsoring the bill we should be spending energy with the 2/3 of democrats who are not, it’s an amazingly bad strategy to spend energy attacking one of the few allies we have in this fight.

  4. I was raised with health care for all,and have never had to worry about health care.Anytime I want to go to a doctor or specialist I just show my medical card to the receptionist and go into see the doctor.Everyone had the same quality of health care and no one was put in front in the waiting line because they had a better health care plan,for all the plans are identical. Having a health issue of any sort is enough stress and had no more stress of concerning myself with corrupt,greedy insurance companies.Even prescription medicine are less than half of what it is in the USA.I had lived in the US for over a decade and still could not understand or agree with the system in place.I had no insurance and could not once go to a doctor because I could not afford it,so I moved back to Canada.

    • Obviously your ability to comprehend what you read is impaired. Maybe your health care will cover that. You are the one claiming it’s “free.” It’s not “free”, it’s paid for by taxes, but in such a way as to insure no one has to go bankrupt when they or their kid turns out to have a chronic incurable condition. And costs are reduced by eliminating the gross inefficiencies and profiteering. Seems like a better solution than “I don’t have a solution.” People complain about “death panels,” when what we have now constitutes “death panels” when people don’t get care because it’s too expensive or insurance companies refuse to cover due to preexisting conditions.

    • William Stewart No one is calling it free but you. Those that dont pay into the system through taxes dont get covered its just that simple. So no one is taking your money if they are paying their fair share nimrod. If universal health care was as horrendously bad as you claim it is than all the citizens of the many democratic countries that have already implemented it would have voted to get rid of it long ago. Like it or not we will have single payer in this country in some form within our lifetime. Recent polls show that a majority of Americans want this. Your in the minority on this one guy.

  5. If I need a prescription, I can buy it online for much less than going to a pharmacy. True health care companies use billions of dollars as they please, but the gov wastes trillions of dollars on many things that doesn’t benefit tax payers in any way, shape, or form. Every time the gov creates a new program to take more money from us, they take away our freedoms and force people to depend on the gov. Do you really think most people that put alot of money into the social security system are financially secure in their retirement? Most of them will never see all the money that they put into the corrupt system. A gov that can give you everything, is a gov that can take it all away. Give me freedom, or give me death. I will fight and die for my freedom.

  6. Sure, other countries have great healthcare that’s why thousands, if they have the money come here for treatment, and they still will, there will be healthcare for the masses, and healthcare for those with money just as it is now, only the government will then control the masses healthcare, not you.

    • I voted for him, but we live in a country populated with a majority of self-destructive idiots who believe in the free market fairy. And think that “liberty” and “freedom” means that you are free to go bankrupt lining the pockets of the industry profiteers when stricken by an unexpected and expensive disease.

    • politics morning news Yes he wanted to make us into Venezuela, and destroy The middle class. rich people like him and his liberal buddies would stay rich. but regular working class people would be taxed at 80-90%, If that happened everyone would quit working, their would be no revenue and the end of the United States of America

  7. The bottom line is this. I don’t need the government deciding what’s best for me, and neither do you. I have NEVER had health insurance, and have never been denied health care because of it. This myth of the privileged is a lie.

  8. His comments about insurance B.S. leading to stress as being a key point of medicare for all makes the most sense to me. Dealing with insurance companies is a total nightmare.

  9. not going to happen crazy Bernie Sanders, and why are you liberals pretending that you live in countries that have Medicaid for all. UK and Canadian citizens don’t give a damn about our health care, why should they, it doesn’t effect them in any way. fake Canadians and UK citizens, bahahaha, nice try

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